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  Is it the Kingfisher? Poem Analysis Theme -Serendipity -Peace -Serenity -Serene -Solemn -Blissful -Dreamy Figures of Speech Simile~ Eyelashes turned blue as the kingfisher's wings. Metaphor~ God is blue. Personification~ Blueness embraces us. ~ Is it this bird that greets us. First Person Point of View Talks to the audience as though he/she is a companion in the poem. We continuously search for God. It seems like God is not with us, because we don't see him, nor feel him physically. But everything we have now, everything we see, feel,temporary. But God, even if we do not see, hear, smell, feel Him, He is permanent and He is everywhere.    The setting of the poem seemed very dreamlike. It talked about the salty seas tropic skies and mountain gentian; all of them in a supposed island and with a kingfisher to boot. God is blue is probably what to be most relative to the poem because blue can mean so many things. It can be the beauty we see on the kingfisher's wings, it could be the softness of the sea, and it could also be the necessity that is oxygen. It can be one thing yet it can be everything. I think that the poet felt that way about God because of her faith. To her, believing in God is something eye-opening. It is a revelation of what we already know.    The subject/character in the poem is hoping to find peace within himself. He was hoping to find heaven on earth. The first part describes the feeling of desiring something out of reach by comparing the thing desired directly to something that is unattainable as god this is how I desire god on this island As the poem progresses it shows the persona's real desire... that is unattainable... which is the thing that the persona wishes to be the most... But before that the persona describes the thing he/she wants the most to be near and within reach yet it's something that cannot be easily attained despite it being near... so it turns out that it's not something that is entirely unattainable... THEN the last part actually says what the persona actually wants most The distance between us and the Self We have longed to be    Analysis The first few lines of the poem relate how Marjorie Evasco sees through the creation of God; how she appreciates His creations. She describes this place as peaceful and relaxingly comfortable figure. She pertained God as Blue, in psychology the color blue symbolizes trust,  peace and warmth that can bring our body to a calming sensation. She must be using this color to emphasize how she feels towards the beauty of the sight. There was a strong sense of blueness the way she said burning blue. That peace and warmth was eating or containing her personal sense just being in that place. And that feeling brought her inner peace, surely she was enlightened, a few doubts were answered. Blue was everywhere and it gave her inner peace, which can give visibility or awareness we could never find when troubled. With her title, she must have thought that maybe the kingfisher was God, the way it is colored blue and the way it gave her enlightenment. It is a personification. The poem is somehow a religious type of poem  becaus e of the first line that says, “This is how I desire god on this island”. It's all about appreciating the beautiful creations of what has god had made for us. And being able to see  beyond all these because of her strong faith in god. It’s as if Marjorie E vasco is walking along the beach somewhere with her love as she was describing how it is like desiring god along the island beach. She assumed that every blue color signifies or illustrates god maybe because the color blue also symbolyzes peace, truth, youth, spirituality which are the qualities that she possesses in the setting.
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