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Research Methodology (MB0050) PART A 1) Research is a ___________ Endeavour. A) Scientific B) Systematic C) Original D) Real 2) ____________ is the hallmark of the scientific method. A) Connectivity B) Ethical neutrality C) Generalization D) Commitment of objectivity 3) According to ___________ “All progressive is born of inquiry.” A) Alfred Marshall B) P.V Narsinmharao C) R.K Narayan D) Hudson Maxim 4) Newton’s contribution and Galileo’s contribution are the example of ____________. A) Applied
  Research Methodology (MB0050) MBAN2 - 3   Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV, Laptop, IPOD) for details visit www.halo.co.in   Page 1 of 7   PART A 1) Research is a ___________ Endeavour. A) ScientificB) SystematicC) OriginalD) Real2) ____________ is the hallmark of the scientificmethod. A) ConnectivityB) Ethical neutralityC) GeneralizationD) Commitment of objectivity3) According to ___________ “All progressive is born of inquiry.”  A) Alfred MarshallB) P.V NarsinmharaoC) R.K NarayanD) Hudson Maxim4) Newton’s contribution and Galileo’s contribution arethe example of ____________. A) Applied ResearchB) Pure ResearchC) Action ResearchD) Evaluation studies5) Which research is type of evaluation study? A) Action ResearchB) Pure ResearchC) Applied ResearchD) Experimental Research6) According to ______________, measurement is “theassignments of numerals to object or events accordingto rules.”  A) Hudson MaximB) Alfred MarshallC) P.V NarismnraoD) Stevens7) Which measurement is the most powerful level of measurement? A) Nominal MeasurementB) Ordinal MeasurementC) Ratio MeasurementD) Interval Measurement8) ______________ and reliability do not always gotogether. A) PropertiesB) ValidityC) LinearityD) Connectivity9) Different research situation require different levels of  _______________. A) LinearityB) ValidityC) ConnectivityD) Reliability10) The selection of problem is a _____________ inresearch. A) First StepB) Second StepC) Third StepD) Fourth Step11) ___________ is factual observations which otherobserves can second check. A) AccuracyB) Verifiable evidenceC) ObjectivityD) Recoding12) _____________ is jotting down complete details asquick as possible. A) Controlling ConditionsB) RecordingC) Training investigatorsD) Systematization  Research Methodology (MB0050) MBAN2 - 3   Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV, Laptop, IPOD) for details visit www.halo.co.in   Page 2 of 7   13) _________________ is describing what really exist. A) ObjectivityB) AccuracyC) SystematizationD) Precision14) Journals are _______________ research problems . A) Sources of researchB) Sources of lawC) Sources of societyD) Sources of problem15) A Problem well put is _____________. A) Yet to solveB) Totally solvedC) Half solvedD) None.16) According to Theadorson and ____________, “ahypothesis is a tentative statement asserting arelationship between certain facts.”  A) MarshallB) Co’onnelC) PeterD) Theadorson17) ________________ describes it as a “conjecturalstatement of the relationship between two or morevariables.”  A) FeynesB) Robert MarshalC) Peter HyeneD) Kerlinger18) _______________ is an assumption about relationbetween variables. A) ResearchB) ProbabilityC) PermutationD) Hypothesis19) What is the indicator of null hypothesis? A) H1B) H3C) H0D) H520) What is the indicator of alternative hypothesis? A) HaB) HbC) HeD) HD21) What is variable? A) A magnitude that remain stable.B) A magnitude that varies.C) Fixed and variable magnitudeD) A longitude that varies.22) When a prediction or a hypothesized relationship istested by adopting scientific methods, its known as ________. A) Null hypothesisB) Alternative hypothesisC) Research hypothesisD) Variable hypothesis23) Experiment, historical and inferential design are theelements of _____________. A) AICCB) AMA C) ACD) CIA 24) A research design is _________ and ______________ plan prepared for directing a research. A) Logical and systematicB) Efficient and powerfulC) Clear and understandableD) Real and true25) What is Experience Survey? A) People with vast experienceB) People with theoretical experienceC) People with practical experienceD) None of the above.  Research Methodology (MB0050) MBAN2 - 3   Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV, Laptop, IPOD) for details visit www.halo.co.in   Page 3 of 7   26) The major credit for introducing case study methodin to social investigation goes to _____________. A) Frederick genderB) Frederick marshC) Frederick leplayD) Fredrick tom27) Who was the first social philosopher who used casestudy in comparative studies of different cases? A) Herbert SpencerB) Frederick HealeyC) William HealeyD) Spartan Frick 28) Who have used the case study in the study of  “Juvenile delinactency”? A) Herbert SpencerB) William HealeyC) Robert GriffinsD) Frederick Leplay29) The Subject must be viewed as a _________ in aCultural Studies. A) ComprehensionB) Subject lineC) SpecimenD) Index30) _______________ has proposed seven criteria forevaluating such adealacy. A) William HealeyB) Robert GriffinsC) John DollardD) Frederick Leplay.31) If the Population to be studied is alight large ______________ is warranted A) SamplingB) PackingC) RecordingD) Analyzing32) Part of ___________ is known as sample. A) Homogenous units.B) Heterogeneous unitC) PopulationD) Majority33) ____________ technique give each element anequal and independent chance of being selected. A)    A) Stratified random samplingB) Proportionate stratified samplingC) Simple random samplingD) Systematic random sampling34) Probability Sampling is based on the theory of  ____________. A) SuitabilityB) SensitivityC) ProbabilityD) Integration.35) ____________ is defined as the degree to whichbasis about from the sample. A) PrecessionB) AccuracyC) DegreeD) Size36) ______________ serves as the base of rawmaterials for analysis. A) The RecordsB) The DataC) The SurveyD) The Questioner37) The Search for answers to research questions iscalled ___________. A) Collection of DataB) Study of dataC) Sorting of DataD) Survey.  Research Methodology (MB0050) MBAN2 - 3   Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV, Laptop, IPOD) for details visit www.halo.co.in   Page 4 of 7   38) ______________ are directly collected by theresearcher from their srcinal sources. A) Primary DataB) Secondary Data.C) Optimize dataD) Source of Data39) What is the meaning of (KAP) Studies? A) Knowledge Accuracy PracticeB) Knowledge Awareness Practice.C) Knowledge Awareness PrincipleD) Knowledge Awareness Prediction.40) _______________ if available can be served quicklyand cheaply. A) Primary DataB) Secondary DataC) Original DataD) Source of Data PART B 41) _____________ is admitted, only when it is basedon evidence. A) ConclusionB) InterpretationC) TruthD) None of the above42) Research aids planning and thus contributes to _______________  A) Planning and rural DevelopmentB) Planning and national developmentC) Organization and national developmentD) Organizing and rural development43) Reliability refers to the ability of a measuring scaleto provide ______ and ________ results A) Real and reliableB) Consistent and accurateC) Consistent and reliableD) Real and accurate.44) Sampling validity is also based on the judgment andsubjective evaluation of both the ___________ and_________. A) Debtor and creditorB) Depositor and outside expertsC) Researchers and outside experts.D) None of the above.45) Content Validity has two type ________________. A) Face Validity and sampling validityB) Sampling Validity and rendering validityC) Face Validity and commending validity.D) None of the above.46) Internal Criteria consists of _________________. A) Researcher’s Interest and researcher’s competenceB) Researcher’s interest and goal.C) Researcher’s goal and objective.D) None of the above.47) The process of defining a problem includes _____. A) Developing titleB) Developing DeedC) Developing ContractD) Developing ethics.8) _________ and __________ have givencharacteristics of scientific research. A) Marsh and MarshB) Drogue and CobblerC) Horton and HuntD) None of the above.49) Those are the two types of test. A) Secret test and confidential testB) Two tailed test and one tailed test.C) Two tailed and three tailed test.D) None of the above.
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