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questionnaire for leadership
  1.   How do you define leader? And are there any pre-requisite characteristics to be aleader? Leader is that individual who shares the vision and influences others for their voluntary  participation to perform certain task or achieve common goals. Leaders are with the attitude of “let’s do it” rather than “do it”. When there is a failure, he will see ‘I have failed’ rather than ‘my men have failed me’.If we have the answer to the question ‘Why would people want to follow a leader?’ then we can develop the characteristics required to be a leader. A person should have sense of direction, where you want to be. You have to beCan make decisionsEncourage the workers to develop and implement their ideas and give the sense of responsibility Keeps upto date about the field of work.Takes care of his workersEnsures that jobs are well understood and executed  In my opinion a leader is successful when the followers become leaders, of course notall followers will become the leader.Leader is that individual who shares the vision and influences others for their voluntaryparticipation to perform certain task or achieve some goals. Literal meaning of the word says, leader or leadership means it’s a person who leads.  Talking about the characteristics of a leader, he/she should have vision and influencing/inspiring capability, honesty is a must.(Sir, you can explain some more, based on your experience, giving some examples aswell.)2.   In your opinion, are leaders made or born. Can anyone become a leader? Leadership is made. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader.Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.   3.   Normally leaders also lead the team and managers also do the same. Do you feel thereis any difference between leader and manager? This is an age old question. They don’t need to be separate people. You need to become both he  person. Simply put when you are followed then you are a leader when you are obeyed youbecome a manager. The mix of both is required for achieving a bigger goal.   I think managers and leaders, there are some similarities. Because managers have tomanage; their scope will be smaller than the leaders of the organization. But within theirscope, I think they are also leader in the relatively smaller group. So, managers are alsoleader in that sense.4.   From theory we have learned that leaders are task oriented or relationship orientedwhich are defined according to the outcome level, like in task oriented leader the outputis maximized in normal condition but for relationship oriented the output level ismaximized during high favorable or high unfavorable condition. So how would you liketo place yourself? Personally I think people shall be in the center and it is the people who gets the work done. For me if your worker have positive environment the result will follow. 5.   Organization comprises of different type of employees. Hence it demands different technique to handle situations. How would you handle employees who are resistiveto change? No two mind is same, so different people shall have different views. Some peoplewelcome the change very easily and some people resist it. In such cases, the first thingto do would be to try to convince them. Without change we cannot move ahead. Sir doexplain more from your perspective.6.   In context to Nepal, what factors mostly motivates those kind of employees (resisting tochange)? Is it money? We need to understand the reason for the shown attitude towards change. I feel that most of the peopleresist the change because they feel that standing still is less risk than the change. Or some people fear  that they will not have a role to play or even they don’t have a role model in this situation. Thus money  might not be the issue. The leaders shall be there to convince and create a comfort zone.  7.   Does an effectiveness of a leader depend on the positional power he or she holds? Howimportant is the positional power for a leader?The leader or the manager, who is managing the follower, the staff members when theyare listening to their leaders, or following their leader, I think that person more than 60,70 % of his respect for this person will come from his authority or his positional power,what kind of position he is in. without that authority, it will be very difficult for others totake him as a leader. The authority or power is very important aspect to become aleader.8.   Is it necessary for the leader to be aggressive?Depending upon the situation, a leader should show his/her aggressiveness. High rate of aggression in leader may also harm the organization. When the leader behavesaggressively towards the sub-ordinate, the reaction of others is usually to feel hurt, towithdraw or to get angry. While, for instance, in the meeting or while you speak ininteraction program, some level of aggression is a must.9.   In leadership, building trust is very essential. Why is trust critical for leaders?Actually if I have to follow somebody, I wouldn’t like to follow, not listen to until andunless I trust him. If I don’t trust him, how can I do what he tells me to do? Even if I have to do it, it will be forceful. I will finish the task just for the sake of doing, not because Iwant to do but he told me to do it. So, trust is very important. I think the role of theleadership also important, trying to help build that trust between the followers and theleaders.10.   Can you share some experience of yours regarding biggest leadership challenge youhave faced. How did you managed to handle it?11.   What is the most significant change you brought about in an organization as a leader?When I came to this organization, I had the full responsibility to establish the CoreNetwork from basic level. I did the planning, monitor and control closely thedeployment of the network. Within four years of span, we are now considered the thirdtelecom operator in this country. So, this change should be noted as the significantchange.12.   How have you encouraged learning and development of employees?   13.   Do you have any weakness as a leader, and have you tried to overcome that weakness,how?14.   How do you manage your emotion?15.   Do you think leadership influences in the managerial effectiveness? If yes how?16.   Have you face some situation in which as a leader and manager you have to take harddecision regarding change in the organizational work rule? Can you share some withme?17.   Please share one event in your career, when you felt yourself so proud to direct your so-worker?18.   What is motivation stands for you?19.   As a leader have you ever found yourself as a facilitator? Can you describe the event inbrief? In general Facilitator encourages his worker to take responsibilities and decision. I think I likebeing called more as a facilitator.
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