Why Choose Hardwood Flooring and Its Types


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If you are looking for best option for home floor take a look at this presentation to know why hardwood flooring is best option, also know its types to choose best hardwood flooring for your home.
  • 1. Hardwood Flooring A luxury item that is included in asset
  • 2. Why You Choose Hardwood Floor Cost of hardwood floor is less than cost of carpets if you think for long term. Carpets have a life up to 11 years and then you have to change them. Hardwood floor is last long with the life of building and can be refinished as many times you want to refinish the floor.
  • 3. Types Of Wood Flooring There are three types of wood flooring 1. Solid 2. Engineered 3. Laminate
  • 4. Solid Flooring Is Further Of Two Types 1. Finished 2. Unfinished Finished flooring is done in 1 day Unfinished flooring take 5 to 7 days for installation and finishing.
  • 5. Engineered Wood Flooring In engineered wood flooring There are Multiple plywood layers and undergo heat and pressure to give best Flooring products.
  • 6. Laminate Flooring Laminate Flooring Comes In Two Types 1. Plank 2. Square Tile Laminate flooring is resistant to seasonal expansion and contraction Also Stain Resistant, and easy to install than other floorings
  • 7. Contact US If You Have Any Question Regarding Hardwood Flooring Feel Free To Ask We Will Guide You Through Complete Process Best Carpets and Hard Flooring
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