VDA 6.3 2016 Training Kit V0


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  VDA   6.3   process   audit    VDA   6.3   process   audit  What´s   about?  Nearly   all   suppliers   in   the   automotive   supply   chain   are   maintaining   a   quality   system   according   to   different   standards   (e.g.   ISO   9001   or    IATF   16949). This   is   generally   required   by   the   OEM´s   (srcinal   equipment   manufacturer). While   the   quality   system   is   securing   the   capability   of    a   supplier    to   produce   a   defined   level   of    product   quality,   the   processes   of    an   organization   are   the   main   base   to   guarantee   the   performance   of    an   organization   and   secure   it´s   successful   future. The   VDA   6.3   process   audit   is   a   standardized   procedure   to   conduct   process   audits   within   a   quality   management   system   and   assess   their    capability   and   performance. The   VDA   6.3   is   unique   procedure   without   any   comparable   approach   worldwide.   VDA   6.3   process   audit  Qualification   of    VDA   6.3   process   auditors.  To   conduct   high   quality   process   auditors   the   auditors   must   be   qualified   according   to   the   following   issues:  ã  Acceptable   work   experience   within   the   processes   they   would   like   to   conduct   process   audits  ã  Attend   successfully   a   VDA   6.3   training   session.  ã Pass   the   VDA   6.3   process   auditor    exam  ã Monitor,   review   and   update   the   knowledge   of    process   auditors,   if    they   are   conducting   process   audits.   VDA   6.3   process   audit  Benefit   for    the   organization.  The   process   audits,   internally   or    at   the   suppliers,   are   clearly   identifying   the   weaknesses,   risk   and   strengths   within   the   audited   processes. The   process   audit   report   will   provide   an   excellence   analysis   of    the   audited   process,   so   that   effective   improvement   activities   could   be   created. The   potential   risks   identified   by   a   process   audit   will   help   to   avoid   costs   of    warranties. The   process   audit   will   support   the   identification   of    waste   and   losses   of    a   process   to   increase   the   efficiency   of    it. VDA   6.3   process   audit   will   fully   fill   the   requirement   to   conduct   process   audits   due   to   customer    specifics   and   IATF16949   in   a   most   effective   and   efficient   manner. 
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