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1. Who would be the audiencefor your media product? 2. Our media product is a psychological thriller thathas scenes with a suggestive violent nature.When we asked people…
  • 1. Who would be the audiencefor your media product?
  • 2. Our media product is a psychological thriller thathas scenes with a suggestive violent nature.When we asked people for their thoughts onwhat kind of sub-genre of thriller they enjoyed themost popular choice surprisingly turned out beingthe physiological sub-genre. Although the thegender was mixed with a 50% male and an equalfemale ratio, so through the questionnaire wecouldn’t get absolute clarity on what each genreenjoyed most. For the age group we also couldn’tfind out what most age groups enjoyed as all buttwo were from 16 to 18 years old. Although in oursecondary research we found a significantamount more, we found that if we rated the film a15 (due to the suggestive violence and scenes ofexcessive blood) we would engage a anaudience of young males, that’s if we were torelease it to a market. Using the BFI ‘statisticalyearbook’ we found that around 30-40% of thecinema audience is 15-24 which varies from yearto year depending on what type of films arereleased. In 2006 the ‘Da Vinci Code’ releasedand along with several other fantasy andadventure films, it increased the audience level toaround 40%. Using the information we collatedwe also found that 46% of all viewers of thepsychological thriller/horror film ‘black swan’ were15 to 24.
  • 3. We have mentioned the psychological thriller‘Shutter Island’ several times as an influence to ourproject, so it was fitting to include viewerdemographics for the title. Using IMDB we foundthat a majority of reviews for the film wereconducted by males aged 18-29 with 150,000+ratings coming from male users of the site; Femaleusers made up only 30,000+ of the total 18-29 yearold figure, which has a total of around 195,000.Although these demographics may not be 100%correct due to the high number of male users on thesite, they defiantly paint a picture of the commonviewers to enjoy the film.The table to the right is ratings demographicsfor the physiological thriller as mentioned inthe previous slide ‘Black Swan’ as you cansee the top age demographic is 18-29, as saidbefore the site has a popular male audienceso it isn’t surprising that the male ratings arehigh in numbers even though the film has atheme on ballet, which is a popular femalefollowing. The second highest age group is30-44 which still has a high male figure, whichcould indicate that the film has a balancedaudience and wasn’t male or female heavy inviewership.
  • 4. Relating to our own media project we chose a 15 rating which felt right and fit wellwith the intended audience age which was around 15 years to anything over. Due tothe mild graphic content this age restriction would almost have to be put in anyway,although the sequence could probably get away for being a 12 or 12a; but theintended audience is still 15 years plus, because of the majority of philologicalthrillers we could find had a that age group at the top of the list.
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