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roof truss guide
   ’ Wood Roof Trusses areEnvironmentally Compatible. Get more Quality Flexibility and Labor Savings using Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using ROOF TRUSS S  GetmoreQuality FlexibilityandLaborSavingsusing GetmoreQuality,FlexibilityandLaborSavingsusing 2  Awoodtrussed-homecostsless.Thetotalin-placecostoftrussedroofandfloorsystemsislower.Trussesare delivered to the site ready to be installed. Labor is saved because trusses can be installed three to four times faster than it would take a carpenter to build the roof on-site. The open spaces in the trusses allowsduct work, plumbing and wiring to be installed quickly and easily. Construction costs also are reducedbecause the building is “closed-in” faster, there is less pilferage of materials, and it takes less time to cleanupthesite.Yougetpeaceofmind–knowingthatthetrusseswereprofessionally computer-designed, engineered andfactory-builttoassurethehighestqualityandreliability.Trusses allow virtually unlimited architectural versatility. That means designs can include vaulted or studioceilings inside the home and high pitched or hipped roofs on the exterior, offering greater aesthetic andfunctionaladvantages.Proven performance – hundreds of millions of wood trusses have been installed throughout the country. Infact,woodtrussesareusedinmorethan75%ofallhomesbuiltintheU.S.andCanadatoday.Pre-engineered wood trusses are scientifically designed for strength. A pre-engineered framing systemeliminatesguessworkontheconstructionsite. TheBenefitsofWoodTrusses: Builders want solutions that help them stay on schedule and maintain quality construction and profits. Whencomparedtotraditionalbeamconstruction,manufacturedwoodrooftrusssystemsarebetter,stronger,andcanbeinstalled faster. A manufactured truss is an engineered structural component assembled from wood members,metalconnectorplatesandothermechanicalfasteners.Thetrussmembersformasemi-rigidstructuralframeworkand are assembled such that the members form triangles. Trusses are designed to engineering standards with asubstantialfactorofsafetyapplyingtoeverytrussintheroof.Mostbuildersarefamiliarwithrooftrusssystems,butmaynotrealizetheadvantagesofamanufacturedsystem.Traditionalstickbuiltroofswhicharebasedonhistoricalconservative carpentry practices, use greater quantities of lumber to achieve acceptable factors of safety. Thereservestrengthofthesetraditionalroofsisalsovariableanddependsontheskilloftheindividualcarpenter.The benefits of manufactured wood truss systems are many. Trusses can span great distances, creating larger open spaces below unobstructed by columns and partitions. Roof truss systems are manufactured in controlledenvironments, so there's less chance of warping, shrinking, and twisting of lumber. Trusses also save timber resourcesbyreducingtheamountofwoodwastegeneratedduringconstruction.Theownercanenjoypieceofmindknowingthatthetrusseshavebeenprofessionallyengineeredandqualitymanufacturedforthatspecificjob. RoofTrusses   ’6” RoofTrusses Framing with Framing with Panel LengthPeakContinuous Lateral Brace12Slope(Pitch)Truss PlateTop ChordHeelBottom ChordBearing PointSplicePanel PointWedge BlockSpan (OutTo Out Of Bearings)Cantilever Bottom Chord Length Overhang Web Parts of a Truss: 3 The component manufacturing process is simple and offers the professional builder plenty of time- and cost-saving resources along the way. Here's how it works: House plans are sent by the builder to the truss manufacturer. There are dozens of truss manufacturersoperating nationwide, but builders should research the quality and delivery costs before choosing a vendor.The manufacturer determines what loads the building designer requires to be supported within the home, howmanytrusseswillberequired,andtheirspecificplacementinthehome. Themanufacturerthenbuildsthetrusses,numbersthemforaccurateinstallation,andshipsthemtothebuilderonthejobsite. Adetailed diagram with the placements of the trusses is sent along with the trusses to help the builder place thetrussesexactlywheretheyshouldbeinstalled.Oncethetrussesareonthesite,thebuildercanreallystarttoseethebenefits.Theconsistentsizeandheightofthemanufacturedtrusswillmeaneasiersheathingmaterialinstallation,andtheopenwebdesignallowsforutilitiestobe run between in the roof system without drilling or cutting holes. These benefits will reduce the amount of timetrade contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save the builder money. The technologyused in the design and manufacturing of roof trusses makes them a superior choice for builders looking tostreamlineconstructionandprovideahigherqualityhometotheircustomers.  6’ ”4’6”  ’ 5 GirderTrusses Girdertrusseshavetwomainpurposes.Thefirst(GirderTruss A)existsinL,T,HandUshapedbuildingstoeliminatetheneedfor an interior load-bearing wall. The girder is used to supportone end of the intersecting trusses.The trusses are carried onthebottomchordofthegirderbyhangers.The second use of a girder truss (GirderTruss B) is to supportperpendicularframinginhiproofs.InsomeplansgirdertrussAand B may be one in the same. The hip framing is carried onboth the top and bottom chords of the girder truss by nailing or byhangers.Girder trusses, because of the heavy loads they support, aregenerally multiple units with larger chord members than theadjacent trusses. Generally, because of the construction of girders,overhangsarenotused.The girder truss may also be designed for “drag strut” loadswhicharecalculatedandspecifiedbythebuildingdesigner. ValleyFramingSets Valley framing sets are primarily used to form a ridge line byframing over the main roof where perpendicular buildingsectionsintersect.Valley trusses are set directly on the main trusses.Sheathing is required for main trusses with 2x4 top chords,and is recommended for other top chord sizes, under valleyframes to continue the lateral bracing of the main truss topchords. The bottom chords of the valley trusses aregenerallybeveledtomatchtheslopeoftheroofbelow. Girder Truss AValley TrussesStandard TrussFlush Cut TrussValley FramesSheathingGirder Truss A Valley TrussesGirder Truss AGirder Truss B Framing with Trusses
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