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    TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1,2 INTRODUCTION  PAGE 4 TESTOSTERONE/SUSTANON PAGE 8 BENEFITS OF SUSTANON, TEST DECA, PRIMOBOLAN PAGE 9 WINSTROL, ANADROL, DIANABOL PAGE 10 SIDE EFFECTS PAGE 11 POST CYCLE THERAPY WHAT IS CYCLING? PAGE 12 WHEN DID STEROIDS BEGIN? PAGE 12 THE 70’S IN VENICE PAGE 13 GOLD’S GYM MOVED IN THE 80’S PAGE 15 TESTOSTERONE, WHAT IT IS, WHAT WHAT IT DOES, DECLINING EFFECT PAGE 15 HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE PAGE 16 SEROSTIM, INSULIN PAGE 18 THE LAW STEPS IN PAGE 18 VARIOUS WAYS OF TAKING STEROIDS INSULIN PAGE 19 TRANSDERMAL STEROIDS PAGE 21 -25 STACKING PAGES 25 -26 STEROID ABUSE PAGE 26 DANGERS IN STEROIDS HOW USERS BUY PAGE 27-28 STEROIDS FOR PHYSICAL  APPEARANCE, SELF IMAGE PAGE 29 STEROID ADDICTION POST CYCLE THERAPY PAGE 30 YOU DOCTOR’S STEROIDS   ARE THE SAFE ONES SAFE STEROIDS ARE PROPERLY USED PAGE 31 BEST LEGAL STEROIDS PAGE 33 VETINARIAN STEROIDS  PAGE 34 FAT LOSS STEROIDS PAGE 35 TRENBOLAN PAGE 36 BULKING/FAT LOSS AND SYNTHOL PAGE 37 HGH AND TESTOSTERONE PAGE 38 POPULAR STEROIDS NOT AVAIL PAGE 39 ONLINE STEROIDS PAGE 40 MEXICAN STEROIDS PAGE 41 END OF THE DAY PAGE 41 – 45 LIST OF ALL STEROIDS & SLANG INTRODUCTION    Whether we use or advocate the use or stand against the use of Steroids, they are here and here to stay. Neither the government nor we have control over the substance and there is always a way to find it and purchase it even on the Internet. I personally feel that if you want to work out, build muscle and look good and stay in shape, the do it the healthy way with a good diet and training routine. You can build muscle naturally and it’s been proven over and over again. I started with Power lifting and increasing my bench press, squat and dead lift, which gave me a lot of strength and size in a very short period of time. My body was receptive to it and the changes were amazing. Even my diet was poor but I still responded to my workouts. Back in those days there were no short cuts to be great, just hard work and eating. It wasn’t unusual to drink 3 quarts of milk a day and eat spaghetti and lots of meat. I gained on this quickly.  At the age of 20 I was introduced to Dianabol made by CIBA Company with a 5 mg pill. I took 2 a day for about a month. I did get increasingly strong and pumped and my size took off, but the downside was, when I went off, the gains went away just as quick which led me to believe that it was mostly water gain. At that point I stayed off and just build a base for my body with hard work, probably over training and eating a little more strict. Being young was an advantage as you can recuperate faster and make quicker progress. As you get older it’s much harder to get and retain muscle mass as your natural testosterone drops. This is where Doctors will prescribe some sort of testosterone replacement and bring your levels up. I look at it no different that if a woman is going through Menopause and needs to boost her Estrogen and hormone replacement. We’re human and hormones do change.
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