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1. IMAGE Written by Jack Rushen Property of: Jack Rushen 190 Edgewood St. Stratford CT 06615 203-253-2232 Jsrushen@yahoo.com Copyright by Jack Rushen Reg. # PAu3-564-592…
  • 1. IMAGE Written by Jack Rushen Property of: Jack Rushen 190 Edgewood St. Stratford CT 06615 203-253-2232 Jsrushen@yahoo.com Copyright by Jack Rushen Reg. # PAu3-564-592 Registration date: June 28 2011 JAN 9 2015
  • 2. Just goes to show what a team of publicity agents working overtime can do to the human spirit. --------Sunset Boulevard
  • 3. IMAGE concerns a red-hot young celebrity who is rushed to the hospital from a drug overdose and is on the brink of death. Her publicist sees a money making opportunity by acquiring her image rights from her protective mother with a deceptive contract full of loopholes. He quickly dispatches a tough sales executive to get her name on the dotted line. The two women, both headstrong, engage in a volatile meeting, but eventually soften. The outcome is an understanding that human relationships are much more important than show business and stardom. Characters ANDREA..... Driven sales person 40's-50’s * NICOLE..... Celebrity Mom 40's CORBETT.... Tough business man, 30's * Set Corbett's office. Nicole’s living room at her home in the Hollywood hills IMAGE 4. 1/9/2015
  • 4. SCENE 1 (CORBETT’S office. CORBETT and ANDREA. Morning. CORBETT paces nervously.) CORBETT We have a window here, that's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. ANDREA How long? CORBETT Two hours. Maybe less. (He opens a bottle of pills and takes one without water. He offers.) Xanax? ANDREA No thanks. I always wait till my first cup of coffee. Don’t you take water? * CORBETT No, I chew them. * (Beat) * I knew this shit would happen again. I knew it! Fucking people don't learn, especially kids. Okay, I have to calm down and put this into perspective. What’s the saying? "That which doesn't kill me... ANDREA Makes me stronger. CORBETT Makes me wanna kill someone else. ANDREA Is she going to make it? CORBETT She’ll be fine. The challenge is to get her out of this and quietly into rehab. Again. Hold on a second. IMAGE 5. 1/9/2015
  • 5. (He picks up the phone and dials an extension.) CORBETT * Bill. I need you to send out a tweet right away from Gianna. Write this down. "It's Friday, a beautiful morning and I'm off to make a new record just for all of you. Love Gianna." Do the same thing for her facebook page, just mix it up a little. The usual bullshit about how she loves her fans and look forward to seeing them on tour. Blah, blah, blah. Right. Get on it right away and make sure it is time and date stamped. Is it normally? Good. Thanks. (He hangs up) How can she be in a hospital when she just tweeted her fans, am I right? ANDREA Brilliant. CORBETT Okay. Silver lining. Let’s focus. ANDREA So you want to print a whole biography on this kid before she gets out of rehab. CORBETT Three steps here. That is step one. Thought of it this morning after I got the phone call. ANDREA An entire biography. CORBETT Perfect publicity! We time the release of the book with her release from rehab. All eyes will be on her and sales will go through the roof. I'm telling you. ANDREA I don't think it's enough time. CORBETT Why not? IMAGE 6. 1/9/2015
  • 6. ANDREA You can't write a biography in four weeks. CORBETT Sure you can. ANDREA Impossible. CORBETT I said you can write one. Doesn't have to be a good one. Quite frankly I don't care if it's a fucking coloring book. Her fans will buy anything. ANDREA You want to include pictures? CORBETT Of course. ANDREA Who holds Image rights? CORBETT Her mother . ANDREA You start printing pictures and you’ll have a lawsuit on your hands. What do we do? CORBETT We get her to sign over image rights to us. But here is the challenge. You ready for this? We have to get a contract before the story breaks. Two hours. ANDREA Or? CORBETT Dear Mother is not going to sign anything because she is going to flip out again and end up in the Psych ward like she did last time. She’ll be swamped and if that happens we'll never get to her, and this brilliant plan is going to fade away. It’s now or never, darling. So...along with the biography, we put up a new website with a blog where we can sell prime advertising space. Infinite postings in cyber space at astronomical prices, and I know people would pay it. We also cross-promote the book. IMAGE 7. 1/9/2015
  • 7. ANDREA What are the projections? CORBETT Between thirty to fifty million. Probably more. ANDREA How did you come up with that? CORBETT Simple math. If you took a million fans and sold each a book at twenty five bucks a pop, that is twenty five mil to start. Add in at least that much for advertising revenue, charge membership dues to her new improved web site, and we’ll make that easy. This is gonna be so fucking big, Andrea! ANDREA Mom is going to want something. CORBETT So we'll throw her a little something she can put in the trust fund. We still end up on top. ANDREA What about Attorneys? CORBETT Don’t need them. ANDREA We're going to offer her a contract without her attorney present? She's going to know it's not legit. CORBETT We can get around that. ANDREA How? IMAGE 8. 1/9/2015
  • 8. CORBETT Think about it. This whole project has to be "sold" to her, right? We convince her it's time sensitive and we don't have the luxury to wait for an attorney, and convince her it is in her best interest. People only buy something when they clearly see their best interest. She'll buy. ANDREA So who is going to go? CORBETT I think I'm gonna send Joe. ANDREA Come on, Corbett. You have to get someone better than that. CORBETT Joe's good. He can just look at someone and close them. ANDREA He's not going to do this in your time frame. CORBETT And you know this how? ANDREA He doesn't have what it takes. Don't send him, I'm telling you. If you're selling to a woman, send a woman. All I'm saying is that it's a matter of trust. Now look at this logically. She's divorced, right? CORBETT Yeah. ANDREA He skipped out on her? CORBETT Big time. With cash. ANDREA Big scars? IMAGE 9. 1/9/2015
  • 9. CORBETT Probably so. ANDREA See what I mean? If her husband left her in the dust, she may have some trust issues with men, and if you send a man to pitch her, you’re screwed. Sales takes thought and preparation, and you can’t just wing it. This is what I’m good at. CORBETT Okay, who then? (Beat) ANDREA Me. (Beat) Never thought of that with me standing three feet in front of you? Don't look at me like that. You know me. Am I tenacious? CORBETT You are that. ANDREA Do I love a challenge? CORBETT Of course. ANDREA Can I make her see the need for this project? CORBETT Can you? ANDREA Of course I can. Do you believe that? CORBETT Yes. IMAGE 10. 1/9/2015
  • 10. ANDREA Yes, yes, yes. I've been closing you. Now I ask the final question and put the hammer down. With all I know, and all my experience...and being a woman, do you have any reservations about sending me? (Long pause) CORBETT No. ANDREA You're closed. I closed you like a goddamn book and you didn't know what hit you. You want the contract? I'll get the contract. CORBETT In two hours. ANDREA Or less. CORBETT Let’s move then. You can stop by legal and Jimmy will have the contract ready for you on your way out. ANDREA Hold on a second. Hold on. You’re not going to just pass me off like that. I'm not doing this for free just because I love my company. Talk to me about some compensation. CORBETT Fine. I'll make it worth your while. ANDREA Twenty percent commission. CORBETT Twenty? Top sales people only make fifteen. ANDREA Twenty per cent. IMAGE 11. 1/9/2015
  • 11. CORBETT So you think I'm just going to write a check for millions of dollars? ANDREA No problem. We can do direct deposit. * CORBETT Right. ANDREA If I get the contract, I'm worth that to you. Twenty per cent is nothing if your projections roll in like you think they will. CORBETT How some incentive? Ten percent and advancement. * ANDREA * Talk to me. * CORBETT * How about I send you to New York? * (Beat) ANDREA New York. (Putting on her jacket) CORBETT Yes. ANDREA And do what? CORBETT Run the office. (Beat) ANDREA What? IMAGE 12. 1/9/2015
  • 12. CORBETT Run the office. ANDREA Come on. CORBETT As it is, you can take the fucking money and retire, but that is not you. I know it's not. You have to keep working or you're not happy. ANDREA You're going to let me run the New York office? CORBETT That is what I said. ANDREA Of course that comes with a substantial raise. CORBETT More than substantial. ANDREA Astronomical is the word I'm looking for. CORBETT Don't get that greedy. I guarantee that you'll be very happy. And for me? I'll be a very rich man. ANDREA You already are. CORBETT Richer. ANDREA A multi-millionaire. CORBETT Why stop there? I have lofty goals. IMAGE 13. 1/9/2015
  • 13. ANDREA So in the meantime I have a mission. CORBETT Should you decide to accept it. ANDREA To swoop down, get the contract, and save the reputation of Gianna...our spoiled little * shoplifting drug addict with incredible entitlement issues. CORBETT Right. ANDREA I’ll do it, but are you sure you can hold the story? CORBETT Positive. ANDREA I'm not going to sit there with Mom and have something come over the television. CORBETT Michael Jackson was there for two hours while they got their shit together. If they had that much power to hide him, we can do the same. ANDREA So where am I going to pitch Mom? Some hospital waiting room? CORBETT No, she's home. ANDREA She's not with her kid? CORBETT No. ANDREA Why not? IMAGE 14. 1/9/2015
  • 14. CORBETT Because she's a typical airhead. She brought Gianna in, stayed five minutes, then ran back home to perform some Indian healing prayer ritual or something, I don't know. It's what I heard. Okay, We gotta get moving if you are going to do this. ANDREA Put this all in writing. I want every word in writing. All the numbers you mentioned. In writing. CORBETT You don't trust me? ANDREA I don't trust anyone. Especially out here. CORBETT I'll have legal draw up a contract. When you come back we'll do business. Let's go. ANDREA Oh...one more thing. I need to take your Bently. CORBETT Why? ANDREA Image. (CORBETT thinks a bit, then throws her the keys.) CORBETT Two hours. That's all you have. Oh, and I should mention something. It’s only a little thing, but more of a challenge. If you fail here? You personally take millions from me. I don’t like it when people rip me off, so if that happens, don't come back. ANDREA Oh, I’ll be back. I don't fail! (ANDREA exits) (Lights fade) IMAGE 15. 1/9/2015
  • 15. SCENE II (Lights up. NICOLE and ANDREA. NICOLE’S living * room. NICOLE is an emotional mess. Her eyes are bloodshot from crying. Make-up is smudged. Incense burns and she slowly waves a feather above it, whispering a prayer. ANDREA watches patiently.) NICOLE Grandfather, Sacred one, Teach us love, compassion, and honor. That we may heal the earth and heal each other. ANDREA Mrs. Madigan. NICOLE Shhh. One second. Heal the earth and heal each other. Oh Great Spirit, fulfill our needs today and make us both whole. (Pause. She closes her eyes, then opens them, turning to ANDREA) ANDREA I'm sorry. Have you finished? NICOLE For now, You have to repeat this every couple of hours to get your intention into the Universe. ANDREA I see. Can we talk now? (NICOLE’S cell phone rings. She ignores the call and * turns the phone off.) NICOLE Please. ANDREA Don’t you want to keep your phone on? IMAGE 16. 1/9/2015
  • 16. NICOLE No. I don’t want to talk to anyone. ANDREA Emergencies? NICOLE I don’t want to talk to anyone. ANDREA Okay. Let’s begin. What do we hope to accomplish here today? I’ll start out by asking a * question, and you can answer it as you see fit, okay? You don't even have to answer it. Just think about it. Make it rhetorical, but it has to do with your relationship with all of * us at Talent Promotions. Just look at me for a moment. (NICOLE makes eye contact with her) Here is my question. Who am I? (NICOLE looks a bit confused) I mean, you know who I am. I work for you. But what is it that I represent here and now? What is important here? Money? Fame? You probably haven't thought about this, but what I represent here and now is peace of mind. And as far as I'm concerned, that is the most important aspect of what we try and do for our clients. (NICOLE is quiet) We can free you. We can make things much easier for you, and I'm sure you'd welcome that, wouldn’t you? * (NICOLE puts the feather next to the burning incense and pauses a bit. She takes out a compact mirror, opens it, and looks into it) NICOLE The Indians say that if you gaze into the eyes long enough, you can see the soul, which is supposed to be bright and beautiful, and what I'm seeing right now is just ugly. Horribly ugly. (She puts away her compact and wipes her eyes one more time. She takes a moment and a deep breath) So. You work for Corbett. IMAGE 17. 1/9/2015
  • 17. ANDREA We work together, Mrs Madigan. NICOLE Call me Nicole. ANDREA Fine. Corbett and I support each other and all of our clients. And we keep our base relatively small so that we can focus. NICOLE Are you sleeping with him? (ANDREA laughs) You never know. It's Hollywood. People screw each other all the time in this town. One way or another. ANDREA Well, that is something you don't have to worry about. What are you drinking? NICOLE Jack Daniels. Rocks. (ANDREA takes her glass, goes to the bar, and refills the * drink) Pour yourself one. ANDREA No thank you. I only drink when I'm feeling horrible about myself. Now, the reason I'm here. First and foremost. I'm a real fan of Gianna's. I love her films, I love her * music...She's brilliant and so are you for guiding her career. You should be very proud. (NICOLE stares) I'm not kidding. It's quite an accomplishment. It's important for you to know that I'm a fan as well as a representative. NICOLE Why? IMAGE 18. 1/9/2015
  • 18. ANDREA It shows that we are on your side. I want you to be assured that only four people know about this, and it will stay that way for at least a couple of hours. Talent Promotions can guarantee that. NICOLE How can he guarantee anything like that? You know as well as I do that things like this leak. They leak. ANDREA Not when you have powerful connections and take special precautions. This buys us two hours worth of time before this story breaks, and this issue I'm here for has to be resolved. I can't walk away from here today without you feeling a little better in some way. If you don't, I haven't done my job. And I hate it when I can’t do my job. If I can’t do my job, I feel like I’ve failed. And I don’t like to fail. NICOLE What happens in two hours? ANDREA He's locked in his office planning our strategy right now, but eventually it will have to be released to the press. As far as the two of us... let's put that aside and talk about * something important, okay. Gianna's future. Your future. * NICOLE * Future? You mean headlines and television news programs and entertainment tonight? That mess? That future? ANDREA We will help you through that. We did last time, didn't we? Now. Let me just throw this out to you. An important word with a lot of meaning. (Beat) What does the word "trust" mean to you? NICOLE I'm not sure. IMAGE 19. 1/9/2015
  • 19. ANDREA I'm not sure what that word means either, but for our purposes here and now, let's just say that we understand each other. I know how you feel and you know that I'm trying to help. (NICOLE laughs) NICOLE How can you know how I feel? ANDREA You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to---I can only imagine how you feel. NICOLE Do you have children? * (ANDREA is silent) It's an easy question. You should remember if you gave birth. Although... I sense * something there. You have a very blue aura. Very blue. ANDREA Fine. My favorite color. (Smiles) NICOLE Blue is a male color. You have a boy. (Beat. ANDREA shifts, uncomfortable) ANDREA No, Nicole I don't have children. NICOLE I feel you do. ANDREA You do. NICOLE Yes. IMAGE 20. 1/9/2015
  • 20. ANDREA How can you know that? NICOLE I am blessed with intuition. ANDREA Glad to hear that because that means you'll intuitively know the truth when we talk about some issues here. NICOLE I'm not talking to Corbett. Just so we're clear. ANDREA You don't have to talk to him. But you do need to talk to me. You really do. (Beat) Listen, why don't we both sit down. Please. (NICOLE takes a moment, then slowly sits. ANDREA does the same) That's fine. I'm sure we'll both be more comfortable. NICOLE You don't know about his reputation. His office is a revolving door, did you know that? It spins like a goddamn top. How long have you been with him? ANDREA Over a year. So if I have to spin, I spin. In the meantime, I'll do my job. (Smiles) Point one. Talent Promotions has a vested interest in Gianna. As do you. NICOLE A "vested" interest? What is she? A real estate deal? ANDREA Let me put it another way. She is very important to both of us. NICOLE Of course she is. IMAGE 21. 1/9/2015
  • 21. ANDREA So we agree on that. Good. We think of her as one of our own children at the office. (Beat) NICOLE How old are you? ANDREA I'm sorry? NICOLE I want to know how old you are. ANDREA I don't see why this-- NICOLE It adds to my knowledge database and I get to know you a little better. ANDREA But you don’t need---Fine. (Smiles) I am fifty years old, if that really matters. NICOLE Where did you go to school? ANDREA Princeton Bachelors in business and a masters at Yale with a concentration in marketing. NICOLE Very impressive. When is your birthday? ANDREA January 3rd. IMAGE 22. 1/9/2015
  • 22. NICOLE Capricorn. I'm an Aquarius. February 3rd. I'm a water bearer. Water permeates my life, and in this business, sometimes I feel I'm drowning and can’t breathe. In the old days of Salem, when they accused people of being a witch, they used to “press” people to death by putting a piece of wood on their chest, and adding stones until they died. I feel like I’m under that board all the time. ANDREA Then we will figuratively help remove some of the stones. Like I said. Peace of mind is important. (Andrea's text message alarm goes off) NICOLE Let me guess. Corbett? ANDREA My Ex. I'll call him back. NICOLE So you're divorced too. What happened? ANDREA It's a long story, and I can't go into it now. NICOLE What? He cheated on you, and you threw him out. Mine took off in a blaze of light along with a healthy stash of cash. But that is in the past. Divorce. Welcome to the club. ANDREA It's not really a club I wanted to belong to, but sometimes you don't have a choice. Let's get back to what we were talking about. I came to talk about your future. Gianna's * future. And the future of your relationship with Talent Promotions. NICOLE She's supposed to start shooting a music video next month. ANDREA She'll be fine. We will take care of her. IMAGE 23. 1/9/2015
  • 23. NICOLE And she has a concert at Radio City in June. Then she tours. They are going to push her, aren't they? ANDREA She has obligations and we'll be right here to see it through. We'll make sure she is well taken care of. NICOLE It's all about money. She could die, and they'd make money on her for years. ANDREA She is not g
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