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X ray Continuing Education Test offered at www.takece.com -No. of test questions: 120 (As per rule, All 15+ credit course must have 120 questions) -No. of ARRT Category A Credits: 34 -Price: $48 -Ideal for Radiologic technologist who want all 24 CE credits now.
  www.takece.com Purchase Course: The Health Consequences of Smoking - ARRT 24 Cat. A Cre!its   ownloa! free e#ook: Health Consequences of Smoking$i%e &nline Test: Click here 'we will sen! test access co!e in email( Test Questions CHAPT)R *: +ntro!uction, Summar, an! Conclusions *. How man le%els of hierarch for classifing the strength of causal inferences from a%ailale e%i!ence are intro!uce! in the re/ort0A. &ne#. TwoC. Three . 1our2. hich of the following health consequences causall linke! to smoking0A. Cancers#. Chronic !iseasesC. )cto/ic Pregnancies . All of the ao%e3. &n the asis of more than ,555 articles in the iome!ical literature relating to smoking an! !isease that were a%ailale at the time, the A!%isor Committee conclu!e! that cigarette smoking is associate! with 6666 higher all-cause mortalit rates among men.A. 57#. 857C. 957 . 457CHAPT)R 2: 1ift ears of Change *;84<25*44. +n *;84, almost 666666666666666 of =.S. a!ults were cigarette smokers an! smoking was uiquitous in man /ulic /laces, inclu!ing restaurants, theaters, an! air/lane cains.A. *>3#. ?C. @ . *>9. #eginning as earl as the *;25s, the rise of 6666666666666 /rom/te! e/i!emiologic research on its causes that was carrie! out in the =nite! States an! )uro/e.A. Throi! cancer#. #rain tumorC. #reast cancer . Bung cancer8. Toacco smoke contains more than ,555 chemicals, an! at least 8; of these can cause cancer.A. 55#. ,555C. 955 . 355CHAPT)R THR)): Pro!ucing the Surgeon $enerals Re/ort 1rom *;84<25*4: Process an! Pur/ose . hich of the following ear !i! the first official re/ort of the fe!eral go%ernment on smoking an! health /ulishe!0A.*;84#.*;8C.*;8 .*;8; D25*  Take C) BBCPage * of *4  www.takece.com . =/!ate! information that was /resente! in the *;8 re/ort, estimate! that smoking-relate! loss of life eE/ectanc among oung men as66666666666 ears for Fhea%G smokers 'more than 2 /acks>!a( an! 6666666666ears for FlightG smokers 'less than ? /ack>!a(.A.*9, *5#.25, *5C., 4 .35, *9;. +n 66666666 the health consequences of smoking re/ort foun! that Faternal smoking !uring /regnanc eEerts a retar!ing influence on fetal growthG A.*;*#.*;2C.*;3 .*;4*5. +n *;4 the tenth anni%ersar re/ort re%iewe! e%i!ence on association etween smoking an! atherosclerotic rain infarction an! on snergistic effect of smoking an! asestos eE/osure in causing 66666666666.A. Throi! cancer#. #rain tumorC. #reast cancer . Bung cancer**. A S/ecial re/ort of a!%isor committee a//ointe!  the Surgeon $eneral to stu! the health consequences of smokeless toacco conclu!e! that the use of smokeless toacco can cause cancer inhumans an! can lea! to 66666666666a!!iction.A. Alcohol#. nicotineC. Painkillers . ariIuana*2. hich of the following ear the stu! was !one on Toacco =se among =.S. Racial> )thnic inorit $rou/s0A. *;;#. 2555C. 255* . 2554*3. +n ear 2555, the first re/ort to offer a com/osite re%iew of the %arious metho!s use! to re!uce an! /re%ent toacco use. This re/ort e%aluate! which of the following a//roaches to re!ucing toacco use0A. e!ucational an! clinical#. regulator an! economicC. com/rehensi%e . All of the ao%e*4. +n ear 6666666666666, conclu!e! that the increase! likelihoo! of lung cancer, car!io%ascular !isease, an! re/ro!ucti%e health /rolems among female smokers make toacco use a serious womens health issue.A. 2555#. 255*C. 2554 . 2558*9. +n 2554, the stu! conclu!e! that smoking causes !iseases in nearl e%er organ of the o! an! causall linke! to which of the following0A. leukemia an! cataracts#. /neumoniaC. Cancers of the cer%iE, ki!ne, /ancreas, an! stomach . linke! to all of the ao%e D25*  Take C) BBCPage 2 of *4  www.takece.com *8. +n 2558, the re/ort foun! that e%en rief secon!han! smoke eE/osure can cause imme!iate harm an! the onl wa to /rotect nonsmokers from the !angerous chemicals in secon!han! smoke isto eliminate smoking 66666666666.A. in!oors#. out!oorsC. !esignate! smoking area . all of the ao%e*. +n *;;4, the re/ort a!!resse! the crucial /rolems of 666666666666666toacco use  /ro%i!ing a !etaile! look at the time of life when most toacco users egin, !e%elo/, an! estalish their smoking eha%ior.A. A!ult males#. SeniorsC. A!ult females . a!olescent*. hich of the following ear u/!ate! the *;;4 re/ort on outh an! !escrie! the e/i!emic of toacco use among outh *2<* ears of age an! oung a!ults *<29 ears of age, inclu!ing the e/i!emiolog, causes, an! health effects of this toacco use an! inter%entions /ro%en to /re%ent it0A. 25**#. 25*2C. 25*3 . 25*4CHAPT)R 1&=R: A!%ances in Jnowle!ge of the Health Consequences of Smoking: 1rom *;84<25*4*;. The 95-ear s/an eginning in *;84 an! en!ing in 25*4 co%ers an era of remarkale a!%ances inthe un!er-stan!ing of !isease etiolog an! o//ortunities for which of the following0A. The /re-%enation#. iagnosisC. Treatment of !isease. . All of the ao%e25. Another im/ortant a!%ance o%er the last se%eral !eca!es has een the incor/oration of genetics into research on the etiolog of noncommunicale !iseases, es/eciall in the use of genetics to i!entif those men an! women who are /articularl susce/tile to certain eEtrinsic eE/osures, such as cigarette smoking.A. TR=)#. 1ABS)2*. Accor!ing to figure 4.3 in the re/ort, which of the following cancers ha%e high mortalit rates among men in the =nite! States, *;35<255a0A. Colon an! rectum#. Prostate C. Bung an! ronchus . Pancreas 22. The in%oluntar inhalation of toacco smoke  nonsmokers has een referre! to in the Surgeon $enerals re/orts as:A. in%oluntar smoking#. /assi%e smokingC. #oth A an! # . Kone of the ao%e23. The 255* re/ort, omen an! Smoking, ha! consi!ere! the relationshi/ etween eE/osure to secon!han! smoke an! 66666666666, an! that to/ic was !iscusse! in the 2558 re/ort as well.A. reast cancer#. uterine cancerC. en!ometrial cancer . throi! cancer D25*  Take C) BBCPage 3 of *4  www.takece.com 24. The 25*2 re/ort /ro%i!e! a!!itional co%erage of the effects of smoking on the health of which of the following /o/ulations0A. chil!ren#. a!olescentsC. oung a!ults . All of the ao%e29. Accor!ing to the Conclusion's( from the 2558 Surgeon $eneralLs re/ort, MThe e%i!ence is sufficient to infer a causal relationshi/ etween maternal eE/osure to 6666666666 !uring /regnanc an! a small re!uction in irth weight.MA. secon!han! smoke#. /ollutionC. ra!iation . alcohol28. hich of the following ear conclu!es FCigarette smoking is associate! with a 5 /ercent increase in the age s/ecific !eath rates of males, an! to a lesser eEtent with increase! !eath rates of females0 The total numer of eEcess !eaths causall relate! to cigarette smoking in the =.S. /o/ulation cannot e accuratel estimate!. +n %iew of the continuing an! mounting e%i!ence from man sources, it is the Iu!gment of the Committee that cigarette smoking contriutes sustantiall to mortalit from certain s/ecific !iseases an! to the o%erall !eath rate.G0A. *;84#. *;8C. *;8 . *;2. hich of the following ear conclu!es that FCigarette smokers ha%e sustantiall higher rates of !eath an! !isailit than their nonsmoking counter/arts in the /o/ulation0 This means that cigarette smokers ten! to !ie at earlier ages an! eE/erience more !as of !isailit than com/arale nonsmokers.A. *;84#. *;8C. *;8 . *;2. +n *;, the re/ort conclu!e! that &%erall mortalit rates for cigarette smokers are aout66666666666666 /ercent higher than those for nonsmokers.A. 95#. 85C. 5 . 52;. hich of the following ear conclu!e! that o%erall mortalit ratios are higher for those who initiate! their cigarette smoking at ounger ages com/are! to those who egan smoking later0A. *;84#. *;8C. *;8 . *;;35. Accor!ing to *;5 conclusion, the mortalit ratio for women who smoke cigarettes is aout  6666666666.A. *.2 or *.3#. 2.2 or 2.3C. 3.2 or 3.3 . 4.2 or 4.33*. hich of the following ear conclu!e! that FSmoking is res/onsile for more than one of e%er siE !eaths in the =nite! States0 Smoking remains the single most im/ortant /re%entale cause of !eath in our societ.G A. *;5#. *;;C. 255* . 2554 D25*  Take C) BBCPage 4 of *4
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