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1. Pros/Cons Of 2 Way Voice Feature Presented By 2. What It Is When an alarm goes off in your home, a signal is sent to the central station. The central station calls…
  • 1. Pros/Cons Of 2 Way Voice Feature Presented By
  • 2. What It Is When an alarm goes off in your home, a signal is sent to the central station. The central station calls your home via a traditional phone line, whether your home is a cellular or landline connection. The operator will speak with you over the phone about the alarm event and ensure the right personnel is sent to your home. If, for one reason or another, you don’t answer the phone call from the central station or can’t provide the right verification information (i.e. verbal pass code), the central station will notify authorities and send emergency personnel to your home.
  • 3. Cons • During an emergency, the last thing someone is thinking about is answering a phone call coming in. This especially true during a fire emergency when trying to get oneself and the family out of the home. • When a person goes into panic mode, a telephone ringing will likely send them into an even greater stress mode – especially when the phone is lost or in an inconvenient place in the home. • Sometimes, the phone line may be blocked and a phone call can’t be made. In this situation, emergency personnel are sent regardless of whether it is a false alarm or not.
  • 4. Pros • Provides you with quick help, even when you can’t reach a phone. • Provides peace of mind knowing that someone is there with you during the entire emergency event. • Helps prevent false alarms and costs associated. • Ensures a faster response time from the authorities. • User friendly for children and elderly. • Quick help when any emergency strikes – whether it be a break-in or diabetic shock, heart attack, allergic reaction, etc.
  • 5. Customer Stories “One night, our neighbor’s home caught on fire. The fire jumped over to our roof and began to burn through our home. It was around 1 a.m. when this happened and both my husband and I were asleep – we slept through the whole thing. Luckily, someone was coming home from a late night shift and saw the flames on our roof. They pounded on our door, and though we didn’t hear the pounding, our alarm system went off and woke us up. My husband made his way to the front door to see what was happening – when he opened the door, our neighbors were yelling about the fire. Luckily, an operator came over 2-way voice as we were collecting our belongings and we told them about the fire. Within minutes, 6 fire trucks arrived on our street. Without 2-way, we wouldn’t have gotten help as quickly as we did, nor would we have felt the comfort from the care we were receiving. Two-way voice kept us calm.” -NorthStar Alarm Customer
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