same sex marriage

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same sex marriage
  II. Supporting EvidenceSame sex marriage should not be legalized in the Philippines because it involves large risks when it comes to health conditions. Legalization of such will enable the country to be exposed on activities like male to male sexual interaction which results to a higher rate of getting human immunodeficiency virus !I"#. Sexual intercourse between homosexuals is far different from heterosexual this kind of relationship uses one common method which is anal sex. $ccording to %he &oundation for $I'S (esearch amf$(#) this type of sexual interaction results to a greater damage not only to the rectum which might cause anal cancer as well as it can transmit !I" ten times more than vaginal sex which mostly happens on heterosexual partners. $s said earlier) anal cancer is also visible to homosexual partners there is an increased risk of having such disease when expose to sexual interaction) since the rectum is not designed for sexual intercourse specifically for penile penetration. amf$() *++,#-nce a person is married) he is faced with an obligation. %his obligation can be classified in to two ways Instrumentally which are the things that can be practically shown and are obvious it involves the re/uirements of a married life its purpose and the things one needs to fulfill0 examples are producing life) paying off ones children1s education and as well as con2ugal  properties. %he other classification is not instrumental this is the natural responsibility of the  partners to each other0 loyalty) fidelity and commitment are some examples. &itz3ibbon) *++*# 4eing married is not 2ust because both persons love each other there are also things that one should fulfill for the purpose of being married. !omosexual marriage does not and cannot fulfill the purpose of the institution of marriage that is to produce life and perpetuate human existence thus) decreasing the probability of generating life. %his situation differs from those partners who are incapable0 partners who cannot produce offspring caused by biological incompetence) due to complementary in human body heterosexual partners are still generating life possibly or with a chance compare to homosexual partners who are at first do not have the chance to reproduce. &innis) 5667#3iving homosexuals the right to marry will cause social changes in the country not only on its constitution but also to the norms that most &ilipinos were born to. %raditional &ilipino family will be one of the affected topics when same sex marriage will be legalized. Scandinavian countries that adopt legalization of same sex marriage faces problems when it comes to sexual identity) youth were exposed to such event that causes them to be confused on what the family is  supposed to be and how it would be built naturally and also the importance of children does not merely establish on union of two same sexes. %his issue is also evident on countries like 8orway) Sweden and 8etherlands. -n the issues of the &ilipino children) it is very disturbing to let these children be exposed on such relationships because this change in society will cause the innocent children to be confused on what they have previously known about marriage if ever they have) as well as how it will be difficult for them to accept this new norm. Since homosexual partners are naturally incapable of producing offspring) there is an increased probability that most involved were going to adapt henceforth) children will be confused on how motherhood or fatherhood works since they will be raised by two mothers or two fathers this issue might cause emotional changes to the child as well. 4obson) *++9#
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