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1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Jack Young & Josh Grazier 2. ã Throughout our whole…
  • 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Jack Young & Josh Grazier
  • 2. • Throughout our whole coursework we used many different forms of media technologies these ranged from the internet, Apple Mac software and Photoshop. We thought that using a wide range of media products will boost our final products and allow to get the best possible outcome.
  • 3. Research And Planning.• The main website that we used was YouTube this was for many reasons we gained inspiration from other music videos, in this case ‘All I Want’ and ‘Make It Stop’ were very important we took ideas from these music videos and added them to our own creating our own individual product, we also gained a huge outside look on other music videos that suited our genre and that attracted the same audience, the internet was a very good way of gathering information.• Another use of media technology was using a camera we personally went around asking people there thoughts on a music video that was in our genre and what they expected to see within it. We then used Final Cut and edited all the clips together making a short video, this gave us many ideas of what the audience would expect to see and gave us a wide aspect of what should be involved in our music video and ancillary texts.
  • 4. Construction• When constructing our music video and ancillary texts we used our research and took into account all the ideas given, once our video had been recorded we began to edit it in Final Cut on the Mac. This software is very good because it allowed us to shorten clips, slow them down etc. making our music video reach its maximum potential, for the music we downloaded the track from YouTube and were granted permission by the bands music company meaning copyright was no a problem we then used iTunes and copied it straight across into Final Cut allowing us to edit it how we please. When creating our video the most important feature of Final Cut was the clip speed feature this was because we had to have many of our clips in slow motion to add effect and this was acceptable by using Final Cut instead of iMovie for example.• When creating our ancillary texts we used Photoshop to edit all of our ancillary texts this was because it gave them the best effect possible and made them look life like Photoshop allowed us to add images to a blank canvas and work around it and letting us create a cd case as we want.
  • 5. Evaluation• Once again we used Final Cut for our evaluation however in this case we used a voice over which was recorded on a standard recording microphone, we then converted it to iTunes before dragging it to Final Cut by using Final Cut we could add many images to the video to show the audience Cleary was being spoke of and gave the audience a better understanding to what is going on.• We also used Prezi on the internet which allowed us to make a PowerPoint of texts and images the user would be automatically taken to the next text or image making it a lot easier to use and meaning they wont get confused when using it.
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