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DR ROSNIAH MUSTAFFA PPBL, FSSK The role of listening Listening ± the µneglected¶ µoverlooked¶ or µtaken for granted¶ skill. € Assumed that listening ability will develop automatically through exposure to the language. € Of the time an individual is engaged in communication, 9%-writing, 16% reading, 30% speaking and 45% listening. So, listening is important € RM THEORY AND PRACTICE FOR ESOL 2 listening process. € Bottom-up process in listening- we use our knowledge of language and our abilit
  DR ROSNIAH MUSTAFFA PPBL  , FSSK  The role of listening   Listening ± the µ neglected¶ µov erl ook ed¶  o r  µ ta k en fo r    granted¶   s k ill.     A ssumed   that   listening   ability w ill   de v el op aut o matically   thr  o ugh   ex po sure   t o the   language.  Of  the   time   an   indi v idual   is   engaged   in   c o mmunicati o n , 9%-w riting , 16% reading , 30% s p ea k ing   and 45% listening. So, listening   is   im po rtant RM2THEORY AND PRACTICE FOR ESO L  listening process.  B o tt o m - u p p r  o cess   in   listening -w e   use o ur   k n ow ledge of  language   and o ur    ability   t op r  o cess   ac o ustic   signals   t o ma k e   sense of  the   s o unds   that   s p eech p resents   t o us.    W e   use w hate v er    clues   a v ailable   t o in f  er    meaning - the p lacement of  stress , p auses , n o n  v erbal   beha v i o ur etc   A ssign   meanings   t o wo rds   and   use   l o gical   reas o ning   t o in f  er    relati o nshi p bet   them -R ain   in Jo h o r    damaged p r  op erty. T h o usands   h o meless RM3THEORY AND PRACTICE FOR ESO L   D uring   the p r  o cesses of  identi f  ying   s o unds , in f  erring   meaning   and   antici p ating w hat   c o mes   next , mem o ry   clearly p lays   a   crucial   r  o le.    W e   can o nly   h o ld wo rd   sequences fo r  o nly   a f  e w sec o nds   and o nly   initial   analysis of  the   language   is po ssible , c o ncentrating o n k ey  wo rds o r  p auses o r  o ther    signi f  icant f  eatures.  T he   l o ad o n   the   sh o rt   term   mem o ry   is   hea v y   as   listeners   try   t o h o ld  v ari o us p arts of  the   message   in   mind w hile   in f  erring   meaning   and   deciding w hat   is   necessary   t o retain.    Ov erl o ad   can o ccur    i f  there   is   t oo much   un f  amiliar    in fo and   the   greater   p art of  a   message   can   be   l o st. I t   is   the   gist of  the   s pok en   message   rather    than   its   detailed   structure   that   is   retained   and   st o red   in   the   l o ng   term   mem o ry RM4THEORY AND PRACTICE FOR ESO L
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