Unit 6 OD Book 3


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Unit 6 OD Book 3
  Unit 6: Job Design Unit Structure:IntroductionMeaning of job, occupation, and careerMeaning of job designPurpose of job designFactors influencing effective job designApproaches to job designThe contemporary approachesJob design and technologyDesigning a suitable jobImpact of high technology on job designImpediments in job design  6.1 Job Design - introduction ã Task and authority relationship ã Achievement of employee and organizationalobjectives ã Reduce absenteeism, operational costs andturnover ã Increase motivation, job satisfaction,productivity  6.2 Job Design  – Meaning of job, occupation and career Job- a person’s occupation at one point in time   Career- unfolding sequences of jobs that a person has over the life course Occupation- the social role performed by adult members of society that directly and/or indirectlyyields social and financial consequences and thatconstitutes a major focus in the life of an adult- Hall,1975 (a set of social relationships)  6.3 Meaning of Job Design -The way the tasks are combined to form acomplete job-Position, contents, methods, relationships,technological and organizationalrequirements, personal needs-Quality improvement (indiv/orgn)-Integrates work content (tasks, functions,relationships), the reward (extrinsic andintrinsic), and the qualification required (skills,knowledge, ability) for each job meetingorganizational and employee needs
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