Smart Energy: Asset Management Optimization for Wind Farms


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Description IBM Smart Energy Solutions: Optimizing Asset Management for Wind Farms
  • 1. IBM Energy & Utilities Solution for Wind Power Optimizing Asset Management For Wind Farms IBM powers the way forward in smart energy solutions Growth Challenges Wind Power Wind is turning into a powerful energy game-changer. In the U.S., the fast-growing wind power business is increasing total capacity by 30-50 percent annually, putting it on a trajectory to generate 20 percent of the nation’s electricity by 2030.1 Wind power is expanding worldwide as well, where healthy double-digit growth is expected this year despite the general economic crisis.2 Yet, as fast as wind farms rise in open plains and off shorelines, many Highlights operators realize they’ve been slow to implement asset management  Lower costs through increased  Improve visibility and control systems to minimize downtime predictive maintenance of wind operations by applying and maximize productivity of  Minimize downtime and industry standards to aggregate their expensive wind turbines and unplanned repairs data from multiple turbine machinery. Excessive and untimely manufacturers into a single view repairs and upkeep threaten farm  Increase revenue through efficiency and revenues. Worse still, improved turbine availability and disparate management systems wind farm production provide a limited view of wind farm operations, hampering an operator’s ability to make effective decisions concerning operational efficiency.
  • 2. Wind power enterprises — with both from Supervisory Control And Data Technology Solution At A Glance single and multiple sites — need to Acquisition (SCADA) systems, real- • IBM Tivoli® Maximo® integrate functions and processes time historians, and maintenance • IBM Cognos Now! ® to optimize and properly maintain management systems, to bring • IBM DB2 Database Management ® these large, expensive, clean energy together data into actionable assets. Fortunately, there is a way information. This allows operators • @hand Field Mobility System to support today’s rapidly growing to reduce time spent correlating • OSIsoft™ PI System® Infrastructure wind power ecosystem, and IBM is data across disparate applications, • SISCO Utility Integration Bus Adapter leading the way. enabling them to focus on the operational efficiency of their IBM Solution for Wind Operators wind farms. IBM’s virtual 42-megawatt wind Asset management by IBM is a farm — complete with a couple dozen smart solution for today’s wind farms. Additionally, this solution applies turbines, control room, maintenance Using digital technology, intelligent industry standards to aggregate data shop and substation — can be viewed sensors and analytics tools, the from multiple turbine manufacturers as a smart energy alternative at the IBM Energy & Utilities Solution Lab IBM Wind Asset Management into a single comprehensive in Austin, Texas. solution allows wind farm operators view. This visibility allows energy to monitor, maintain, analyze and producers to use the data to make improve their equipment and asset strategic decisions and lower the performance in real-time. Wind costs of maintenance, track key power producers now have the performance indicators, identify technology to more effectively trends and help predict impending predict and prevent equipment equipment breakdowns. The result failures, increase asset availability, is a considerable reduction in and extend equipment life — all in a operational and maintenance costs scalable system designed to meet and increased asset availability the requirements of the smallest and utilization. wind farm to multi-farm portfolios. Instrumented. Interconnected. Leveraging a Service Oriented Intelligent Architecture (SOA) platform and In virtual and real world wind farms, The standards-based IBM Wind Asset Management solution gives wind the Solution Architecture for Energy IBM has demonstrated how an asset operators the information required to (SAFE), the Wind Asset Management management solution can turn a monitor the health of wind assets from solution integrates available conventional wind farm into a ‘smart’ multiple manufacturers. operating and maintenance data, farm that runs more efficiently and
  • 3. profitably. IBM’s total end-to-end All of this instrumentation and inter Based on today’s growth levels, wind solution utilizes a suite of proprietary connectedness generates the data power is one of the leading sources of and Business Partner solutions. for proactive alerts and work orders, new power generation in the U.S. along along with advanced analytics with natural gas.4 First, the turbines are instrumented and insight to make better asset with sensors, so that these management decisions in near or components can be monitored with real-time. In turn, the whole system IBM’s Cognos® Now!, a business becomes more efficient, reliable, intelligence monitoring solution. At a adaptive — in a word, smart. glance, the Cognos Now! dashboard gives operators a single view of the Smarter Farms Help Power a health of the farm. Smarter Planet On a macro scale, the planet stands Field data from the instrumented to rid itself of billions of tons of carbon turbines is brought together, or emissions with a clean, renewable interconnected, into a comprehensive energy source like wind. But at the Wind farms have the potential to meet data repository using SISCO’s UIB farm level, the wind power business the world’s growing need for renewable and eco-friendly energy. adapter. Should any abnormal becomes more profitable once you reading be detected, an alert can be implement a Wind Asset Management directed immediately to operators, solution. Because of newfound who utilize the OSIsoft™ PI System® to efficiencies, you increase labor and investigate the situation and begin a asset utilization. You reduce spending troubleshooting process that results in on new equipment, lower inventory a notification directed to the wind farm carrying costs, and save by increasing maintenance team. planned maintenance services. Inventory visibility is improved, along Next, utilizing IBM Tivoli Maximo ® ® with warehouse productivity. Based on asset management software, a extensive studies, IBM estimates that technician is notified of the service when all the labor and cost benefits request and a work order is created are added up, wind farms deploying and planned to correct the trouble an asset management solution stand condition. @hand field mobility to realize a 20 percent cost reduction software then allows the technician in operations and maintenance.3 to use a global positioning system (GPS)-equipped field device to find the correct turbine, diagnose the trouble condition, repair it and coordinate with operations to return the turbine to service.
  • 4. And that’s just the beginning. No matter the size of your wind farm. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009 IBM envisions even greater cost IBM can help you manage all of your IBM Corporation New Orchard Road and efficiency gains once smart farm assets and business processes Armonk, NY 10504 wind farms connect to a national in one end-to-end solution. Based on U.S.A. smart grid and can use the asset a flexible, standards-based model, Produced in the United States of America October 2009 management solution to aggregate IBM Asset Management solution for All Rights Reserved wind power data for trading carbon wind farms can easily adapt to your IBM, the IBM logo,, Cognos, DB2, credits and trading wind output as a changing farm needs, protecting Maximo and Tivoli are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines commodity to other utilities. your investment — today and for Corporation in the United States, other years ahead. countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first Why IBM occurrence in this information with a trademark IBM is a leading innovator in asset IBM can also help stretch your symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks management solutions and has funding and fuel growth with capital owned by IBM at the time this information was pioneered efficiency solutions for the from IBM Global Financing. Flexible published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other energy and utility industry, including options let you match your lease countries. A current list of IBM trademarks wind, on a global basis. A simulated payments to anticipated funding so is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at wind farm has been created to you can start your projects right away. showcase IBM and our Business Other company, product or service names may Partner’s capabilities in wind power. For More Information be trademarks or service marks of others. To learn more about how the IBM References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to We bring the integration skills, Wind Asset Management solution make them available in all countries in which leading-edge technology, partner can benefit your wind farm, please IBM operates. ecosystem, and business and contact your local IBM representative All performance information was determined in a controlled environment. Actual results regulatory expertise required to or visit: may vary. Performance information is provided support every level of an asset “AS IS” and no warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied by IBM. Buyers management implementation for a should consult other sources of information, wind farm. We can provide including system benchmarks, to evaluate the performance of a system they are planning and business case considering buying. development, from pilot programs to full-scale execution. 1,4 American Wind Energy Association, 2008: Another Record Year for Wind Energy Installations, and the American Wind Energy Association Annual Wind Industry Report, 2008 2 “Wind energy market worldwide continues strong growth,” Worldwide Wind Association, June 23, 2009 3 IBM Business Value Analysis, February 11, 2009 EUS03004-USEN-00
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