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Airlines and airports have been doing a great job of connecting with their customers on social media. Here are some campaigns that have lit big smiles on their customers' faces. If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email
  • 1. Top 10 “Wow Initiatives” by Airlines and AirportsHelping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
  • 2. Case-study 1Spanair: In-flight meeting with Santa Claus
  • 3. Owning the magic of ChristmasWe often hear a lot aboutpositive brand associationsand when talking about itthere are two things thatoften come to mind. Thefirst one is Christmas, as anexample of a perfectmoment for “feel good”campaigns and the secondone is Coca Cola, consideredthe master of positive brandassociations.
  • 4. Building a positive brand associationNow, that’s easier said than done, but, without being Coca-Cola, how would you do it? And most importantly how would you get children to smile like this?
  • 5. Flight JK6474 – A special surprise from Santa On Wednesday 21st of December at 20:30, at 10,700 meters of altitude, the 173passengers on JK6474 between Barcelona and A Coruña did not believe what they were experiencing. Watch the video on the next slide to see more!
  • 6. Case-study 2Virgin America: Unexpected Luggage
  • 7. The surprise factorDelighting passengers is one of the easiest ways to achieve the “wow” factor. Lastyear Spanair ran a campaign where it delivered unexpected gifts to their passengers.This year Virgin America decided to do the same.
  • 8. The coziness factor is welcome at ChristmasVirgin America teamed up with Banana Republicto create gift boxes filled with cozy surprises.
  • 9. Going viralThe campaign allowed both the Virgin America and the Banana Republic brands to notonly be associated positively in the minds of the passengers who received the gifts,but also allowed them to gain free media coverage and over 15,000 views on Youtube
  • 10. Case-study 3Toronto Pearson: Singing Christmas Carols
  • 11. Singing employeesAnother way to offer passengers a feel good experience during an holiday periodlike Christmas is making something unique for them, and to surprise them. While Christmas carols sung by professionals on a stage are a fairly common occurrence, what appears in this video clearly isn’t. Check out the next slide for more!
  • 12. Tweet to surprise!This Christmas Toronto airport organized a twitter campaign where anyone who hada loved one or a friend travelling through the airport could tweet and ask for apersonalized Christmas carol to be sung for him/her.What you’ve seen in the previousslide was a carol sung for our CEO Shashank Nigam who, after recovering from the initialsurprise, took out his camera and recorded it.
  • 13. Mrs. Klaus and the ElvesTo further enhance the Christmas feeling the airport also partnered with Microsoft to set up booths were passengers could take holiday pictures with Mrs. Klaus and the elves
  • 14. Case-study 4airBaltic: Elves take over
  • 15. Airports are boring, right?Airports are, amongst other things, a place where passengers have to spend a lot oftime waiting and often, getting bored. That is unless someone starts singing Christmascarols to you, or… well let’s see if you can guess what these people are staring at:
  • 16. A plane was taken over by…Well, panic must have been running through the veins of some Air Baltic executiveswhen they heard that one of their planes had been taken over. However luckily forthem, the elves did not damage the aircraft. In fact quite the opposite.
  • 17. A quarter of a million views on YoutubeThe campaign was perhaps one of the most imaginative we’ve seen this year, andwas designed to target not only Air Baltic’s passengers but all the ones thathappened to be in the airport at the time. On Youtube the campaign’s videoregistered about 250,000 views.
  • 18. Case-study 5Southwest Airlines: 12 days of LUV
  • 19. #12 Days OF LUV SON!Can you guess, without turning to the next slide, what this guy is doing and why?
  • 20. Christmas traditionsMuch like Coca-Cola, Southwest is a brand that knows very well how to associate itselfwith the “feel good” factor and, as always, it does it with its own unique style. And likeevery feel good specialist it has its Christmas traditions. The role of brandtraditions is to keep the consumersengaged, functioning asa sort of bonding ritualbetween the brand and its advocates.
  • 21. Tweet a picture to winSouthwest Airlines created asimilar bonding ritual with the 12days of LUV Twitter contest whereeach day, for a 12-day period, userswere asked to tweet a picture witha specific holiday theme. Each daythe most creative and originalpicture was awarded a 1000 dollarsSouthwest gift card. The image on the right is aresponse to the 2nd day of the 2010 campaign when Southwest asked its followers to send a picture of a “creative Christmas tree”
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  • 23. Case-study 6Cebu Pacific: All I want for Christmas is you
  • 24. A constant themeWhile not reaching the level of brand traditions represented by the Coca-ColaChristmas adverts or the Southwest Airlines’ 12 days of LUV campaign, some othercompanies have on-going advertising themes that are becoming increasingly popular. Cebu Pacific became famous for its dancing flight attendants
  • 25. From Lady Gaga to Mariah CareyThis Christmas Cebu Pacific decided to revamp its original dancing flight attendantsbriefing with an holiday theme: all I want for Christmas is you
  • 26. One final surprise…but this time it did not end there. Once the flight attendants had completed theirdance routine a stylish Santa emerged from the front lavatory and started handingout gifts.
  • 27. Case-study 7Air Europa: Volamos solo para ti
  • 28. Volamos solo para tiOn a similar note Air Europa decided to extend its popular “volamos solo para ti”campaign to include a Christmas prize draw. The video on the next slide shows theoriginal launch of the campaign earlier this year
  • 29. Christmas versionUsing the existing campaign website the company decided to ask its users to write,and share, their best Christmas wish. The top 20 wishes were then selected by a jurycomposed of Air Europa employees and were included in a prize draw to win a returntrip for two people on Air Europa’s long-distance network.
  • 30. Case-study 8Auckland Airport: 12 days of Christmas
  • 31. A common themeThe 12 days of Christmas theme that we’ve previously encountered with SouthwestAirlines was also picked up by Auckland Airport who, by collecting coins from itspassengers throughout the year, was able to hand twelve $10,000 awards to 12charities
  • 32. Christmas Traditions The initiative is the airport’s way of givingback to the community and has been running for several yearsalready, turning it into atrue Christmas tradition for the airport
  • 33. Case-study 9Air New Zealand: Christmas fairies
  • 34. Fairy ChristmasStaying in New Zealand we find another great airport-related campaign extension.Air New Zealand decided to give its famous ANZ Fairy a bit of help:
  • 35. Fairy HelpersThe company deployed 12 fairy helpers to Auckland, Wellington and ChristchurchAirports. Their official task was to hand out “fairy drops” (sweets) to the public, butthe campaign was also aimed at raising awareness of the Air New Zealand brandand, of course, favor positive brand association with the Christmas period.
  • 36. Case-study 10LAN: A Christmas dream
  • 37. Flight LA445 Santiago – Buenos AiresOn the 24th of December, a festive day for most, some people were travelling andcould not be with their loved ones. However, the passengers of LAN flight 445 liveda little Christmas dream. Turn to the next slide to see what transpires!
  • 38. Santa on a missionLAN sent a Santa Claus on an mission and had him delivering free dreams (tickets forfree flights) to all the passengers of flight 445.
  • 39. For more Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
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