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  EngineeringSummary Automotivein steel  The ULSAB-AVC Advanced VehicleConcepts programme aims toreinforce the continuing commitmentof the global steel industry to ensuringthat steel remains the material of choice for vehicle manufacturers.  ULSAB-AVC Engineering Summary 3 Section Title Page  Executive Summary 5 1.0Programme Overview 6-8 2.0Benchmarking & Target Setting 9 3.0Vehicle Systems 3.1Design &Styling10-113.2Body-in-White12-143.3Chassis &Suspension 15-163.4Engine &Transmission 173.5Sub-systems 17 4.0Materials & Processes 18-21 5.0Performance 5.1CAE Analysis 22-235.2CO 2 Emissions &VehiclePerformance 23-245.3Mass Results 24 6.0Manufacturing CostAssessment & Affordability 25-26 Index Automotivein steel  ULSAB-AVC Engineering Summary 4 In 1999, a consortium of 33 international steelproducers formed the ULSAB-AVC AdvancedVehicle Concepts consortium to pursue a steel-intensive family car, fit for the 21 st century, thatwould be safe, affordable and fuel-efficient.Building on previous initiatives covering themain body structure, closures and suspensionsystems, the aim of this new line of investigation was to achieve a majortechnological breakthrough for the entirevehicle.Prior studies by the steel industry comprise thefollowing: ã UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB)project completed in 1998 ã UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC)project completed in 2000 ã UltraLight Steel Auto Suspensions(ULSAS) project completed in 2001 The European consortium members are: arcelor - Luxembourg  Corus - United Kingdom & Netherlands  NOVÁ HUT, a. s. - Czech Republic  RAUTARUUKKI GROUP- Finland  Salzgitter AG - Germany  SSAB Tunnplåt AB - Sweden  ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG - Germany  VALLOUREC GROUP - France  voestalpine Stahl GmbH - Austria  For further information pleasecontact your local consortiummember, details of which can befound on Engineering advancedvehicle concepts in steel C-class PNGV-class  ˇ
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