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1. TVA General Requirements Ra’uf Tailony 01/19/2018 2. Tools and software to purchase ã MATLAB software and license ã 3D CAD design software (Inventor, Catia,…
  • 1. TVA General Requirements Ra’uf Tailony 01/19/2018
  • 2. Tools and software to purchase • MATLAB software and license • 3D CAD design software (Inventor, Catia, Solidworks, etc.) Engineering • The driveline design drawings or CAD • The engine design drawing for Crankshaft and piston geometry • The engine engineering specs (connecting rod length, number of cylinders, firing order, etc.) • The engagement sequence and type of the driveline with the engine (permanent, tapered pins, gears contact…) • The elastic properties of the driveline components and the engine (Stiffness, polar inertia, mass inertia, center of gravity, shear modulus) • Drivetrain materials category (pure metal, alloys, mix….) • Machine operating speed range • The method of speed and torque variation (smooth ramping, instantaneous change through gear box, high speed disengagement,…) • Vibration suppression hardware (cushions, rubber, springs, sway bars etc.) Manufacturing • Verifying the couplers alignment relative to the driveline • tightening the assemblies’ bolts as rated • verifying the flex plates degrees of freedom as rated Outcomes • Locating the system’s natural frequencies (report) • Defining the machine’s critical speeds • Locating the vibrational nodes along the driveline • Graphical representation of structural failure modes
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