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1. WEKER WEKER 1 2. Oltre 15 anni dedichiamo tutto il nostro tempo per il vostro benessere in mare e a terra WEKER. Over 15 years we devote all our time to your…
  • 1. WEKER WEKER 1
  • 2. Oltre 15 anni dedichiamo tutto il nostro tempo per il vostro benessere in mare e a terra WEKER. Over 15 years we devote all our time to your well-being at sea and ashore WEKER. 2 WEKER
  • 3. Hanse 545 named Lily with WEKER air conditioning system chiler 28.000 Btu with 6 fan coils 3 WEKER
  • 4. Windy 52 Xanthos named Buldog from 2008 mount WEKER airconditioning system chiler 38.000 Btu with 7 fancoils 4 WEKER
  • 5. WEKER 5 SHAMA 116 Super yacht project by Fashion Yacht equiped with 3 engines. To cool the one engine 6.000 Hp yet turbine engine
  • 6. 44m Superyacht named Blade ex H2om 2009 with WEKER air conditioning system chiler 320.000 Btu with 18 fan coils 6 WEKER
  • 7. 7 WEKER 70 m dreger named Fabio Duo from 2009 mount WEKER airconditioning system chiler 90.000 Btu with 12 fancoils Fabio Duo : Hopper dredger, build 2012, Length 80 m X 16 m, GRT 1.520, max speed 10,7 knots, cruising speed 8,7 knots
  • 8. 8 WEKER 27 m Libyan patrol boat mount WEKER airconditioning system
  • 9. WEKER 9 32 m Libyan patrol boat mount WEKER airconditioning system
  • 10. WEKER 10
  • 11. WEKER 11
  • 12. WEKER 12
  • 13. WEKER 13 Le prime due tra queste imbarcazioni P350, denominate GN3501 e GN3502 della lunghezza di 34 metri ciascuna, sono state consegnate nel dicembre scorso alla Guardia Nazionale Tunisina . Nel prossimo futuro dovranno, dunque, essere realizzate altre 7 imbarcazioni, di cui tre P350 da 34 metri per la Guardia Nazionale Tunisina e quattro P270 da 27 metri per la Marina. "The first two patrol boats [GN3501 and GN3502] have been built under the new P350 project design," Cantiere Navale Vittoria President Luigi Duo told IHS Jane's . "With a 140-tonne full displacement, a 35 m length, and a 7.2 m beam, the new patrol vessels are built of aluminium and feature a propulsion system based on two shafts, with one 3120 kW MTU 16V2000 M93 diesel engine and one Rolls- Royce Kamewa 63 S3 NP hydrojet, offering a maximum speed of over 38 knots.
  • 14. WEKER 14
  • 15. WEKER 15 Blue Daddy oil rigging suplier mount modular airconditioning system Weker
  • 16. WEKER 16 Blue Mammy oil rigging suplyer mount modular air conditioning system Weker
  • 17. WEKER 17 Weker produce special independent HVAC systems sea water / water for oil rigging platforms which work in heavy condition and T -30 up to 60 oC
  • 18. WEKER 18 Weker construct custom built sea water cooled marine chillers from 12.000 Btu until a 120.000 Btu hot / cold with maximum 2 compressors. Modular system it go up to 900.000 Btu applicable with CNS control system. High quality products, offer excellent working results with water temperature range ( – 30 oC up to + 60 oC ) and have COOP 3,5 – 4 .
  • 19. WEKER 19 Weker marine air condition systems mounted on varios ships.
  • 20. 20 WEKER Air treatment units with evaporating towers and heat pumps air / water.
  • 21. WEKER 21 Piran – Slovenia gym centre in construction with 5 fan coils and heat pump with 2 compresors
  • 22. WEKER 22 Factory POLIOLI Spa Italia. Industrial Chiller with screv compressors 100 to 1.500 kw, industrial cooling system -30oC and 1.000 kw
  • 23. WEKER Cooling systems in winemaking and brewing industry improve flavor, increase quality and reduce energy costs.
  • 24. WEKER WATER ECONOMIZERS FOR BAKERY AND ICECREAM INDUSTRY WEKER 24 The Water Economizers Weker are used in the ice cream and bakery industry were water is expensive. Especialey are popular on islands were is water shortage or in desert countries, where is no water. Machine receive water with temperatures up to 80°C and reinsert it in the system again cooled on 15 °C is used again in the circuit for cooling equipment such as batch freezers, pasteurizers, kettles and any refrigerating chain, allowing them to maintain performances and original yields even without modifying the calibration of the pressostatic valves. Unique PATENTED cooling system in the world that allows these machines cooling system having excellent yields with eliminate water consumption and reduced electricity consumptions. It offer the best market ratio between power and refrigerating yields with COOP 4 to 4,5. This allows ulterior savings which are in direct interest of our customers. On remote places machine can run with solar panels and antifreeze.
  • 25. WEKER GREEN ENERGY REFERENCES WITH WATER SAWING ECONOMIZERS IN ICE CREAM INDUSTRY UP TO YEAR 2010 ITALY : Gelateria IL BIONDO Brescia, GERRATAN Pozzallo, CATALAN, FRIGOR Alghero, Cremeria VISCONTINI Acquiterme, SAFAC ALTE di Montecchio, Maggiore (VI), GONNELLA Alessandro Portogruaro (VE), Gelati NERVESA della Battaglia, (TV), Gelateria TREVI Roma, Gelateria CREMA DI GELATO Imperia, Gelateria GELATO E DINTORNI Camogli (GE), Gelateria VIEL Milano, Gelateria dell ARCOSOLARE Milano, Gelateria BLUEICE Roma, Gelateria MOND Roma, Gelateria IL GELATIERE SAN DONATO (MI), Gelateria GELATOPOLI Somma Vesuviana (NA), Gelateria TROPICANA Lignano (UD), Gelateria, PINGUINO BLU Milano, Gelateria TUTTO GELATO Macerata, Gelateria SOBRANO Celle Ligure (SV), Gelateria VARIETY Brindis, Gelateria DOLCI DESIDERI Roma, Gelateria LA CARRAIA, (FI), Gelateria IL FANTINO Campi Bisenzio (FI), Gelateria ANIMA E CONO Pozzuoli, Gelateria CAPO NORD Bologna, Gran cafe DE PARIS Pineto (TE), Gelateria DI NOTO Cefalu (PA), Gelateria DI PORTICI Cittadella (PD), LA BOTTEGA DEL GELATO Montecatini Terme (PT), Gelateria LA DOLCE OSTUNI Ostuni (BR), Pasticeria ZARA Termoli (CB), PINO BAR Fano (PU), Gelateria NETTUNO Conegliano (TV), Gelateria DELLE CREME Staranzano (GO), Gelateria CIACCI Torino, Gelateria ACCADEMIA DEL GELATO Galipoli (LE) AUSTRIA : EIS CAFE BORTOLOTTI Wien, Eis cafe SANMARCO Wien, Eis salon AM SCHWEDEN PLATZ Wien, Eis salon DE ROCCO Wien DOMINICAN REPUBLC : GELATERIA S: DOMINGO FRANCE : PINOCCHIO Nizza, MARILU Mentone, AZUR TEC HOTEL Antibes, AMORINO Pariz, NUOVECENTO Fuengirola, GRECCE : IL GELATO DORO SANTORINI GHANA : Gelateria ARLECHINO GUADALUPE : LA DOLCE VITA HONG KONG : Gelateria ICE CREAM MAURICIUS : MAXI GELATO MEXICO : Gelateria DOLCE EMOZIONI GERMANY : IDEARREDO Duisburg,, Eis Cafe VENEZIA Hidelshaim, Eis Cafe LIDO Moers, Eis Cafe LA PIAZZAAsfeld, Eis Cafe DOLCEVITA Porz, MONALISSA Neuwied, Eis Cafe DOLOMITI Konstanz, Eis Cafe SAN MARCO Gingen, Eis CASTELLO Kirrweiler, Eis Cafe ZANETTI E CAIS Kassel, Bistro DA NOI Schonau am Konigsee, CASAL Pforzhaim, NERO VANILLA Freiburg, Eis Cafe GIOVANNI Kiel, RIVA Erfurt, Eis Cafe BORTOLOT Cochem, Eis Cafe CRISTALLO Kassel, Eis FONTANELLA Mannheim, Eis Cafe MILANO Rostock, PRIMAVERA Bad Reinchenhall, Eis Cafe BRUSTOLON Koblenz, Eis Cafe STRESA Jena, Eis Cafe OVIDIO Leipzig, ARTE TIZIANO Frankfurt NIGERIA : FOOD CRAFTERS SPAIN : Gelateria DE PAS BARNA Katalonija, Gelateria ITALIANA Barcelona, ART GELATO, Barcelona, HELADOS ITALIANOS Bilbao, HELADERIA TUTTI FRUTTI Malaga, HELADERIA VALLSE Murcia, HELADOS CIRVET Murcia, POSTRESA ALMERIA Almeria, Gelateria PATAGONIA Barcelona, GELATI DI MARCO Barcelona, F: ARTESANA Palma de Malorca WEKER 25
  • 26. 26 WEKER
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