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The most effective B2B marketers understand how to use data strategically – find out how they do it. Dan discusses how successful businesses use external data to: • Sort out their data legacy • Enrich their knowledge • Drive their businesses forward. How can external business intelligence enhance your own data, what can it show you about your customers and prospects, and how does integrating it with your CRM make you more efficient?
  • 1. The most effective B2B marketers use data strategically Dan White Sales Director – Bureau van Dijk
  • 2. The most effective B2B marketers use data strategically How?
  • 3. Context Companies with address change in the last 3 days 12,887 Companies into receivership or liquidation in past week 6,826
  • 4. The most effective B2B marketers use data strategically How? Today we have technology that helps us, and more high quality data available to us.
  • 5. 1. Sort out data legacy 2. Enrich knowledge 3. Get results Successful businesses use external data to:
  • 6. 1. Data legacy… • Duplicate data • Stale data • Inaccurate data Job titles we’ve seen: • Moved to a new part of the business • Glorified Consultant • “Lee” Sales Director – Actually a Women
  • 7. Data Legacy: Duplicate records Lists “Enterprising” sales staff
  • 8. Data Legacy
  • 9. Data Legacy
  • 10. Create a link …. Internal data Externally managed data Common identifier
  • 11. Create a link …. Internal data Externally managed data Common identifier
  • 12. Data Legacy: Remove “dead” companies
  • 13. Data Legacy: Check your addresses
  • 14. You’ve made the link… …it’s your gateway to knowledge 2. Enrich Knowledge
  • 15. Enrich Knowledge: Connect to valuable sales data… • Financial profiles • Activity descriptions • Contacts
  • 16. Enrich Knowledge: Overviews & financial Profiles
  • 17. Enrich Knowledge: Relevant contacts
  • 18. Enrich Knowledge: Group opportunities?
  • 19. Enrich Knowledge: What does my ideal client look like?
  • 20. Enrich Knowledge: Plan campaigns
  • 21. 3. Using data to get results
  • 22. Get Results: Deliver quality leads
  • 23. Get Results: Filter by financial health
  • 24. Get Results: Monitor for sales triggers
  • 25. Get Results: Lead management… • Source • Prioritise • Allocate efficiently
  • 26. • Sort out data legacy • Enrich knowledge • Get results Successful business use external data to:
  • 27. Stand A455
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