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2007#8 Edition of the NIC Magzine.
  - 2 ue 8  EW iN CHI PUBLSHER: Allrd od EDTDRSINCHf: DkJ  z,   6 NIC's Cafe 8 Kramnik Lashs out in Tal Mmoria Exuding vigour, dive and a huge appetite fr chess, Vladimir mnik swep e el t the second Tal Meia in Mscw  nish ne and a hal pins clear f runne-up Alexey Shirv. In the process Kamnik wn enoug ting pois t claim st pl<e in the wld rn kings on e Jnuary 2008 lis A eail f minor impoance the Russin assers as is mind is ll set on e wold chpionship matc agains Visy Ann 'We ae e two bes players in he wrld and eeyne is expressing the wis o see is ac 24 Ivanchuk ads Ballroom tz us like las year e Tl Memial ws fllowed by a stastudded bliz ournmen A wdy qulier a e Centl Cess Club ws fllwed by e wdy nl  he fcial liz Wld Chmpionsip in he opulent Gu epamen sre. Unpredicable Vsily  vanchuk ok e tite 28 Brnging ight nto th Hat of Darknss At the Chess Champions Legue in Vitria the prticipnts 'plyed o a beter wrld raising mney  Mbuji-Myi one of the pores egins in Congo Besides they playe in a revluionry sundprof booth And Veselin Tpalv won 34 Nakamura's Grand Tou Aerican and urpen playes tend o perfrm under par wen tey py n the er side f e Ocean. But excepions exist n a recent tip o upe, Hikaru Nakamu posed bck-toback victories in rcelon and Corsic 40 agical Mrida e uropean Club Cup ok pace in Keer a urisic seaside res n e urkish Riviera n his scenic seting mbiius newcomers inex Merida wn is increasingly populr event 52  Bst in bao Bnfod Preparing f he pesigious 2008 Grand Sl Final, e eve indusious chess rganiers in ilbao staged an aracie blindfd turnament Topalv, lgr n Calsen wee named s clear fuies, b n ne culd keep up with 21yeld Bu Xingi
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