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SMEs can get innovative mobile games by hiring remote dedicated mobile game developers, thanks to the revolution in remote staffing. Besides the cost advantage, SMEs also enjoy total project control.
  • 1. Why SMEs Should Recruit a Remote Dedicated Mobile Games Developer
  • 2. Are you one of those SMEs who don’t find it economically feasible to hire in-house employees for mobile game apps? If yes, you should recruit remote dedicated Mobile Game Developers. These professionals design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. You will get access to innovative solutions at an affordable rate.
  • 3. Why Hire Mobile Game Developers from India A team of remote Mobile Game Developers from India can prove beneficial for the business growth of SEMs. It is because: I. You would be able to hire English-educated Mobile Games Developers II. You would get quality work at an affordable rate III. There wouldn’t be any communication-related hassles IV. There would be easy scalability V. You would enjoy full control of your work
  • 4. Access to English-educated Mobile Games Developers SMEs that are not able to hire expensive game developers in their country can get easy access to the large talent pool of Mobile Games Developers in India. As our talented developers have been educated and trained in English, they won’t let you down as far as communication is concerned. These professionals have a thorough knowledge of Mobile Games development.
  • 5. You get quality work at a reduced price Your remote dedicated employees charge you only a fraction of the cost taken by local in-house resources. Our Developers deliver custom solutions so it could suit your specific requirement. They have a lot of experience and expertise in developing innovative mobile games.
  • 6. No hassles with regard to communication Working with us allows you to get your services done smoothly from your remote dedicated engineers. It is because we prove remote employees with all the necessary infrastructure and technologies. With IM, Skype, videoconferencing, you can easily communicate with your dedicated workers.
  • 7. Easy scalability and full control Easy scalability is one of the major benefits of remote staffing model. You can hire employees easily and scale down your team with equal ease. We facilitate the business process, and we allow you to independently handle your remote staff. We also provide customized data security. We make every effort to keep your data secure.
  • 8. Hire Remote Dedicated Mobile Games Developer by engaging virtualEmployee.com as your remote staffing partner. Thank you for your time
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