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Inventory Management 1) Inventory management activities includes a) Goods Issue b) Goods receipt c) Payment d) a & b [CORRECT] 2) Difference between movement types 101 and 122 a) 101 is for goods receipt and 122 is for scrapping b) 122 is for scrap and 101 for GI c) 101 for GR and 122 is for return delivery to vendor [CORRECT] d) None 3) What is the movement type for return delivery to vendor a) 121 b) 122 [CORRECT] c) 123 d) 101 4) What is the movement type for GR with out P.O a) 501 [CORRECT]
  Inventory Management 1)Inventory management activities includesa)Goods Issue b)Goods receiptc)Paymentd)a & b [CORRECT]2)Difference between movement types 101 and 122a)101 is for goods receipt and 122 is for scrapping b)122 is for scrap and 101 for GIc)101 for GR and 122 is for return delivery to vendor [CORRECT]d)None3)What is the movement type for return delivery to vendor a)121 b)122 [CORRECT]c)123d)1014)What is the movement type for GR with out P.Oa)501 [CORRECT] b)101c)201d)2025)Movement type for initial stock uploadsa)101 b)561 [CORRECT]c)201d)1036)When can the store keeper use the 103 movement typea)when every thing is correct b)to valuate separatelyc)To create a vendor invoiced)For conditional acceptance [CORRECT]7)What is the movement type 103a)to post stock into blocked stock [CORRECT] b)to post to quality stock c)to post to unrestricted stock d)none  8)Release of GR blocked stock creates an accounting documenta)Yes [CORRECT] b)No9)Returns to the P.O to the vendor can be handled with movement typea)103 b)101c)161 [CORRECT]d)26110)What are the actions you can do from MIGO screena)Goods receipt [CORRECT] b)Goods issue [CORRECT]c)Transfer Postingsd)All the above11)Do you think movement types 101 and 103 are same?a)Yes b)No [CORRECT]12)What is the movement type 309?a)Quality stock to unrestricted stock  b)Material to material transfer [CORRECT]c)Blocked to Qualityd)None13)Movement type isa)3 digit [CORRECT] b)4 digitc)2 digit14)Movement type determinesa)Automatic account [CORRECT] b)Screen format [CORRECT]15)101 is movement type for a)GR [CORRECT] b)GIc)Return delivery16)Quality inspection stock is aa)Material type b)Material groupc)Stock type [CORRECT]  17)For valuated GR the system createsa)Material document [CORRECT] b)Accounting doc [CORRECT]c)Updates P.O history [CORRECT]d)Creates IV doc18)QI stock is generally available for MRPa)True [CORRECT] b)False19)Are the document numbers (material and account) samea)No [CORRECT] b)Yes20)Effects of a GR area)Planned order creation b)Schedule line creationc)Material master update [CORRECT]d)Transfer request created in WM [CORRECT]e)Creation of inspection lot [CORRECT]21)In stock over view screen you can see the stock at following levelsa)Plant [CORRECT] b)Storage location [CORRECT]c)Company code [CORRECT]d)Client [CORRECT]22)GR for account assigned PO updatesa)Stock account b)Consumption account [CORRECT]c)Both23)We can issue the material only when the stock is ina)Un restricted Stock [CORRECT] b)QI stock c)Blocked stock d)Any of the above24)The following material is not valuateda)Blocked stock  b)GR Blocked stock [CORRECT]c)QI stock d)None of the above  25)Following is not a special stock a)Returnable transportation packaging b)Pipeline materialsc)Consignment stock d)GR blocked stock [CORRECT]26)Create storage location automatically meansa)Storage location will be created automatically [CORRECT] b)Storage location data will be created automatically [CORRECT]c)All the above27)Negative stock meansa)Stock becomes negative automatically over a period b)Material is not maintained in the storage locationc)GI before GR in case of emergencies [CORRECT]d)All the above28)Vendor consignment is managed ata)Plant level b)Storage location level [CORRECT]c)Company code leveld)Material level
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