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1. This shows me that majority of the responses came from people aged 16-18. It would be ideal to make my target audience this ages although because it is such a small…
  • 1. This shows me that majority of the responses came from people aged 16-18. It would be ideal to make my target audience this ages although because it is such a small sample and it age bias, I would need to some research in order to appeal to a bigger age range.
  • 2. Most of the people who took the survey were male. Again, this is a very small sample but it may show demanded characteristics in later responses.
  • 3. From these results, I can see how much time roughly each person spends watching some form of television, this tells me that the best way to advertise my documentary would realistically be on T.V. Most of those who replied, watch television for at least 2 hours every day, this means that if my documentary appealed to them then would be more likely to watch it.
  • 4. Nobody who replied watches documentary's all the time. Just under half of the people said they would watch it if it seemed interesting to them, in order for my documentary to be watched, I need to research into what people think is interesting.
  • 5. These results support the previous answers that I need to make my documentary appear interesting. To achieve this I may approach a different style of documentary to appeal to a wider audience.
  • 6. This shows me that majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire do not remember the last documentary that they watched. From this, it is clear to me that documentaries are the least watched genre watched. Therefore this documentary needs to be advertised as much as it can.
  • 7. This question tells me that everyone that responded to my questionnaire has some form of basic knowledge about homelessness in the UK although barely anyone showed that they had great knowledge about the issues surrounding homeless people. This tells me that I will have to include more facts in my documentary and also first account stories to educate people not only though statistics but through real life emotions.
  • 8. All of these points will be good to include in the documentary. I will focus more of the view points from homeless people using real life footage.
  • 9. These responses lack detail and are very basic. This does not help me to depict a sound track. I will collate a range of soundtracks then use these in a questionnaire to see which one is favourite.
  • 10. These results are split between male and female. I would need to do another questionnaire on this topic but use a bigger sample group. My initial thought was to use a male narrator as research shows it has more authority although a female portrays more emotion.
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