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The PGS Initiation Journey of The City of Mandaue Onwards to an Outstanding Mandaue Public Governance Revalida Handout Public Governance Forum March 30, 2012 PGS Initiation Journey Public Governance Forum March 30, 2012 City of Mandaue Province of Cebu Republic of the Philippines 2 Table of Contents Introduction: Onwards to an outstanding Mandaue 6 7 8 9 9 10 10 10 10 12 13 14 17 17 Mandaue City Profile A
  Onwards to anOutstandingMandaue The PGS Initiation Journey of The City of Mandaue Public Governance Revalida HandoutPublic Governance ForumMarch 30, 2012  2 PGS Initiation Journey Public Governance ForumMarch 30, 2012City of MandaueProvince of CebuRepublic of the Philippines  3 Table of Contents Introduction:  Onwards to an outstanding Mandaue  6Mandaue City Profile  7   A look to the Past for a Brighter Tomorrow   8  Mandaue: Where the Heart Is  9   When Mandaue Celebrates  9  Infrastructure  10  Major Products  10  Land Use  10  Mandaue at a Glance  10Mandaue’s hidden opportunities  12Mandaue’s PGS Journey   13  Taking the first steps  14  Mandaue and ISA: Partnering for an Outstanding Mandaue  17  LED Assessment  17PGS Initiation Output  On the road less taken / Vision and Mission  19  Development strategy Map  20  Road Map  22  Mandaue’s Governance Scorecard  23  Strategic Initiatives  25  Initiatives Profiles  29Early Gains  44 Annex  E.O. no. 1 Series of 2012  46   4 Foreword  As public servants we tried to encapsulate the dream of everyMandauehanon: to make the city the premier businessdestination in Central Philippines by 2016 with a communityfree from want, living in an environment that is friendly toman, and nurturing life through the arts, culture and sports.It may sound like a motherhood statement but the way weare doing we mean business. We have realized that in orderto achieve this, we must have a paradigm shift from businessas usual to actual transformation in all aspects ofgovernance.  The entry of Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) is a blessingand very timely. Through its help, we were able to come upwith a “development strategy road map” and translated thisinto a set of measurable targets to be able to achieve ourvision.What we have done may not be perfect but it embodies ourcommitment to make Mandaue truly “my home, my pride, myfuture.”Our greatest challenge now is how to cascade this to thelowest ranking worker in the city government and the “manon the street.”We have completed “one step towards a journey of athousand miles” and we are confident we can reach our goal.Our spirits are high because we believe in the words of St. Augustine of Hippo: “Work as though everything dependedon you, pray as though everything depended on God.”     Jonas C. Cortes  Mandaue City Mayor
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