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  Team Nirma Freescale Cup SelectionAptitude Test Name: - Phone No. :-Branch: - Sem:-Total: /35   Section A [10]   1.   The no. of boys in a class are three times the no. of girls which one of thefollowing can’t represent the class strength?   [1]  a)   40   b)   42  c)   48  d)   44  2.   In a town 65% people watch the news on television ,40% read newspaper and 25% read both what % of people watch neither of both? [2]  a)   5%   b)   35%  c)   15%  d)   20%  3.   In a chess tournament of six players, each of six players will play with allother players exactly once, how many matches will be played? [1]  a)   12   b)   15  c)   30  d)   36  4.   Between two book  - ends in your study are displayed your five favorite puzzle books if you decide to arrange the five books in every possible combinationand moved just one book every minute, How long will it take? [2]  a)   1hr    b)   2hrs  c)   3hrs  d)   4hrs    5.   Rajans age is 3 times than that of ashok, in 12 yrs rajans age will be doublethe age of ashok, Rajans present age is [1]  a)   27 yrs  b)   32 yrs  c)   36 yrs  d)   40 yrs  6.   Karan has five pairs of socks in his drawer all of different colors and patternand mixed thoroughly. On the first day of school Karan reaches into hissocks drawer and without looking pulls out three socks, what is the probability that two of the socks match? [3]  a)   3/10   b)   3/5  c)   1/3  d)   1/24   Section B [25]   1.   Solve (101) 2 +(5) 10 =(x) 16   What is x: - [1]   2.   Generate the Color code for Resistance 12000Ω 5% tolerance ________________.   [1]   3.   Write a program satisfying following conditions: [5]  a)   The element in an array[128] is made equal to 255 if threshold valuegiven by user is crossed by the element else equal to 0. b)   The above procedure is done only when the difference between the minand max value of the elements in array cross another threshold value also provided by user else display an error message. 4.   For constant voltage, motor torque is _______________ to speed [1]  a.   Directly proportional b.   Inversely proportionalc.    No relationd.   Equal 5.   What do you mean by baud rate?   [2]      6.   Battery (7.2 V, 2000mAh) is charged by an adapter of 12V 800mA rating.How long will it take for battery to be fully charged, assume battery is fullydischarged?   [2]   7.   How do you control servo motor, and what is the response delay of servoand why?   [2]   8.   To increase the width of sensed length by camera what should we do: [1]  a)   Increase the height   b)   Decrease the height  c)   Move it forwards  d)   Move it backwards   9.   What will happen if we increase the Kp in the PID algorithm? [1]   10.   What are the steps of declaring a pin as output in a microcontroller?   [2]      11.   You have set a pin as HIGH but you’re getting floating value, what might bethe error?   [2]   12.   What will be the output of  [1]   char A[20],B[20];   cin>>A;   cin>>B;   if(A==B)   {    printf(“Hello World”);   }   else   {    printf(“Bye World”);   }   If inputs are A=”Hi” and B=”Hi”   If inputs are A=”hi” and B=”Hello”   13.   Examine the following C code : [2]   #include<stdio.h>   void test1()   {    printf(“test1”);   test2();   }  
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