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SCHEME OF TEACHING AND EXAMINATION B.E. (ISE) VII SEMESTER (2010-11) Sl No 1 2 3 4 5 6 UIS003N 7 8 9 10 UIS707L UIS708L UIS709L UIS710P Subject Code UIS701C UIS702C UIS703C UIS009E UIS029E Subject Web Technologies Object Oriented Modeling and Design Management Information Systems Elective- C Network Management System Elective- D C# Programming and .NET Credits 03 04 04 03 03 Hours/Week Lecture Tutorial Practical 3 0 0 4 4 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Examination Marks CIE SEE Total 50 50 100 50 50 50 50
  SCHEME OF TEACHING AND EXAMINATIONB.E. (ISE) VII SEMESTER (2010-11) Hours/Week Examination MarksSlNoSubject Code Subject CreditsLecture TutorialPracticalCIE SEE Total1 UIS701C Web Technologies 03 3 0 0 50 50 1002 UIS702C Object Oriented Modeling and Design 04 4 0 0 50 50 1003 UIS703C Management Information Systems 04 4 0 0 50 50 1004 UIS009E Elective- C Network Management System 03 3 0 0 50 50 1005 UIS029E Elective- D C# Programming and .NET 03 3 0 0 50 50 1006UIS003NOpen Elective – IIIJAVA & J2EE 03 3 0 0 50 50 1007 UIS707L Object Oriented Modeling and Design Lab 1.5 0 1 2 50 50 1008 UIS708L Web Programming Lab 1.5 0 1 2 50 50 1009 UIS709L Computer Network Lab 1.5 0 1 2 50 50 10010 UIS710P Project Seminar - I 1.5 0 -- -- 50 50 100 Total26 20 4 6 450 450 900  VII Semester   UIS701C: Web Technologies  3 Credits: (3-0-0)   UNIT – 1FUNDAMENTALS OF WEB, XHTML – 1: Internet, WWW, Web Browsers, and WebServers; URLs; Security; The Web Programmers Toolbox XHTML: Origins and evolutionof HTML and XHTML; Basic syntax; Standard XHTML document structure; Basic textmarkup. XHTML – 2: Images; Hypertext Links; Lists; Tables; Forms; Frames; Syntacticdifferences between HTML and XHTML. CSS: Introduction; Levels of style sheets; Style specification formats; Selector forms;Property value forms; Font properties; List properties; Color; Alignment of text; The Boxmodel; Background images; The <span> and <div> tags; Conflict resolution. 10 HoursUNIT - 2JAVASCRIPT: Overview of JavaScript; Object orientation and JavaScript; Generalsyntactic characteristics; Primitives, operations, and expressions; Screen output and keyboardinput; Control statements; Object creation and modification; Arrays; Functions; Constructor;Pattern matching using regular expressions; Errors in scripts; JAVASCRIPT AND HTML DOCUMENTS: The Javascript execution environment; TheDocument Object Model; Element access in Javascript Events and event handling; Handlingevents from the Body elements, Button elements, Text box and Password elements; TheDOM 2 event model; The navigator object; DOM tree traversal and modification 10 Hours UNIT-3DYNAMIC DOCUMENTS WITH JAVASCRIPT: Introduction to dynamic documents;Positioning elements; Moving elements; Element visibility; Changing colors and fonts;Dynamic content; Stacking elements; Locating the mouse cursor; Reacting to a mouse click;Slow movement of elements; Dragging and dropping elements. XML: Introduction; Syntax; Document structure; Document Type definitions; Namespaces;XML schemas; Displaying raw XML documents; Displaying XML documents with CSS;XSLT style sheets; XML processors; Web services. 10 Hours   UNIT - 4PERL, CGI PROGRAMMING: Origins and uses of Perl; Scalars and their operations;Assignment statements and simple input and output; Control statements; Fundamentals of arrays; Hashes; References; Functions; Pattern matching; File input and output; Examples.The Common Gateway interface; CGI linkage; Query string format; module; Asurvey example; Cookies 10 HoursTEXT BOOK: 1. Programming the World Wide Web - Robert W. Sebesta, 4 th Edition, PearsonEducation, 2008.  REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Internet & World Wide Web How to program - M. Deitel, P.J.Deitel, A. B. Goldberg,3rd Edition, Pearson Education / PHI, 2004.  2. Web Programming Building Internet Applications - Chris Bates,3rd Edition, WileyIndia, 2006.3. The Web Warrior Guide to Web Programming - Xue Bai et al,Thomson, 2003.  UIS702C : Object Oriented Modeling and Design 4-Credit (4-0-0)UNIT – 1INTRODUCTION, MODELING CONCEPTS, CLASS MODELING: What is ObjectOrientation? What is OO development? OO themes; Evidence for usefulness of OOdevelopment; OO modeling history. Modeling as Design Technique: Modeling; abstraction; the three models. Class Modeling:Object and class concepts; Link and associations concepts; Generalization and inheritance; Asample class model; Navigation of class models; Practical tips. Advanced Class Modeling: Advanced object and class concepts; Association ends; N-aryassociations; Aggregation; Abstract classes; Multiple inheritance; Metadata; Reification;Constraints; Derived data; Packages; Practical tips. 12 Hours   UNIT - IISTATE MODELING, ADVANCED STATE MODELING, INTERACTIONMODELING, PROCESS OVERVIEW:State Modeling: Events, States, Transitions and Conditions; State diagrams; State diagrambehavior; Practical tips.  Advanced State Modeling: Nested state diagrams; Nested states; Signal generalization;Concurrency; A sample state model; Relation of class and state models; Practical tips. Interaction Modeling: Use case models; Sequence models; Activity models. Use caserelationships; Procedural sequence models; Special constructs for activity models. Process Overview: Development stages; Development life cycle. 13 Hours   UNIT – IIISYSTEM CONCEPTION, DOMAIN ANALYSIS, APPLICATION ANALYSIS,SYSTEM DESIGN - 1:System Conception: Devising a system concept; Elaborating a concept; Preparing a problemstatement. Domain Analysis: Overview of analysis; Domain class model; Domain state model; Domaininteraction model; Iterating the analysis. Application Analysis: Application interaction model; Application class model; Applicationstate model; Adding operations. System Design -1: Overview of system design; Estimating performance; Making a reuseplan; Breaking a system in to sub-systems; Identifying concurrency; Allocation of sub-systems; Management of data storage; Handling global resources; Choosing a softwarecontrol strategy. 13 Hours  
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