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1. Ancient Greece Greek Wars 2. 5 Question Quiz 1. What was the basis of Spartan society? 2. Describe Spartan women. 3. What is direct democracy? 4. Describe the daily…
  • 1. Ancient Greece Greek Wars
  • 2. 5 Question Quiz 1. What was the basis of Spartan society? 2. Describe Spartan women. 3. What is direct democracy? 4. Describe the daily life of men in Athens. 5. Describe Athenian women.
  • 3. The Persian Wars
  • 4. The Persian Wars 1 • In 546 B.C., the Persians conquered the Greek territory of Ionia on Asia Minor. • In 499 B.C., the Ionians rebelled against the Persians with a little help from Athens
  • 5. The Persian Wars 2 • The Persians, under the rule of Darius I, defeated the Ionians and ended their rebellion. • As a punishment for helping the Ionians, Darius I decided to invade the Greek mainland.
  • 6. The Battle of Marathon 1 • Darius sent his ships across the Aegean Sea to the city state of Marathon. (25ish miles north of Athens) • The Persians outnumbered the Athenians 20,000 to 10,000.
  • 7. The Battle of Marathon 2 • The Persians waited for the Athenians for a few days, but then they decided to attack. • They began to load their soldiers and cavalry on their ships so that they could sail down and try to take the city-state of Athens.
  • 8. The Battle of Marathon 3 • As the Persian soldiers stood in the water, waiting to board the ships, the Athenians attacked them, taking them by surprise. • The Persians lost thousands of men while the Greeks only lost a couple hundred.
  • 9. The Origin of the Marathon • Following the Greek victory, Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the results of the battle. • After he gave the good news, he dropped dead on the spot • The 26.2 mile race we run called a marathon today, is done in tribute to this event.
  • 10. The Battle of Salamis 1 • After the battle of Marathon, the Persians retreated back to Asia Minor. • 10 years later, Darius’s son Xerxes invaded Greece from the north.
  • 11. The Battle of Salamis 2 • Xerxes brought an army of 200,000 men • The men could not live off the land • They brought an armada of supply ships with them.
  • 12. The Battle of Salamis 3 • An oracle told the general Themistocles that the Greeks would defeat the Persians in the battle behind a “wooden wall” • He believed that this meant that they would defeat them in a naval battle at sea.
  • 13. The Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis • To force the Persians out to sea, the Greeks set up a delaying action on land. • Under the Spartan King Leonidas, 7,000 Greeks met at a mountain pass in Thermopylae
  • 14. The Battle of Thermopylae 1 • For 3 days, the 7,000 Greeks held of the Persian army. • A Greek traitor told the Persians about a trail around the mountain pass • Realizing that they would soon be surrounded and beaten, Leonidas sent off most of his troops
  • 15. The Battle of Thermopylae 2 • King Leonidas, along with 300 of his best Spartan soldiers, remained to battle the Persian army. • Leonidas and his men were defeated, however, they delayed the Persians long enough for Themisocles to get his navy in place near the island of Salamis
  • 16. End of the Persian War • The Greek ships were faster and more maneuverable than the heavy Persian ships • The Greek ships used this advantage and destroyed nearly all of the Persian fleet
  • 17. What happen to Persia after the War • After the battle of Salamis, the Persians retreated to Asia Minor for Good. • The Greeks claimed control of the Aegean Sea and grew confident in their city-state’s abilities.
  • 18. The Results of The Persian Wars • The Greeks defeated the Persian empire and preserved their political independence. • The Persian Wars united Athens and Sparta against the Persian Empire • Athens preserved its independence and continued to innovate its culture and government
  • 19. The Peloponnesian War Competition between Sparta and Athens for control of Greece helped cause the Peloponnesian War
  • 20. The Delian League 1 • After the Persian war ended, Athens persuaded most of the city-states (not Sparta) to join the Delian League. • defense of possible revenge attacks from Persia • Athens would provide the primary forces (ships) and the other city-states would send men.
  • 21. The Delian League 2 • Over the next several decades, the Delian League freed Ionia from the Persians and cleared the Aegean Sea of Pirates. • Their efforts helped expand overseas trade and allowed Greece to grow richer.
  • 22. Athens Grows Strong • Pericles- Athenian statesman whose leadership contributed to Athens' political and cultural supremacy in Greece • Athens began to dominate the other city-states. • Pericles used Delian money for his own purposes. • Focus shifted from fighting the Persians to making Athens strong.
  • 23. The Peloponnesian League • Several city-states, lead by Sparta, formed the Peloponnesian League, and alliance that would oppose Athens.
  • 24. The Peloponnesian War 1 • The war lasted from 431 b.c. to 404 b.c. • At first, Athens was able to defend themselves because Sparta didn’t have a navy. • Sparta struck a deal with Persia for money to build its own fleet
  • 25. The Peloponnesian War 2 • Shortly after the war started, a plague weakened Athens and killed 1/3 of its population including Pericles. • After his death, there was an argument on whether or not the war should go on.
  • 26. The Peloponnesian War 3 • After a few more years of fighting, some of the members of the Delian league switched sides to fight against Athens. • Sparta was then able to destroy the Athenian fleet and conquer the city.
  • 27. Effects of the War 1 • The war resulted in the slowing of cultural advances and the weakening of political power. • Many Greeks lost faith in democracy
  • 28. Effects of the War 2 • Sparta tried to rule the other city-states but were overthrown after invasions by other neighboring countries. • Eventually, Greece was taken over by Macedonia
  • 29. WARS OF ANCIENT GREECE • Complete the Wars of Ancient Greece worksheet.
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