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  • 1. TRABAJO REALIZADO POR:<br />POR:<br />YESSENIA DUQUE POSADA<br />PROFESOR:<br />GERMAN LEAL<br />SENA -MEDELLIN<br />2010<br />glossary 1.neutrones: Particles lacking electric charge and a mass slightly larger than the proton (1.67493 × 10-27 kg). 2.Protones: rule of positive electric charge equal to one elementary charge, and 1.67262 × 10-27 kg and a mass 1837 times greater than the electron. 3.Angstrom: (a) is a unit of length used primarily to express wavelengths, molecular and atomic distances, etc. 4.longitud wave: the distance traveled by the wave in the time interval between two consecutive maxima of one of its properties 5.ancho bandwidth: the amount of information or data that can be sent over a network connection over a period of time. The bandwidth is usually given in bits per second (bps), kilobits per second (kbps) or megabits per second (fps). [ 6.Blindaje: refers to physical protection barriers, used in transport or combat systems to reduce or prevent damage 7.Cartografía: is the science that deals with the study and the preparation of maps, and different territorial and other linear dimensions. 8.Centrípeta: force directed toward the center of curvature of the path, which acts on an object moving on a curvilinear trajectory. 9.Latitud: is the angular distance between Ecuador and the planet a certain point measured along the meridian passing through that point. 10.EHF: the higher frequency band in the range of radio frequencies. Includes frequencies from 30 to 300 gigahertz. This band has a wavelength of one to ten millimeters, so it also gives the name of band or millimeter wave. 11.Ehz: Symbol exahertz, an SI unit of frequency equal to 10 18 hertz 12.Electromagnético: it is a physical field, type tensor, involving electrically charged particles. 13.ELF: a band of the electromagnetic spectrum. 14.Ghz: it is a multiple of the frequency measurement unit hertz (Hz) and is equivalent to 109 (1,000,000,000) Hz, therefore, has a cycle of 1 nanosecond. 15.GNSS: it is a constellation of satellites that transmit signals ranges used for positioning and location anywhere in the globe, whether on land, sea or air. 16.Gravitatoria: It causes the acceleration experienced by an object in the vicinity of a planet or satellite. 17.HF: is an acronym used to refer to the band of the electromagnetic spectrum that occupies the frequency range 3 MHz to 30 MHz 18.Ionizante: those radiation with sufficient energy to ionize the matter, drawing the electrons of the atom bound states. 19.micrómetros: is the unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. Its scientific symbol is micrometers. 20.Orbita: is the path an object makes around another while under the influence of a centripetal force as the gravitational force. 21.onda: it is a propagation of a disturbance of some property of a medium, for example, density, pressure, electric field or magnetic field, which propagates through space carrying energy. 22.LF: refers to the band of the electromagnetic spectrum, and more particularly to radio frequency band, occupying the frequency range between 30 kHz and 300 kHz. It is also known as long wave. 23.Longitud: is the distance between two points is 24.moléculas: neutral particles formed by a stable of at least two covalently bonded atoms. 25.Nanómetros: is the unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. Commonly used to measure the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation and light. 26.propagarse: The variations in pressure, humidity or temperature of the medium, producing the displacement of the molecules that comprise it. Each molecule transmits the vibration to that of its neighbor, triggering a chain movement. These coordinated movements of millions of molecules produced by so-called sound waves, which occur in the human ear a sensation described as sound. 27.Quantum: represents an amount of something 28.radiacion: is the spread of energy as electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles through a vacuum or a material medium. 29.SpaceLa: multichannel Broadcast Architecture 30.Teledetección: information acquisition is small or large scale of an object or phenomenon, whether using instruments or instruments for recording real-time wireless scanning or are not in direct contact with the object (eg aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, buoys and ships). <br />31, transversales: an epidemiological study is observational and descriptive, which measures both the prevalence of exposure and effect in a population in a single moment in time, ie to estimate the magnitude and distribution of a disease or condition at any given time. <br />32:.Satelite: they are a very suitable for radio signals in large areas or underdeveloped, and can be used as giant antennas suspended from the sky. 33: Meo: satellites are medium earth orbit at a height of between 10 075 and 20 150 kilometers. In contrast to GEO, its position relative to the surface is not fixed. 34.geo: Abbreviation for geosynchronous Earth orbit. GEO satellites orbit at 35,848 kilometers above the Earth Ecuador. At this altitude, the rotation period of the satellite is exactly 24 hours and, therefore, seems to be always on the same place on the planet's surface. 35.leo: The low Earth orbits promise a special bandwidth and low latency. There are plans to release swarms of hundreds of satellites that cover the entire planet. 36.Señal: They are due to conventions, so they are easily interpreted 37.interferebcia: is any process that alters, modifies or destroys a signal during its path in the channel between the transmitter and receiver. 38:Transmicion Signal is the set of processes or steps that occur in a concatenated by which a cell converts an external signal or stimulus given in another sign or specific response 39 Military: refer to individuals (members), institutions, facilities, equipment, vehicles and everything directly part of and inseparable from the armed forces or army created and organized with the core mission, but not exclusively, to defend territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country they belong through the use of force and weapons if needed 40:Science: a person who is dedicated to producing results and conceptual advances in science, in scientific-technical, for this by using the scientific method 41. mateorologico: interdisciplinary science is essentially a branch of physics of the atmosphere, studying the weather, the atmospheric environment, locally produced events and the laws that govern it. 42.Navegacion: The term originated to describe the movement of boats and the necessary techniques specific to this activity. 43.Comunicación is the process by which information is transmitted from one entity to another 44.gps: a satellite positioning system. A-GPS was developed and introduced to improve system performance. A-GPS The acronym derives from the English terms Assisted Global Positioning System, or assisted GPS, and is often used in mobile phones and PDA type devices. 45.Senal of Digital is a type of signal generated by some kind of electromagnetic phenomenon in which every sign that scrambles the contents of it can be analyzed in terms of some quantities representing discrete values instead of values within a certain rank 46.distancia: expresses the closeness or distance between two objects, or the interval time between two events. Also used as an expression to indicate a relationship between two people estrangement: disaffection. 47.Operación: The method, act, process, or effect of using a device or system. View abnormal operation. 48.Trayectoria:: is the locus of successive positions through which it passes a body in motion. The trajectory depends on the reference system describing the movement, ie the observer's viewpoint 49ELECTROMAGNETIC 19.FENOMENOS: All charges involving phenomena occur movimeiento called electromagnetic phenomena. For example, a moving charge produces a magnetic field, magnetic fields that vary over time produce currents in a conductor. A magnetic field that varies over time leads to a variable electric field and this in turn a variable magnetic field ... This phenomenon is related to electromagnetic waves.<br />50: 14.Espectro: the set of values λ for which the operator has no continuous inverse<br />
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