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Up gradation Process 1) Backup all the database (media, volume,configuration, device) and catalogs on master and the remote media servers 2) Modifying the server.conf to improve the metadata migration performance 3) Replace Netbackup 6.X NOM with netbackup opscenter 4) Check the consistency of the NetBackup EMM and BMR databases 5) Netback OpsCenter should be updated first, followed by the NetBackup Master Server, then Media Servers, then Clients. 6) Installation Phase 7) Monitor and Complete t
  Up gradation Process 1)Backup all the database (media, volume,configuration, device) and catalogs onmaster and the remote media servers2)Modifying the server.conf to improve the metadata migration performance3)Replace Netbackup 6.X NOM with netbackup opscenter 4)Check the consistency of the NetBackup EMM and BMR databases5)Netback OpsCenter should be updated first, followed by the NetBackup Master Server, then Media Servers, then Clients.6)Installation Phase7)Monitor and Complete the Metadata migration Process8)The master server hotfix should be applied immediately after the 7.5 installation has been completed ( from 6.x using OST on Unix Media Servers will be required to update the plug-in to a 64 bit version 1.To configure Hot Catalog Backups 1.From the NetBackup Administration Console screen, select the Configure theCatalog Backup.2.In the first screen of the NetBackup Catalog Backup Wizard, click Next.On the Catalog Backup Method screen, verify that Online, hot catalog backup is selected and click Next.  3.On the NetBackup Catalog Backup Policy screen, verify that Create a newcatalog backup policy is selected, click Next4.On the Policy Name and Type screen, enter a valid Policy name and click  Next.5.On the Backup Type screen, select to do a Full Backup. If desired, select to perform an Incremental Backup, either Incremental or Differential. Click  Next.6.On the Rotation screen, set the desired rotation frequency and click Next.7.On the Start Window screen, select the desired Start Window. Because theseare Hot Catalog backups, the Start Window does not need to be outside of theStart Window for normal backups. Click Next.8.On the Catalog Disaster Recovery Method screen, select whether to use Disk and Tape, Disk only, or Tape only. If using disk, provide an appropriate path. This path is usually a location other than where NetBackup is installed.Provide Logon and Password information if necessary. For tape, provide anappropriate Media ID and Media density. Click Next.9.On the E-mail Catalog Disaster Recovery Information screen, choose either Yes or No to have the Disaster Recovery Information stored via email.Provide an appropriate E-mail address and click Next.10.To save the Hot Catalog Backup policy, click Finish.11.After NetBackup finishes adding the policy, verify it appears on the NetBackup Catalog Backup Policy screen. This time, verify that Create anew catalog backup policy is not selected and click Next.You have now finished the Catalog backup configuration process. Click Finish to exit the wizardThe policy will now appear in the Policies dialog of the NetBackup AdministrationConsole. It can be modified similar to any other policy.Click the Download Now link below to see a short tutorial of this process toconfigure Hot Catalog Backups 2.How to check EMM and BMR consistency  1)stop all NetBackup Services on the EMM server 2)start only the ASA Service /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbdbms_start_stop start 3)To check consistency # cd /usr/openv/db/bin# ./nbdb_admin <databasename> -validate –full If any inconsistencies are found, they will be reported 4.Upgradion Process: Remove the current NetBackup server package by using the appropriatecommand:For version 6.0:# pkgrm VRTSnetbp The following prompt appears:Are you doing this pkgrm as a step in an upgrade process?Insert the NetBackup Server DVD for theappropriate platform in the drive. #cd_directory/install (The cd_directory   is the path to the directory whereyou can access the DVD) #./install Follow the prompts in the installation script to install the NetBackup server  binaries.During the active node upgrade, the following question appears:Do you want to start the NetBackup job-related daemons so backups and restores can be initiated? [y,n] (y)Enter  n and press Enter .Warning: Do not reactivate any catalog backup policies until after the  image metadata migration has completedFor upgrades to NetBackup 7.5, the image metadata migration must becompleted to finish the upgrade. Upgrading clients after servers are upgraded: #cd_directory/install The cd_directory is the path to the directory whereyou can access the DVD #./install When the following message appears, press Enter to continue:Installing NetBackup Client Software.Do you wish to continue? (y/n) [y]As a root user on the NetBackup master server, enter the following commandto see whether bprd is running: #/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpps If bprd is running, stop it with the following command: #/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bprdreq –terminate 6 Enter the following command to make sure that backups or restores are notin progress: #/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpdbjobs Update UNIX client software by running the update_clients script #/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients The update_clients script requests information from you. The followinginformation appears in the script:Starting update_clients script.There are  N  clients to upgrade.
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