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1. My Friends!! [:<br />By: Lauren Huneycutt<br /> 2. As far as friends go…<br />As far as friends go…I have lots of them. I guess you could say my…
  • 1. My Friends!! [:<br />By: Lauren Huneycutt<br />
  • 2. As far as friends go…<br />As far as friends go…I have lots of them. I guess you could say my main group of friends would be Carson, Ashley, Sarah, Holly, Celeste, Ian, Will, Zack, Jake, Ben, Hans, and Colton. I spend the most time with these people but its not even half of all my friends. My favorite way to get together is when we play basketball. We always have a great time. Except when my team looses, I don’t like that. <br />
  • 3. When did we meet?<br />Most of the friends I have now I have known for a while, we just weren’t as close. There is about three people I’ve just met and became close to, they are: Holly, Jake, and Gavin. I met them all here at Gray Stone, mainly because of my friends knowing them. Holly and Gavin are hilarious, they always make me smile. Jake makes a great confidant. <br />
  • 4. The Good Times.<br />One of the “best times ever” was when we had a cup-cake fight. A friend’s mom made to most amazing cup-cakes, I accidentally dropped one in Leah’s lap and she put hers in Carly’s face because she thought it was her. Then we all joined in, and after we all had to shower…<br />
  • 5. Our Favorite Day!<br />My friend Hannah and I always do something on Halloween. Hannah’s birthday is the first of October so, we hang out then too. Our favorite day to spend together will always be Halloween because we get to dress up and get free candy! Its awesome, I love October!<br />
  • 6. Kelly Graves!<br />Kelly, she is different, but that is what makes her special. She likes to talk and doesn’t mind getting in trouble if she gets to have a good time. Kelly has this friend…Gavin. Gavin is also different, but in a different way from Kelly. The two of them apart is fun; when they’re together you have to time of your life. Haha, I love you Kelly!<br />
  • 7. Carson Shae Barbee<br />Carson is my step-sister. She is about five months older than me and she goes to school here also, having a sister so close in age to you is a good thing. We talk about the same things, have the same perspectives, and have the same southern accent. She is a great person to talk to and always keeps my secrets.<br />
  • 8. The End!<br />I love all my friends equally!<br />
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