Where is God when you cannot find Him in Church.

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The Church has become united with the new secular messianic State. The Church has abandoned Biblical Law in order to become accepted in the 21st century.
  1 Where is God When you cannot find Him inChurch? The Birth of Total Tyranny. America was founded as a Christian Nation; America was founded as aSecular Nation. The Constitution never settled the conflicts between these twoforces, it merely set the ground rules in which the two sides could battle. Andbattle they did. It took two hundred years for one side to destroy the other.Many Christians actually looked upon Y2K as the final opportunity to achievevictory. There was hope that the secular empire would come crashing down.When the world did not end on December 31, 1999, the writing was on the wall — The Christian world had fallen. Y2K was the Christian ‘Hail Mary , ’ attempt ing toregain a spiritual foothold in the eyes of American leaders. When the computerdid not self-destruct as anticipated, the Christian vision did self-destruct. TheSecular Nation was alive and well, and the Christian God had been defeated — infact, He was dead in the eyes of most Americans. (By dead I mean, His Laws, HisWord, and influence were negligible. He was just an observer upon the earthlyevents.)When God is declared dead, the funeral becomes a time of rejoicing. I hearmany voices who cannot understand why people are going along with the rise of the America Dictator State. The reason is simple: when the government declaresthat it too believes God is dead, the people and the government have a built-inalliance in their desires to do evil. Every tyrant needs allies and needs promises tothe people that he can actually fulfill. The easiest one is to declare that the oldrestrictions are gone — both on the people but on the government; and that thereare not longer any absolutes — either in the Bible or in the Constitution. Thepeople will gladly give up their liberties in exchange for their new freedoms — thefreedom to do as one wilt. This alliance is what makes tyranny possible. When  2 the people are righteous in the eyes of God, tyrants run and hide in caves. It is just too dangerous to be a criminal when everyo ne is expected to be under God’s Laws and the laws of the Constitution.By the time of Y2K, most churches had already retreated into the spiritualaspects of religion. While Churches up into the 19 th century still recognized thatthe Laws of God built Western Civilization, the desire to get along tempered theirenthusiasm for anything divisive. And with the advent of the 20 th century, thevery ideal of a Biblical civilization had been transferred to the Zionists. Christianswere confused about their role in history: Jesus said His kingdom was not of thisworld, so any kingdom this side of a hoped for millennium, must be assigned tothe Jews. However, throughout history, nations and emperors have feared thewitness of Christians who proclaimed the laws of God. The giant issue forAmerican Christians was in the resolving the nature of the Bible and its meaningfor modern man; and the role Christians should play in a secular nation.This is a similar problem that is dealt with in the book of  Daniel  in the Old Testament. Everyone knows about Daniel in the lion’s den, but few know that Daniel was there because of his beliefs about God. Daniel was a rebel against akingdom that desired total obedience. Modern American Christians cannotunderstand the pu rpose of Daniel’s rebellion, but they do like Daniel’s faith when facing lions. The story is used in symbolic form today as lions are taken to meanany giant issue a Christian may be facing: difficulties in your life are your personallion. The reason for this new self-help Christianity is that daily life in America isbecoming increasingly alienated from Real Life: Life under the laws and blessingsof God.The blessings of life are not meant to be an end, isolated from life. Whenwe experience life as being really good, we are merely experiencing a foretaste of heaven. When life becomes a routine interrupted by escapes from the routine,people lose their vision of heaven. For example, the joys of a Christian marriedcouple are given by God to be a picture of Heaven. When the joys of marriageend in divorce, a society loses its vision of the joys of an afterlife. When thishappens, everyone suffers. Life was never designed to be just about me and my  3 daily adrenalin rushes. As American life becomes increasingly dominated by newsabout disease, shortages, distress, cancer, crime, and war, the joys of lifedisappear and hence, the belief in God and His laws. When the blessings of Goddisappear, so does true religion and a belief that Heaven will be worth it all. Astrong belief in Heaven is another one of those beliefs a tyrant cannot tolerate.The subjects in a tyranny must live in the belief that one is always better adiscontented subject than dead.When Christians feel that all is lost, they bunker down: they builtmonasteries in the desert with high walls. It is within these walls that they seekto enjoy the presence of God without the evil influence of the outside world. The20 th century was the story of the church increasingly bunkering down. They buildgreat churches and organized complete cultures within the walls of the church.They built schools, gymnasiums, and fitness centers. Counseling services wereavailable for those who could not share the full church experience. A fewchurches even built retreats in the mountains, away from civilization where one could reconnect with nature and nature’s God. However, through all of this, the real deep down joy was lost and the vision of a victorious God was lost.Christianity took its place among the other religions of the world attempting tohold back the global, secular empire.The 21 st century marks a time when Christianity became more concernedwith the private, individual ego, than society at large. Those that went to churchdid so to satisfy their guilt or to find some missing piece in their emotionaldevelopment. A few Christians still opposed abortion, but there was no greatuproar over the secularization of government and culture. The American tyranny was launched in a vacuum that saw little opposition. There were no ‘BillyGraham’ types who rose up to shout that the tyrant had no clothes. Isolatedindividuals might attempt to oppose the new restrictions upon Christianity, butvery few Christian organizations came to aid such a person. He was left alone forhis fight.One way the Church and Christians have been marginalized was to makethe public forum increasingly vulgar, profane, and dirty. It is similar to the home  4 school movement: so many Christians grew tired of the anti-Christian and sinfulatmosphere of the public school that they just retreated to the safety of the home. (And who could blame them? Who wants to have their children’s brains formed by those who hate God?) The media increasingly became offensive toChristians, as the music, television, and movies all seemed to exclude Biblicalvalues. Christians were free to join in, but only on the terms of being totallytolerant of public entertainment. The choice for Christians was to either learn toenjoy a common secular culture, or retreat into invisible status.As the secular nation came out fighting from the very beginning, Christiansfelt intimidated. An American theology of defeat was developed: a theology of separation, a theology of emotions, and a theology of losing — a theology of thereservation. It is this 400 year battle that I have chronicled. Throughout the longbattle, Christians just assumed the secularists would fight in a Christian manner:That never happened. For example, the prestigious Smithsonian Institute actuallycovers up findings that support the Bible and Christianity. Some even report thatevidence that supports creation is dumped out in the ocean. You see, it was awar and wars are never fought adhering to ethical limits.Finally, in the year 2000, not much of public Christianity was left even tobury. The Secularist was now free to develop a New Babylonian Empire andcreate a world empire that would not be limited by God’s Word, or Christian opposition. This new Empire is actually being revealed in the form of a movie: amovie displayed on the media environment which surrounds everyone. You, yesyou, are a character in the new reality series being played out: not only before your eyes, but in your mind’s eye. The “Truman Show” is a picture that all of must come to terms with as we attempt to make sense of daily events. Every individualis now connected to a vast electronic web that watches everyone, knows our dailytransactions, monitors our computer behavior, and knows everything about us.In freshman philosophy class, we loved to debate whether the externaluniverse actually existed or not. Maybe the whole world was just our ownpersonal dream and every other person was just a fabric of our imagination. Thedark side of all of this is that no one could prove otherwise. We live in a reality
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