The Ring programming language version 1.5.4 book - Part 4 of 185


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The Ring programming language version 1.5.4 book - Part 4 of 185
  Ring Documentation, Release 1.5.4 1.4 Google API Shortener Application Author : John Storm (SienSystem)Hi everyone,Wanted to (finally) share a first release version of a small but very nice tool to shorten urls using the Google shortener 1.4. Google API Shortener Application 5  Ring Documentation, Release 1.5.4 API. The code is fully documented, maybe too documented, but, provides a good reference as to what is going on.You can obtain your own API key, or you can use my key to test and use the tool.Hope you enjoy the application. Please feel free to test at your convenience.Ring is FUN!! 1.5 Analog Clock URL : : Bert Mariani 1.5. Analog Clock 6  Ring Documentation, Release 1.5.4 1.6 TicTacToe Game URL : : Abdelrahman Mohammed 1.6. TicTacToe Game 7  Ring Documentation, Release 1.5.4 1.7 Squares Puzzle Game URL : : Majdi SobainThis project is about (Squares Puzzle) popular game that I have programmed using ring language with its RingAllegroLibrary. The principle of this game is very known to all of us, which is moving squares to get the real full shape of thesrcinal picture.This game could be played using mouse and keyboard as well, showing a message of congratulations at the successfulsolving. 1.7. Squares Puzzle Game 8
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