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1. Web Design and Development @ Aurora Compiled By Aurora Computer Studies (auoracs.lk) 1 2. Agenda ã Overview of Web design & Development ã Career opportunities…
  • 1. Web Design and Development @ Aurora Compiled By Aurora Computer Studies (auoracs.lk) 1
  • 2. Agenda • Overview of Web design & Development • Career opportunities • Study @ Aurora Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 2
  • 3. Introduction • We are now in the information/knowledge era • Internet is connecting people all over the world • About 25% of Sri Lankans have access to the internet • In developed countries it is more than 90% Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 3
  • 4. Major trends • E-business o Doing more & more business using internet • On-line shopping/booking • On-line services • E-banking • Social media o People use more & more social media for social interactions • Communication • Share contents Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 4
  • 5. Main architectures of the internet based applications • Client-Server architecture o World Wide Web (WWW) / Web application o E-mails o Remote computing • Peer-to-peer architecture o Chatting o VOIP Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 5
  • 6. How Web applications work? Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 6 1. Client (Web browser) send a request for a resource/page 2. Server generate content (may need to talk to the database) and send the response 3. Web browser display the received page in a user friendly way
  • 7. Web applications technology stack Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 7 HTML CSS JavaScript/Jquery Bootstrap PHP / JSP / ASP MYSQL / MS-SQL / Oracle AJAX
  • 8. Web applications technology stack • Client side technologies o HTML (Markup the content) o CSS (Styles the content) o JavaScript (Add programmatic features at client side) o JQuery (The most popular Javascript library with useful features) o Bootstrap – Facilitate your website to adapt to Mobile phones • Server side technologies o PHP / JSP / ASP (Only a selected technology will be used) o SQL (To communicate with the database) Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 8
  • 9. Web development - Other areas • Responsive web development o Developing web sites that are mobile/tab friendly • User Interface (UI) design concepts o Make web sites attractive and user friendly • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Business/commercial aspects o Make web application fulfill business objectives Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 9
  • 10. Qualities required for being a web developer • Passion for interne and WWW • Like programming o Analysis o Design o Coding • Have a esthetic mindset • Awareness of business concepts • Soft skills to communicate & collaborate with the clients Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 10
  • 11. Aurora course content 1. Introduction to Internet & WWW 2. Designing and developing web pages using HTML5/CSS & Bootstrap 3. Client side web programming using JavaScript and JQuery 4. Server side web programming with PHP 5. Database designing using MySQL 6. Server side integration of PHP & MySQL 7. Introduction to AJAX based rich client interaction 8. Fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) 9. Hosting & domain management Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 11
  • 12. Course Details • Duration o 60 hours (4 Months) • Full course fee o Rs.20,000/= (Can be paid in installments of Rs 5000/= + 7500/= x 2) • More details o Visit - auroracs.lk/web-development Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 12
  • 13. Target audience • Looking for career in Software/Web Engineering • Looking to develop/coordinate their own personal/business web sites and content for different purposes • Supplementary for students following degree/professional courses in Computing/IT/Engineering, especially to help their projects Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 13
  • 14. Useful Resources • http://www.auroracs.lk/web- development • http://auroracs.lk/vle Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 14
  • 15. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle. Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 15
  • 16. Thank You ! Presented by Aurora Computer Studies (auoracs.lk) Aurora Computer Studies (www.auroracs.lk) 16
  • 17. Contact Information Premier Study Center Aurora Computer Studies, Summerset College, # 135, 3rd Floor, DFCC Building, High Level Road, Maharagama. City Study Center Aurora Computer Studies, Summerset College, # 88/2, 2nd Floor, BOC Building, High Level Road, Kirulapone, Colombo 06 For further details and enquiries : Call - 0719 842030 E-mail – info@auroracs.lk Web - www.auroracs.lk/bit Aurora Computer Studies www.auroracs.lk 17
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