Spiritual Cleansing Skills and Techniques by Iya Obaneke


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Spiritual Cleansing Skills and Techniques by Iya Obaneke (LaWanda E. Eiland) August 11, 2009 As a Metaphysician you spend time diagnosing issues before you treat them. Things that weaken spiritual fortitude ã Working from the external to the internal Stinking’ thinking- not having proper mind set about self or situation (actual mental health issues- there may be an actual break from realitymania- schizophrenia) No spirituality (although an atheist can be happy) Poor health- you are what you eat
  Spiritual Cleansing Skills and Techniques by Iya Obaneke(LaWanda E. Eiland) August 11, 2009As a Metaphysician you spend time diagnosing issues before you treat them.Things that weaken spiritual fortitude ã Working from the external to the internalStinking’ thinking- not having proper mind set about self or situation(actual mental health issues- there may be an actual break from reality-mania- schizophrenia) No spirituality (although an atheist can be happy)Poor health- you are what you eat / drink/ ingest- so if you put in garbagethat will be what comes outCurses, hexes, bad juju, chording, energy vampiresDealing with people who may be experiencing negativity/ the abovesymptomsTrauma of any kind (death/loss/ etc)Symptoms of weakened Spiritual fortitudeAlthough everyone is unique, you may see one or more of the followingFatigue, mania sleepy, sleeplessness, over activity in area of addictive behavior- could run the gamut from shopping, sex, drugs, over eating(anything that may interfere with work, love, or play)May experience heightened peripheral vision (seeing shadowy figures outthe corner of eyes)Suicidal ideation/ attemptsExcessive cursing (everyone curses but when it gets out of hand)  A person may have small cuts and scratches on there arms/ neck (like catscratches or full out cuts here they are distracted and unfocused and hurtthemselves “unintentionally”)Overly emotional or emotionally blunted- a flat affectOverall life in shambles (what ever that looks like for a person/ to you asworker)When looking at S.C you must look at a person as somewhat coated with“something” that must be washed away- literal thinking Now that the symptoms have been reviewed, you must access if the patientwill be able/ willing to handle the treatmentIf they are ready- prescribe environment cleansing (a clean home can equal aclean mind)EbbosPhysical cleansing of the subject (using methods TBA later)In extreme cases -exorcismTo cleanse self Prayers/ orikiCoat body with efun/ cascarillaFlorida water/ Colonia/ herbal bathsSpending time in your Orishas elementIncenseEbbosThe tougher the case the tougher the cleansing  DO NOT DO A CLEANSING IFA person is going to give you problems; you know who they are when yousee themIn cases of severe addiction, I suggest detoxification prior. You know/ feelwhen I problem is medical (spiritual cleansing will do nothing for agunshot!)OPINIONA person may deserve to feel the way they do (if the person has not beenupright and knowingly reeking havoc) If you see a karmatic lesson – as user would say “let it burn”Provide prayers and support but back tactfully away until the dust settles.When you are having your own crisis (health or otherwise not feeling 110%-you must have extra to give of yourself)When divine timing is off Those who need S.C the most may be the one who wants it the least. Youcannot desire someone’s salvation more than they do- you run the risk of  becoming overly invested and depleted, in need of your own services.Talking pointsStudy the physical/ metaphysical properties of herbs/ oils/ objects/amulets/symbols/ stones/ mineralsKnow prayers of other religionsKnow basics of lunar cycles/ astrologyKnow what type of healer you are/ your aseEmpathy, seer, herbalist, telepath, aura worker- Know your mojo  Be ready to do spiritual investigation (home visit, misa- I feel you need tohave more than one conversation)Basic KitWhite candles, frankincense, myrrh, and dragon’s blood, sage incense,water- Florida/ColoniaTools of your Orisha (bells, noise makers- make a joy filled noise)Power stones/ CowryYour own set of power prayers to use for only you/ a set for othersWhite fabricA clear OriIf someone needs your help, provide it; just be aware of the level of help you provide. Never let anyone know all your works; keep your grimores private.Define what it means to be spiritually cleanBackground- cultural/ religiousWhy does it work- restores balance/ wards off evil/negativityElectromagnetic fieldsRemove or add energyMixing properties/ plants/ minerals5 methods for othersBaths- spraying with rum/ water, elemental cleansing (river, ocean, rain)omiero, herbal concoctionsSmoking- saging, resins, incenses (tenting method demo) cigar 
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