The perspective of social justice in pre-service teacher education - PPT presentation at SUNY 2013

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The perspective of social justice in pre-service teacher education - PPT presentation at SUNY 2013
  Tensions and possibilities from a critical discourseanalysis The perspective of social justice inpre-service teacher education Fernando MurilloState University of New YorkMarch 2013  Initial Ideas  Importance of discourse: social practice that conveys “modes of consciousness ” and the configuration of realities.    What is at stake in curriculum is the modeling of structures of thought that predispose professionals to act in a determinedmanner.  Social justice not as a content, but a perspective.  Context  Public policies centered on quality of education.  Focus on teacher education as a central component.  Inequalities as a fundamental obstacle for improvement.  Social Justice  A polysemic and controversial concept that needs to bereconceptualized.  Some critiques: “…is an ambiguous and vague slogan with multiple instantiations…and inadequate theoretical grounding” (Cochran Smith 2008:626)   “…it is allowed to float around freely in the air, as if anyone couldrecognize it the moment it appears” (Novak 2011:11)  Conceptualizations around Social Justice:  the distributive paradigm o Social justice is solved in the equal distribution of goods,services and benefits. o It requires equal possibilities of participation. o SJ provides a “parameter with which to value distributiveaspects” (Rawls 1971:3).   o Access and merit. o BUT….  
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