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A 23 year old client has been admitted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia says to the nurse Yes, its march, March is little woman . That s literal you know . These statement illustrate: Neologisms Echolalia Flight of ideas Loosening of association A long term goal for a paranoid male client who has unjustifiably accused his wife of having many extramarital affairs would be to help the client develop: Insight into his behavior Better self control Feeling of self worth Faith in his wife A male clie
A 23 year old client has been admitted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia says to the nurse Yes, its march, March is little woman. Thats literal you know. These statement illustrate: Neologisms Echolalia Flight of ideas Loosening of association A long term goal for a paranoid male client who has unjustifiably accused his wife of having many extramarital affairs would be to help the client develop: Insight into his behavior Better self control Feeling of self worth Faith in his wife A male client who is experiencing disordered thinking about food being poisoned is admitted to the mental health unit. The nurse uses which communication technique to encourage the client to eat dinner? Focusing on self-disclosure of own food preference Using open ended question and silence Offering opinion about the need to eat Verbalizing reasons that the client may not choose to eat Nurse Nina is assigned to care for a client diagnosed with Catatonic Stupor. When Nurse Nina enters the clients room, the client is found lying on the bed with a body pulled into a fetal position. Nurse Nina should? Ask the client direct questions to encourage talking Rake the client into the dayroom to be with other clients Sit beside the client in silence and occasionally ask open-ended question Leave the client alone and continue with providing care to the other clients Nurse Tina is caring for a client with delirium and states that look at the spiders on the wall. What should the nurse respond to the client? Youre having hallucination, there are no spiders in this room at all I can see the spiders on the wall, but they are not going to hurt you Would you like me to kill the spiders I know you are frightened, but I do not see spiders on the wall Nurse Jonel is providing information to a community group about violence in the family. Which statement by a group member would indicate a need to provide additional information? Abuse occurs more in low-income families Abuser Are often jealous or self-centered Abuser use fear and intimidation Abuser usually have poor self-esteem During electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) the client receives oxygen by mask via positive pressure ventilation. The nurse assisting with this procedure knows that positive pressure ventilation is necessary because? Anesthesia is administered during the procedure Decrease oxygen to the brain increases confusion and disorientation Grand mal seizure activity depresses respirations Muscle relaxations given to prevent injury during seizure activity depress respirations. When planning the discharge of a client with chronic anxiety, Nurse Chris evaluates achievement of the discharge maintenance goals. Which goal would be most appropriately having been included in the plan of care requiring evaluation? The client eliminates all anxiety from daily situations The client ignores feelings of anxiety The client identifies anxiety producing situations The client maintains contact with a crisis counselor Nurse Tina is caring for a client with depression who has not responded to antidepressant medication. The nurse anticipates that what treatment procedure may be prescribed? Neuroleptic medication Short term seclusionPsychosurgery Electroconvulsive therapy Mario is admitted to the emergency room with drug-included anxiety related to over ingestion of prescribed antipsychotic medication. The most important piece of information the nurse in charge should obtain initially is the: Length of time on the med. Name of the ingested medication & the amount ingested Reason for the suicide attempt Name of the nearest relative & their phone number 41. A client with a phobic disorder is treated by systematic desensitization. The nurse understands that this approach will do which of the following? a. Help the client execute actions that are feared b. Help the client develop insight into irrational fears c. Help the client substitutes one fear for another d. Help the client decrease anxiety 42. Which client outcome would best indicate successful treatment for a client with an antisocial personality disorder? a. The client exhibits charming behavior when around authority figures b. The client has decreased episodes of impulsive behaviors c. The client makes statements of self-satisfaction d. The clients statements indicate no remorse for behaviors 43. The nurse is caring for a client with an autoimmune disorder at a medical clinic, where alternative medicine is used as an adjunct to traditional therapies. Which information should the nurse teach the client to help foster a sense of control over his symptoms? a.Pathophysiology of disease process b.Principles of good nutrition c. Side effects of medications d. Stress management techniques 44. Which of the following is the most distinguishing feature of a client with an antisocial personality disorder? a. Attention to detail and order b. Bizarre mannerisms and thoughts c. Submissive and dependent behavior d. Disregard for social and legal norms 45. Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a client with anorexia nervosa who expresses feelings of guilt about not meeting family expectations? a. Anxiety b. Disturbed body image c. Defensive coping d.Powerlessness 46. A nurse is evaluating therapy with the family of a client with anorexia nervosa. Which of the following would indicate that the therapy was successful? a. The parents reinforced increased decision making by the client b. The parents clearly verbalize their expectations for the client c. The client verbalizes that family meals are now enjoyable d. The client tells her parents about feelings of low-self esteem 47. A client with dysthymic disorder reports to a nurse that his life is hopeless and will never improve in the future. How can the nurse best respond using a cognitive approach? a. Agree with the clients painful feelings b. Challenge the accuracy of the clients belief c. Deny that the situation is hopeless d.Present a cheerful attitude48. A client with major depression has not verbalized problem areas to staff or peers since admission to a psychiatric unit. Which activity should the nurse recommend to help this client express himself? a. Art therapy in a small group b. Basketball game with peers on the unit c. Reading a self-help book on depression d. Watching movie with the peer group 49. The home health psychiatric nurse visits a client with chronic schizophrenia who was recently discharged after a prolong stay in a state hospital. The client lives in a boarding home, reports no family involvement, and has little social interaction. The nurse plan to refer the client to a day treatment program in order to help him with: a. Managing his hallucinations b. Medication teaching c. Social skills training d. Vocational training 50. Which activity would be most appropriate for a severely withdrawn client? a. Art activity with a staff member b. Board game with a small group of clients c. Team sport in the gym d. Watching TV in the dayroom Cely is experiencing alcohol withdrawal exhibits tremors, diaphoresis and hyperactivity. Blood pressure is 190/87 mmhg and pulse is 92 bpm. Which of the medications would the nurse expect to administer? Naloxone (Narcan) Benzlropine (Cogentin) Lorazepam (Ativan) Haloperidol (Haldol) Which of the following foods would the nurse Trish eliminate from the diet of a client in alcohol withdrawal? Milk Orange Juice Soda Regular Coffee Which of the following would Nurse Hazel expect to assess for a client who is exhibiting late signs of heroin withdrawal? Yawning & diaphoresis Restlessness & Irritability Constipation & steatorrhea Vomiting and Diarrhea To establish open and trusting relationship with a female client who has been hospitalized with severe anxiety, the nurse in charge should? Encourage the staff to have frequent interaction with the client Share an activity with the client Give client feedback about behavior Respect clients need for personal space Nurse Monette recognizes that the focus of environmental (MILIEU) therapy is to: Manipulate the environment to bring about positive changes in behavior Allow the clients freedom to determine whether or not they will be involved in activities Role play life events to meet individual needs Use natural remedies rather than drugs to control behavior Nurse Trish would expect a child with a diagnosis of reactive attachment disorder to: Have more positive relation with the father than the mother Cling to mother & cry on separation Be able to develop only superficial relation with the others Have been physically abuse When teaching parents about childhood depression Nurse Trina should say? It may appear acting out behaviorDoes not respond to conventional treatment Is short in duration & resolves easily Looks almost identical to adult depression NursePerry is aware that language development in autistic child resembles: Scanning speech Speech lag Shuttering Echolalia A 60 year old female client who lives alone tells the nurse at the community health center I really dont need anyone to talk to. The TV is my best friend. The nurse recognizes that the client is using the defense mechanism known as? Displacement Projection Sublimation Denial When working with a male client suffering phobia about black cats, Nurse Trish should anticipate that a problem for this client would be? Anxiety when discussing phobia Anger toward the feared object Denying that the phobia exist Distortion of reality when completing daily routines 21. Nurse Jessie is assessing a client suffering from stress and anxiety. A common physiological response to stress and anxiety is: a. Uticaria b. Vertigo c. Sedation d. Diarrhea 22. When performing a physical examination on a female anxious client, nurse Nelli would expect to find which of the following effects produced by the parasympathetic system? a. Muscle tension b. Hyperactive bowel sounds c. Decreased urine output d. Constipation 23. Which of the following drugs have been known to be effective in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? a. Divalproex (depakote) and Lithium (lithobid) b. Chlordiazepoxide (Librium) and diazepam (valium) c. Fluvoxamine (Luvox) and clomipramine (anafranil) d. Benztropine (Cogentin) and diphenhydramine (benadryl) 24. Tony with agoraphobia has been symptom-free for 4 months. Classic signs and symptoms of phobia include: a. Severe anxiety and fear b. Withdrawal and failure to distinguish reality from fantasy c. Depression and weight loss d. Insomnia and inability to concentrate 25. Which nursing action is most appropriate when trying to diffuse a clients impending violent behavior? a.Place the client in seclusion b. Leaving the client alone until he can talk about his feelings c. Involving the client in a quiet activity to divert attention d. Helping the client identify and express feelings of anxiety and anger 26. Rosana is in the second stage of Alzheimers disease who appears to be in pain. Which question by Nurse Jenny would best elicit information about the pain? a. Where is your pain located? b. Do you hurt? (pause) Do you hurt?
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