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GATE Concept Module on CONFLICT via Shipping and Innovation STAGE 1: Desired Results ESTABLISHED GOALS: TRANSFER Participants will be able to independently use their learning to. . . Priority Standards Supported:
    GATE Concept Module on CONFLICT via Shipping and Innovation STAGE 1: Desired Results ESTABLISHED GOALS: Priority Standards Supported: Supporting standards will come from the following modules: RI.5.7 Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently. RI.5.9 Integrate information from several texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably ED4.6.C.2 Explain different strategies and approaches they and others could take to address local, regional, and global problems. 5.MD.C.5 Relate volume to the operations of multiplication and addition and solve real world and mathematical problems involving volume. 5-PS1-3  Make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties. ----------------------------------------------------------- NAGC Alignment: TRANSFER Participants will be able to independently use their learning to. . . PreK-12 Discipline  SS3:  Apply knowledge of political and social structures to actively participate as an informed global citizen. ELA3:  Engage in research and inquiry to analyze, integrate, and present information, to investigate claims, and to solve problems. M3:  Fluently apply appropriate skills, processes, and tools in new and authentic situations. GATE Transfer Goals  GATE 1: Independently utilize thinking strategies to effectively engage in problem solving and inquiry. Transfer Task = THINKING STRATEGY + DEPTH AND COMPLEXITY + CONCEPT + PRODUCT  MEANING UNDERSTANDINGS Students will understand that. . . PreK-12 Discipline: ●   effective communicators choose convincing and appropriate language. ●   effective communicators use evidence from their readings, experiences, and/or observations. Concept Conflict. . . ●   is composed of opposing internal and external forces. ●   may allow for synthesis and change. ●   is progressive. GATE ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS   PreK-12 Discipline: ●   What influences an economic decision? ●   What reasons and evidence support particular points?  Concept   ●   How is conflict composed of opposing forces in ___? ●   How may conflict be intentional? How may conflict be unintentional? ●   How may conflict allow for synthesis? How may conflict allow for change? ●   In what ways is conflict progressive? GATE  Effective thinkers apply appropriate thinking strategies to problems and situations.   ●   How does my application of thinking strategies strengthen my approach to this problem or situation? ●   How can I use the thinking strategies to help me deepen my understanding of this problem or situation? ACQUISITION Students will KNOW . . . Note: if a depth and/or complexity icon is taught and applied during this unit, it should be listed here ex. Specific aspects of Language of the Discipline: archetypes, academic language for the relevant content). ●   the various definitions of conflict.   ●   the definition of synthesis  . ●   the definition of  progressive  . ●   the definition of intent.   Understanding and Determining Volume ●   tools to measure length, mass, and liquid volume. ●   volume is an attribute of a three- dimensional space. ●   volume is additive. ●   volume is the number of same-sized units required to fill a space without gaps or overlaps. ●   cubic units (x^3) represents length x width x height). ●   v= base area (b) x h and V= l x w x h. Students will be SKILLed at . . . Note: if a depth and/or complexity icon is taught and applied during this unit, it should be listed here ex. Language of the Discipline).   ●   describing how the concept of conflict   connects different disciplines. ●   finding volume by solving real world mathematical problems. ●   solving a problem and answering a question using information from multiple sources. ●   supporting points with reasons/evidence from a text.    STAGE 2: Evidence   Evaluative Criteria: Assessment Evidence: Links to Rubrics go here PERFORMANCE TASK(s) Diagnostic (Pre-assessment): Volume Pre-Assessment Formative (checkpoints): Analysis of Shipping Texts - Google Classroom Question Ship the Chip Plan Sheet Egg Package Plan Sheet and Response Question GIST Summaries (integrate multiple texts) SCAMPER Google Classroom Responses Self-Assessments: Engineering Design Process Feedback from Ship the Chip Challenge Summative/Transfer Task:   Task = Specific Thinking Strategy (critical/creative) + Depth Icon + Complexity Icon + Product Use critical and creative thinking looking at details  and multiple points of view  in systems of inventions to create a prototype to solve the given problem or conflict .   STAGE 3: Teaching and Learning Experiences:   RESOURCES/LAYERS: D&C Icons  Depth: rules, ethics, patterns, trends, big ideas,  unanswered questions, details, impact, process, motive, proof Complexity: POV/multiple perspectives, across disciplines, context, translate, srcinal,  judgement D&C Mixer  Inter- disciplinary  Only a dabbling/orientation to economics, sociology, geography, psychology, anthropology, etc. Texts Junior Great Books Jacob’s Ladder  Touchstones/ Pebbles   Classics   art, artifacts, inventor(s), music, philosophers, orators Technology Apps, technology of the time period, web tools Current Events Be sure to relate to study of concept and topics within content Language syntax, changes in semantics  Learning to Learn Tools specific graphic organizers, models, annotating texts, inductive and deductive reasoning Independent Study specific project, specific product, project formats, sites and resources Multiple Perspectives- Consumer and Producer Food Packaging Making Packaging Environmentally Friendly Design a package to protect an egg Ship the Chip  Online Texts What Do You Do with a Problem? Mini-research on famous inventors and innovators Shipping Containers Tiles Links Hydroponic Shipping Containers Homelessness in Hawaii How Does Amazon Deliver Packages so Quickly   Amazon Presentation of Invention or Innovation- Persuasde SCAMPER- uses for shipping containers Taba- Inventions GIST Summaries from Articles Engineering Design Process Make a Model of a Shipping Container Home SHARK TANK- Creation of Prototypes
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