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‫المدرسة العالية نور السلم‬ Tegalrejo, Ngesrep, Ngemplak, Boyolali Kode Pos 57375, Telp. (0271) 5899878 Mata Pelajaran Kelas Hari / Tanggal Waktu : Bahasa Inggris :X : Kamis, 24 Februari 2011 : 08.00 – 09.00 WIB MADRASAH ALIYAH NURUL ISLAM Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C or D ! 4. “The Mini Rex is an adorable medium sized Read the text and answer questions 1– rabbit that makes the wonderful 4! companion”. The word “adorable” in the sentence Rex Rabbit above means… Outwardly the M
    ملسا رون ةيعا ةسردا MADRASAH ALIYAH NURUL ISLAM   Tegalrejo, Ngesrep, Ngemplak, Boyolali Kode Pos 57375, Telp. (0271) 5899878 Mata Pelajaran: Bahasa InggrisKelas: XHari / Tanggal: Kamis, 24 Februari 2011Waktu: 08.00 – 09.00 WIB Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C or D ! Read the text and answer questions 1– 4! Rex Rabbit Outwardly the Mini Rex rabbit looks likea miniature version of the larger Rex Rabbit.Sporting graceful proportions and that niceplush “Rex fur”, this is a very good lookingrabbit. It has become one of the most popularand readily available pet rabbits and is goodwith children. The Mini Rex is an adorable mediumsized rabbit that makes a wonderfulcompanion. Generally friendly and moderatelyactive, they will enjoy playing or just relaxingand being petted. Because of its relativelysmall size it is easy to handle, as well as easyto house and feed.1.What makes the mini rex easy to handle ?A.It’s good with children.B.It’s a very good looking rabbit.C.It’s relatively small in size.D.It’s a wonderful companion.2.The following statements are true basedon text above, except  ….A.Mini rex is a kind of little rabbitB.Mini rex is a suitable pet for adultsC.Mini rex is an adorable little rabbitD.Mini res is one of the most popularrabbit3.“It has become one of…with children.What does the word “it” in the sentencerefer to ?A.Pet animalC. Rabbit houseB.Mini rex rabbitD. Rex food4.“The Mini Rex is an adorable medium sizedrabbit that makes the wonderfulcompanion”. The word “adorable” in the sentenceabove means…A.fierceC. famousB.diligentD. lovable Read the following message toanswer questions 5 to 7 ! From : Deva Aira, Tomorrow we have a lot of mathassignments. What about study together at my house at 3 p.m ? Call me if youcan’t.Yours,(Deva) 5.When will Aira and Deva do theirassignments ?A.At nightC. In themorningB.In the eveningD. In theafternoon6.Who is Deva ?A.Aira’s sisterC. Aira’s neighbourB.Aira’s classmateD. Aira’s nice7.What does the writer write the text for ?A.To tell Aira about math assignmentsB.To remind Aira to finish homeworkC.To invite Aira to work togetherD.To ask Aira to give he a help  Read the text to answer questions 8to 10 ! Announcement All students and teachers of the school arerequested to come and join the flagceremony for celebrating ourIndependence Day. It will be held onAugust 17 th at 7 a.m. in the school yard. There will also be a school festival openedby our school principal right after the flagceremony. Don’t miss it !Full of door prizes ! Chair person8.Who wrote the announcement ?A.School PrincipalC. ChairpersonB.All studentsD. Teachers9.The festival is mainly for…A.publicC. teachersB.studentsD. principal10.What is the purpose of writing the text ?A.To remind the students about thefestivalB.To advertize the school activities tostudentsC.To announce the activities on theindependente dayD.To tell the students of school toprepare to festivals. Read the story carefully the answer the questions 11 to 14! I have a best friend. Her name is Rose.She graduated from a junior high schoollast year. She is the best student of theyear.Rose always good at many subjects.She always gets good marks in any tests.She is smart, hard working, and friendly aswell. Most of our friends like her verymuch.Rose is now Senoir High School and Iam too, but we go to different schools shewants to be a doctor when she grows up.11.What is the purpose of the text above ?A.To describe who Rose isB.To explain something about RoseC.To tell Rose to be good studentsD.To inform people to Rose12.Rose secceeded in her study because of her…A.friendinessC. clenernessB.kindnessD. goodness13.The main idea of paragraph 3 is…A.Rose is in a senoir high schoolB.Rose wants to be a doctorC.Rose goes a different schoolD.Rose grows up to be a doctor14.“She’s smart, hardworking…” The underlined word means…A.diligentC.intellegentB.honestD. success Read the story carefully then answer questions 15 to18!  JAYABAYA  Jayabaya was born in 1135 in thekingdom of Kediri, East Java. He wasfamous as a prophetking. During his reign,he ordered Sedah and Panulih, Mpu(teachers) and writers as well in thekingdom, to write his stories. He lived only24 years but left us “Jangka Jayabaya”, abook of Jayabaya’s propechy.One of the most famous propechies isabout the colonization of Indonesia andthe Second World War. Jayabaya said, “There will be a time,the kingdom will be overtaken by strangepeople coming from nowhere, with whiteskin, magic sticks that could kill peoplefrom distance. They will conquer and ruleour kingdom for very long time, until anumber of short people with yellow skincome from north, drive out the whitemen. This new foreigners also will rule ourkingdom, but just as long as a corn’s life (3½ years).Indonesia had been the colony of Netherlands since 17 th century and duringthe Second World War, in March 1942, Japanese took over the country. Then theywent out in August 1945, just as Jayabayasaid.  And the other one that became a hottopic in Indonesia a few years ago, is thenames of Indonesian leaders.He said, “The up coming kings, havename like this word, ‘Notonegoro (rule thestate).” The first President of Indonesia (1945 –1966) was Sukarno, no on the last twoletters. The second President of Indonesia(1967 - ) is Soeharto, to on the last twoletters. That’s why everyone is predictingwho will be the third president.Mario Rustan http://www.st.rim.or.jp/-cycle/MYjayabaE.HTML 15.The purpose of text is to ….the readers.A.entertainB.describeC.reportD.tell16.Paragraph 4 is about …A.the secondworld warB.thecolonization of IndonesiaC.the kingdom willbe overtaken bystrangeD.the colonizationof Indonesia andsecond world war17.Wich is true based on the text ?A.The third president should have beennamed with “ne” on the last two lettersB.The second president’s name wasn’trelated to Jayabaya’s predictionC.The first president’t name was againts Jayabaya’s predictionD.The first and second president’s nameswere not related to Jayabaya’sprediction18.What is the moral value that we can learnfrom the text ?A.always be careful with one’s predictionB.Don’t care about one’s predictionC.listen to others before we actD.prediction may not always be true19. Rearrange the sentence to make agood text  . 1.There is aplace that offers us the luxuryof modern recreation facilities. Whenwe want to spend just one day or awhole weekend on the island2.Pulau Bidadari Resort is sure to giveyou a vacation you won’t forget3.Only twenty minutes away from Jakartaby boat from Marina4.Pulau Bidadari is one of island of kepulauan Seribu. It is a conservationarea for endangered species andhistorical site, the resort is perfectheaven for those who long to get awayfrom the hustle and bustle of the cityA.4-3-1-2B.4-2-3-1C.4-1-2-3D.4-3-2-120.was reading – I - Father – arrived –newspaper – home –1 2 3 4 56when7A.3-2-6-1-7-4-5C. 3-1-5-7-2-4-6B.3-6-7-5-4-2-1D. 3-4-5-7-2-1-6 Read the text and answer questions21 to 22 !   CONGRATULATIONSFranky  You’ve done your fantasticperformance you’re real winner, we’reso proud of you.Mum and Dad21.Which statement in incorrect about Franky?A.He got a medal as a priceB.He’s a basket ball palyerC.He’ s done his best to win the matchD.His mom and dad were happy for him22.The card was sent by Franky’s…A.matesC. fatherB.motherD.parents Read the text and answer questions23 to 25 ! Attention, please… Argo Muria train from Jakarta will be arriving at platfrom one inabout five minutes. Argo Lawu train fromSolo will be arriving at platfrom two inabout ten minutes. Bima train will be  leaving for Yogyakarta at 2.30 p.m. atplatfrom three. Argo Bromo will be leavingfor Surabaya at 3.00 p.m. at paltfrom four. Thank you23.Where do you usually find such kind of thetext ?A.At the rail-way stationB.At the bus stationC.At the harbourD.At the airport24.Based on the text above, we know thatthere are…destinations of the trains.A.twoC. fourB.threeD. five25.The word “platfrom” in the text abovemeans…A.a space at the entrance of a trainB.a waiting room for a conductorC.a space for the passengersD.a comfortable sitting room For questions 26 to 29 choose thebest words to complete the text below ! RoseA rose is a perennial flower shrub orvine of the genus Rosa, within the familyRosaceae, that contains over 100 speciesand comes in a variety of colours. Thespecies from a group of erect shrubs, andclimbing or trailing plants, with… (26) thatare often armed with sharp prickels. mostare native to Asia, with smaller numbers of species native to Europe, North America,and northwest Africa. natives, cultivarsand hybrids are all widely grown for theirbeauty and fragrance. The leaves are alternate and pinnatelycompound, with sharply toothed oval-shaped leaflets. The plant’s …(27) ediblefruit, which ripen in the late summberthrough autumn, is called a rose hip. Roseplants range in size from compact,miniature roses, to climbers that can…(28)7 meters in height. Species from differentparts of the world…(29) hybridize, whichhas given rise to the many types of gardenroses.26.A. rootsC. stemsB.leavesD. flowers27.A. fleshyC. grassyB.thornyD. grease28.A. getC. reachB.runD. make29.A. rarelyC. hardlyB.easilyD. partialy30.Arrange the following words into a goodsentence !very happy - can come – I – to – you – theparty – will – if-1 2 3 4 5 67 8be9A.5-2-1-8-3-7-9-6-4B.3-2-1-8-5-7-9-4-6C.5-7-1-8-3-9-2-4-6D.3-7-9-1-8-5-2-4-6 Read the text and answer question 31! Sweet and Labor… You have gone them all, You did your best ! You passed the test !At last you are free … !CONGRATS, Ananda !Love,Mom & Dad31.The card above shows that Ananda’sparents are…A.upsetC. proud of AnandaB.disappointedD. shame onAnanda Read the text and answer questions32 to 35 !  There was once king who loved hissons and nephews very much. One day,they saw a green turtle near the palace. They thought it was a monster. Thestarted to cry. The king told his servants,“Go and kill the mosnter !”
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