The Digital Age: How to get the most out of mobile devices in the legal environment!


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Learn more about: * Marketplace statistics * Tablet’s, Smartphones and Phablet’s. What are the best devices out there? * Squeezing efficiencies out of powerful business mobiles devices * Great iPad and Android apps * How important is the data on my Mobile device? * How do I protect my mobile device from data loss?
  • 1. The Digital Age: How to get the most out of Mobile devices in a Legal Environment!
  • 2. Top 25 Online Data Backup Enablers for 2011 2008 2011 2012 2011 and 2012Services AdvisoryCouncil Member Cloud Services Partner of the Year Awards 2009, 2011, 2012 Partner Advisory Council Member
  • 3.  "Wasnt impressed with the iPhone and that it wouldnt threaten BlackBerry..." (2007) This year, Apple (AAPL) trounced ExxonMobil (XOM) as the most valuable company in the world. Now, Apples market value is worth 20% more than Exxons. Shares of Apple have enjoyed 50% rise since last February and a nearly 600% gain from five years ago By Product is the BYOD movement
  • 4.  Productivity ≠ Doing Productivity = Doing + Recording
  • 5. MEETINGS Practice Attorney Law EXPENSESTimeKeeping
  • 6.  39% of time worked is not being billed in the solo and two-attorney firm segment. 92% of time worked is being billed in the 11-20 attorney segment. This segment worked .1 hours more than the 20+ attorney segment and billed on average 1.8 hours more per day or 19%. The average number of hours worked in a day were 8.9 and average hours billed = 6.9. Looking at the survey results by size of law firm excluding the least and most effective billing segment, the remaining law firm segments averaged between 24-26% gaps of hours worked and hours billed.
  • 7.  Traveling: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Depositions, Court, Soccer Game Out of Seat
  • 8.  Elevator Ride Plane Travel Waiting at a Deposition Cab, Train, Waiting for a Plane Bored during a Seminar (Hopefully Not)
  • 9.  Reading a Couple of Emails Make a Phone Call Add an Appointment Review a Document Check a Client’s History Clear a Conflicts Report
  • 10.  Cannot Be Complicated Single Task/Single Purpose BYOD Follow the 5 Minute Rule!
  • 11. What apps do you or yourlawyers use on your iPad,iPhones or Droids?
  • 12.  Dropbox is a free file sharing system that allows users to share files (photos, documents, videos, etc.) from one device to another, whether it be multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, or even Android and Blackberry devices. By using the iPad Dropbox app, a lawyer can carry the iPad to court to read and notate client files rather than carry paper files.
  • 13.  Attorneys are divided over whether Goodreader or ReaddleDocs is the best document viewer for the iPad, so most lawyers have downloaded both. Goodreader can display books, movies, maps, and pictures, while also providing the ability to annotate documents, zoom up to 50x, conduct a text search, and leap from point to point in the document with PDF hyperlinks.
  • 14.  Penultimate is the app that turns an iPad into a legal notepad. Instead of taking notes with pen and paper, lawyers can use a stylus or even just a fingertip to write notes on the iPad by hand.
  • 15.  Circus Ponies Notebook is a powerful tool for organizing notes, research, and even full case files. Some attorneys use Circus Ponies Notebook as their trial notebook in the courtroom, enabling a lawyer merely to carry an iPad around rather than be weighed down with boxes of transcripts, file folders, and all of the other piles of paperwork created in preparing for trial. There is even a voice annotation feature that can be turned on to make sure you never miss a word.
  • 16.  TrialPad for the iPad is a powerful tool for organizing case presentations for the courtroom. TrialPad enables attorneys to organize, annotate, and manage their case files for court hearings, jury trials, mediation presentations, and other settings. Along with tools such as highlight, redline, and redact, TrialPad allows you to display images and exhibits using a projector or a monitor.
  • 17.  iTimeKeep is the only iPhone, iPad, and Droid app for Time Entry that seamlessly integrates with almost all Time & Billing systems. Secure real time access to matters and instant time ticket entries back in to your system.
  • 18. Now that you use these as acorporate policy, have youthought about a few things? So what’s next?
  • 19. Are mobile devices includedin your corporate backup andsecurity strategy?
  • 20. What happens now?
  • 21. “By 2015 more than 60% of enterprises will have suffered material loss of sensitive corporate data via mobile devices.” According to Gartner
  • 22. A 2007 Carnegie Mellon study indicated that2-4% of hard drives have to be replaced every year, just from hardware failure. The study did not look at other causes of data loss: Accidental deletion, corruption, viruses, hackers, stolen equipment & natural disasters.
  • 23. Today, we estimate OVER 50% ofcorporate data created, stored, andtransmitted exists on END POINTS. Enterprise Strategy Group
  • 24. Market Size Market Size (in Billions of Dollars)600500400300 550200 275 160100 0 24 Servers Smart Phones Laptops Tablets - Enterprise Strategy Group 2011
  • 25. Comprehensive Cloud Backup and Recoveryoffering - all corporate data on laptops, tablets andsmartphones can be protected in the cloud or yourprivate cloud.
  • 26. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Unfocused Aware Capable Mature World Class• Nothing currently • General awareness • Need defined • Need defined and • Need defined, in place of recovery planning & reflects a understood across understood and• No plans to • Not fully understood priority focus organization promoted by all implement or endorsed across • Internal & external areas within • Need to anything the organization dependencies organization understand• Expectation is • Growing realization planning end- included • Reflects a priority that they will of the need to-end (policy, • Documented plans focus in terms of “figure things out” program, have been tested corporate • Consideration is preparedness when the time response & are updated being given to comes with capability, regularly • Program has been preparedness unpredictable regular review audited with activities. • Gaps & exposures results & satisfactory results 75% of maintenance) known and being addressed Mid Market • Documented plans are in place.
  • 27. Delegate Giftbags
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