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  September 2015 (set 3) 1. As civil servant, teachers are subjected to the public officer regulations (conduct and discipline) 1993, in which teachers have to apply for approval to work part time.  Approval will only be given to teachers working part time if it does not conflict with the regulations. a) List the regulations to be observed by teachers if they want to do the part time work. The teachers classified as education officers and are part of government officials. They must comply with the Regulations of Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) 1993. Therefore they are not allowed to work part-time during office hours. They should focus on their core teaching and learning work. Other arguments:    Do not affect the officer’s usefulness as an officer in the public service.     Do not conflict with the interests of public service. (5 marks) b) Explain the implication working part time on the official duties The teachers do not focus on its essential tasks. Teacher time spent by focusing on part-time work that he carried out. For example, if teacher was conducting business online, he will spend time doing business online during school hours and neglecting other duties such as checking students’ exercise books, guiding weak students and so on. Other arguments: Do not produce lesson plan. Teaching and learning are carried out just to meet the schedule and not executed properly.   Frequently on leave ( such as sick leave, vacation leave, etc)   Unhappy with the teaching profession   Refuse management tasks and responsibilities assigned. (10 marks)  2. Skills in using information and communication technology are increasingly important in the 21 st  century. The application of these skills in teaching is believe to boost the quality of the quality of education in Malaysia a) State the elements of information and communication technology that must be mastered by teachers Proficient in using Microsoft Office software like MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, and so on. Teachers should master these skills to make it easier to carry out teaching and learning in the classroom and perform their daily tasks. Other arguments:   Skills in access information through a website.   Proficiency in the use of educational software likes Frog (VLE) and so on.   Proficiency in the use of social networking applications like Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp and others.   Classroom management skills in using online applications such as application Edmodo, Schoology and so on. (5 marks) b) Suggest ways a novice teacher can improve his skills in information and communication technology Following short-term or long-term courses in connection with the use of ICT skills in teaching and learning. These courses are organised by the Ministry of Education, State and District Department of Education on any other agencies. With then the teacher will be able to improve their skills in teaching and learning in the classroom. Other arguments:   Teachers use ICT frequently in teaching and learning.   Teachers often use ICT in carrying out daily tasks.   To collaborate with experienced teachers using ICT in teaching and learning in the class. (10 marks)  3. The headmaster is the main pillar in determining the performance of a school.through his leadership, school organization can be effectively mobilized. a) Explain the various types of effective leadership style that can be adopted by the headmaster. Natural leadership in any society, someone powerful will emerge lead the group, although he was not formally appointed. Often, members of the oldest, most experienced, and have high interpersonal skills will naturally be considered and accepted by the members of the group as their chief. In the school context, head master will usually be made up of the senior and experienced teachers. Other arguments:   Charismatic leadership. Charismatic leadership demonstrate their ability to solve a problem or face a crisis successfully.   Bureaucratic leadership. Bureaucratic leadership is very structured and function in accordance with certain procedures as stipulated in the organization.   Distributed leadership. Distributed leadership is considered as the most appropriate style of leadership for the organization of schools and educational institutions where a large number of members comprising professionals. (5 marks) b) Analyze the personality traits of a charismatic leader among teachers. Charismatic leaders are teachers who demonstrate the ability to solve a problem or face a crisis in their school successfully. Other arguments:   Charismatic leaders are teachers that are result-oriented. Outstanding achievements in curricular and extra-curricular activities are the main focus of charismatic leaders.   Charismatic leaders are teachers that are willing to sacrifice and work hard to strive for excellence. They are willing to sacrifice their time and energy without expecting any financial reward. (10 mark)  4. The diversity of roles play by a primary school teacher is able to prepare today’s’ students for tomorrow world. a) State the characteristic of a globally competent teacher.  Always keeping an open mind and able to accept other people’s opinions and suggestions. A globally competent teacher should not be narrow minded and should be waiting to accept critics. Other arguments:   Having clear visions in determining the future for himself and his students.   Practicing life long learning to keep up to date with latest knowledge and skills.   Willing to accept changes that are taking place in the world of global education   Creative and innovative thinking in teaching and learning process. (5 marks) b) Give reasons why the teachers must explore the latest knowledge and skills. Increase knowledge acquisition and knowledge of the lesson content. Teachers need to acquire knowledge and skills to meet the educational needs of the future. Educating based on textbooks alone are not adequate since knowledge is expanding and constantly changing. Reading other academic materials is important so that they always keep themselves up-to-date with latest knowledge, specifically in their specialization area. Other arguments:   Keep themselves up to date with latest development of knowledge and skills in order to provide meaningful learning experiences for students.    Teachers need to practice the attitude “learning to teach”     Become lifelong learners in line with the global changes.   Teachers should foster a culture of love for knowledge not only for themselves, but also to the students while they are in the classroom, in the school environment, or outside of the school. (10 marks)
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