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1. 1 Who would have thought just two years ago that Kyiv would have the ambition to be- come a smart city, a city of smart technologies, smart governance, and smart…
  • 1. 1 Who would have thought just two years ago that Kyiv would have the ambition to be- come a smart city, a city of smart technologies, smart governance, and smart citizens? Today we have this ambition and, moreover, it is already being realized. We have taken the first steps towards this goal and the overwhelming support of the Smart City vision among Kyiv’s citizens is really inspiring. And proves – Kyiv’s residents strive for advancement and renewal. Smart cities of the 21st Century are the foundations for the economic growth and social development throughout the world. The future of our planet is built around them. Joining this club of the best cities on the planet is a daring and motivating aim. I am confident that Kyiv is capable of achieving this goal as it is a city of proactive and strong-minded people who drive changes, dream about the future, and aspire for the best — top standards of living, tangible results and shared successes. Our city, together with our country, has strived to build a bright future and Kyiv has the opportunity to embrace a new force to propel us forward. Getting smart for the capital is more than just an opportunity to get things moving. It is a chance to enter a new era, a new dimension of the developed, post-industrial world, and to become a leading city. The Smart City is a modern model for urban transformation—one in which advanced technologies help solve the greatest challenges of the city, transform the system of the governance, and create conditions for the development of communities and citizens. Victoria Podgorna KYIV SMART CITY Initiative Strategy Group Coordinator Yuriy Nazarov Co-Coordinator KYIV SMART CITY Initiative (Kyiv City Government) Anton Moyseyenko Co-Coordinator KYIV SMART CITY Initiative (Community and Business) KYIV SMART CITY CONCEPT 2020 LEADERSHIP ♦ INNOVATION ♦ COLLABORATION FOREWORD Today we can confidently say that there is an idea that can bring together the city government, community activists and the business community. This idea is to make Kyiv “smart.” We all want to be surrounded by smart people, live in a smart environment and have a smart government. The KYIV SMART CITY Initiative has seen develop and energize a network of talented, proactive people who love their city. And people are the most important asset of any city. They are the driving force behind its initiative, development and desire of a higher quality of life. Without their energy, the city risks becoming a neglected, depressed, dull place. We are confident that Kyiv has a bright future. And we are excited that we can join our efforts not only “against” various social problems, but also “for”— for our children living in a comfortable, modern, safe, and bright Kyiv. This Kyiv is the Smart City of the future; the future, that is starting right now.
  • 2. 2 SMART CITY – URBAN DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Cities have always been centers for the development of civilization. Modern cities are facing various challenges, and probably the most difficult challenge today is combining comfort and social appeal for citizens with developed infrastructure, environmental sustainability and rapid advancements of technologies. Today cities are the driving force of culture, economy and education; they become a platform for the implementation of technological and social innovations. Not surprisingly, cities compete with one another as the development of comfortable infrastructure has a direct impact on the economic performance of the city and determines its attractiveness to skilled professionals and investors. Kyiv, a city with ancient history, has repeatedly been at the center of events that have determined the historical trajectory of European civilization. Furthermore, it is a city of extraordinary talents and creativity. Kyiv is a capital city that seeks to be on par with the most successful cities of the world, ensuring a prosperous future for every citizen. This ambition requires a balanced strategic approach to the improvement of economic, social and environmental performance of the city, which is attainable only as a result of effective integration of urban infrastructure and municipal services. Such an approach will require not only «smart» solutions for Kyiv, but also radical transformations in the ways the city is governed. The KYIV SMART CITY Concept and Vision is designed to create opportunities for the growth of the Ukrainian capital by combining a strategic approach, technological advances and wide public engagement in the creation of a new quality of life. The KYIV SMART CITY Concept lays the foundation for further infrastructural, technological and social development of the city and defines a new trajectory in the transformation of its urban space in accordance with the standards of the future. KYIV SMART CITY Concept takes into account the interests of all residents, businesses and non-profit organizations and defines new roles and functions of city governance. The implementation of KYIV SMART CITY Concept and its strategic objectives will contribute to the transformation of the Ukrainian capital into a technologically advanced, comfortable, and socially responsible metropolis of Eastern Europe. Top 5 World Smart Cities Barcelona New York London Nice Singapore Barcelona London Paris Copenhagen Vienna Top 5 European Smart Cities Ukraine in The Global Innovation Index * ranking among 142 countries * BSI Ranking, 2015* Smart Cities, Juniper Research, 2015 year position 2015 2014 2013 64 63 71 KYIV SMART CITY Concept envisages the development of the city in the following key areas: ♦♦ improving the quality of life for residents; ♦♦ upgrading the physical and developing the technological infrastructure of the city; ♦♦ using technologies for effective management of the city; ♦♦ assuring compliance with standards for environmental protection, sustainable economic development and social inclusion; ♦♦ engaging the people.
  • 3. 3 Smart urban solutions are creating additional opportunities for added value in today’s cities. Integration of technologies helps increase efficiency of using resources, boost economic development, open doors to new businesses, create new services and, most importantly, improve the quality of life for citizens. Building a smart city entails comprehensive social and technological transformations that are made possible thanks to modern information and communication technologies, the development of new energy efficiency standards and the emergence of a new quality of relations between the community and the city. Residents of a modern smart city are no longer only users, they also become suppliers of city services. The implementation strategy for KYIV SMART CITY Concept involves active collaboration between all the stakeholders, namely: ♦♦ political leaders, deputies of the Kyiv City Council, managers and employees of the Kyiv City State Administration; ♦♦ public and private operators of utility services, telecom operators, educational and research institutions; ♦♦ end users: Kyiv residents and local businesses; ♦♦ investors: Ukrainian and international banks, investment funds and international organizations; ♦♦ solution providers: technology, finance and investment. KYIV SMART CITY Concept was developed with the active participation of the citizens, experts, the city government, representatives of national and international business, scientific and academic community. Citizen-Centric Approach Strategic Thinking Full-Scale Digitization Openness and Collaboration KYIV SMART CITY is the new model of city governance based on ad- vanced knowledge and implementation of modern information and com- munication technologies to create a comfortable urban environment and deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens. KYIV SMART CITY GUIDING PRINCIPLES Citizen-Centric Approach Strategic Thinking Full-Scale Digitization Openness and Collaboration KYIV SMART CITY is the new model of city governance based on ad-
  • 4. 4 THE PRINCIPLES OF KYIV SMART CITY CONCEPT ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY is a strategic approach to make use of the existing advantages of the city and to minimize negative factors in order to achieve sustainable development and transformation of the city to the realities of the XXI century. ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY is a new formula for city transformation that balances the interests of citizens, city authorities and local businesses. It is a transition to a new, people- oriented approach to city governance. SMART CITY is an effective and transparent management of the city through the use of modern information and communication technologies. ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY implements new standards of living through new technologies; safe and comfortable urban environment that is accomplished through effective management of city resources and continuous improvement of living standards. ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY helps realize the potential of a civil society in which the city becomes a place for social partnership and development in the common interest of the community. ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY is a developed innovative urban ecosystem fostering development of the knowledge economy and innovative industries. Transformation in KYIV SMART CITY involves changes at three key levels: Technology Society Governance City as SoS (system of systems): data collection, storage and analysis, open data, open integrated architecture and operational city platform. Integration and optimization of city governance: Department for IT and Innovations, Mayor’s Office for “Smart City,” city operational room (24/7 centralized management) and e-services. Participation platform (community, universities, and businesses), social media as a cooperation tool, crowdsourcing, innovation cluster, incubators and networks, hackathons and citizens as smart end users.
  • 5. 5 BENEFITS OF THE SMART CITY CONCEPT FOR KYIV: CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGY: ♦♦ Creation of an effective city platform for managing city infrastructure and data. ♦♦ Effective management of utilities and housing services: energy, water, solid waste and wastewater, conservation, renewable energy and recycling. ♦♦ Use of technologies to ensure safety, rapid response to emergency calls and timely response to citizens’ needs. CHANGES IN GOVERNANCE: ♦♦ ICT will contribute to the transparency of city governance and administration. ♦♦ Development of a transparent and viable model of public-private partnerships to improve the investment climate and conditions for business development. ♦♦ Smart integration of information between city departments, the use of modern data management systems and high quality analytics for city processes and events. SOCIAL CHANGES: ♦♦ Development of adequate social infrastructure and movement towards social equality. ♦♦ Engagement and citizen participation in decision-making and influence over policy- making in the city. ♦♦ Ensuring financial stability and sustainable economic development—important conditions for improving the quality of life of Kyiv’s citizens. LEADERSHIP AND CHANGES IN THE CITY GOVERNANCE: ♦♦ Strategic approach to building Smart City in Kyiv – willingness of the local city government to invest and develop Smart City solutions across the city, not just isolated solutions. ♦♦ Systematic approach - a willingness to make changes not only in the automation of certain processes, but also the will for institutional changes and management of the city as a system and readiness to involve all the stakeholders in the process of transforming Kyiv into a Smart City. ♦♦ Willingness to eliminate legal and administrative barriers that prevent Kyiv from developing as a Smart City. ♦♦ Willingness to provide conditions for developing innovations in the city, creating conditions for investment, and setting up clusters for innovation and development of new and creative industries. ♦♦ Strong emphasis in city policies on improving the quality of life of Kyiv’s citizens.
  • 6. 6 KYIV SMART CITY: CHALLENGES City challenges determining the need for implementation of the Smart City Concept in Kyiv: ♦♦ complex problems of the city — aging and deterioration of existing infrastructure, smaller city budget, unevenness of economic development, deindustrialization and an increase in population due to internally displaced persons; ♦♦ increasing requirements of the citizens – urgent need to transform the city governance model towards meeting the needs of citizens and better services and the transparency and openness of city authorities; ♦♦ lack of a strategic approach to the city management – continuous deterioration of the city environment, instability of the city’s economy and a decrease in both the level and the quality of life in the city. ♦♦ public desire to strengthen citizen participation in addressing urban issues and governance of the city. BENEFITS OF SMART TECHNOLOGIES FOR CITIES 3timesfasterresponse tosituationsinthecity 5timesfasterdecisionmaking 2timesbetterfinancial performanceofthecity 2-4timeslowerconsumptionof heat,waterandelectricity 30%reductioninstreetcrime Upto20%reductionintraffic congestion Upto15%improvementin environmentalperformance, reductionofCO2emissions
  • 7. 7 EXPECTATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS OF KYIV’S CITIZENS Smart MobilitySmart Home Smart Society Smart Care Smart Energy IOT Education ans Science Big Data modernization of the city while preserving cultural traditions and histori- cal heritage of the city; the transition to a new system of city management through fighting cor- ruption, ensuring transparency in government, more government atten- tion to the needs of citizens, and a systematic management approach; to provide more opportunities and active involvement in the manage- ment of the city. “Kyiv should develop to become hi-tech city, a city of modern industries” - Low social security, lack of concern for the residents’ needs; - Lack of comfort of living; - Outdated city; - Low quality of utilities; - Corruption; - Shortage of parking lots and poor transport infrastructure; - Pollution; Expectations of Citizens: Key Challenges as reported by Kyiv Citizens: “Kyiv requires renovations, modern parking zones, industrial and business incubators” “Kyiv will only see improvement with the change of the system of governance”
  • 8. 8 KYIV - A MODERN AND SAFE EUROPEAN CITY Kyiv today is one of the largest and most promising cities in Central and Eastern Europe—a capital city with developed infrastructure, significant resources, great human and knowledge potential, and gradually growing innovative sector, primarily in the segment of information and communication technologies. Thefutureofthecityistiedtoitsinevitabletransformationfromindustrialtopostindustrial, from a post-Soviet to a forward-looking city, primarily through digitization, innovation, and accumulation of social capital and by active engagement of the community in the transformation of Kyiv, with citizens being a key driving force and the city’s main asset for economic and social growth. Kyiv is a democratic city, where citizens enjoy greater participation and engagement in the local policy-making, defining the city’s development strategy, requiring transparency and executing supervision over city policies. KYIV SMART CITY VISION Citizens as key drivers of the city’s development Comfortable, safe, smart and healthy city environment Fostering an innovation environment in Kyiv Smart, accountable and transparent citizen-centric city governance
  • 9. 9 KYIV – A CITY OF INNOVATIONS Leading city in Central and Eastern Europe for business, innovation and education ♦♦ Promotion of an innovative environment — creating exceptional conditions for business and attracting investment; establishing the city’s status as a special investment zone, where all restrictive barriers will be removed and transparent models of public-private partnerships developed and introduced; creating favorable conditions for small- and medium-sized businesses; development of digital forms of education, engagement of citizens and businesses in urban innovation. ♦♦ Technologies at the service of citizens — full-scale digitization and implementation of ICT aimed at improving the quality of life and city management, ensuring cost reduction and sustainable development in Kyiv. The use of technologies for achieving significant results in the priority Smart City areas: creation of modern city life support system, security and transport, medicine, open government and e-democracy. KYIV – A RESPONSIVE CITY Government transparency, open and effective management in the interests of citizens. ♦♦ Radical transformation of city governance - focused on meeting the requirements and needs of its citizens; optimization of management through integration of processes, systems and data based on the use of information and communication technologies; and introduction of e-governance and development of e-services. Drastic improvement in the quality of services provided to citizens. Reductions in the administrative costs. Transparency and accountability of the city government. ♦♦ Citizens as key agents of change in the city — establishing new forms of cooperation for the development of the city’s public-private partnerships, new urban industries by promoting civic initiatives and community projects, development of e-democracy and innovative forms of citizen participation, an open data policy and implementation of new technologies. ♦♦ Comfortable, safe, smart, and healthy city - improvement of living standards, safety, and well-being of Kyiv’s citizens and implementation of new standards of life in the city; introduction of green building standards, protection and development of city parks and green areas; efficient use of resources in the city to reduce costs – energy saving, water conservation, waste collection and disposal; creating conditions for improved medical services; and introducing new solutions in the fields of education and retraining.
  • 10. 10 FOSTERING AN INNOVATION ENVIRONMENT IN KYIV as the foundation for economic growth Сurrent projects: ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY GROUP involving all the stakeholders becomes a platform for developing strategic smart city solutions for Kyiv. ♦♦ the general public, community activists and volunteers’ active engagement in developing the KYIV SMART CITY VISION and framework strategy. ♦♦ the city is developing a consortium cooperation model for the implementation of smart city projects and innovative initiatives based on a public-private partnership. ♦♦ KYIV SMART CITY HACAKATNON with more than 300 participants, 50 developed city applications and 5 winning projects has become the largest in the history of Ukraine. Ambitions: ♦♦ to provide support for innovative businesses and new industries in order to attract investment and promote start-ups and business incubators in Kyiv. To this end, to create highly favorable conditions for the development of venture companies in the city and to remove existing legal and administrative barriers; ♦♦ to develop new forms of responsible partnership between the citizens, businesses and local government; ♦♦ to create favorable conditions for business and to attract investment by giving Kyiv a status of a special investment zone; ♦♦ to create an innovative ecosystem in Kyiv for the realization of innovative and creative potential of the city; to develop new forms of education and promote interdisciplinary educational and research cooperation (including KYIV SMART CITY SCHOOL and KYIV SMART CITY HUB); ♦♦ to define the leading role of the Mayor in ensuring investment attraction and fostering innovation in the city. ♦♦ to introduce the City Digital Agenda as a prerequisite for the development of a smart environment; to develop a road map and action plan for its implementation; ♦♦ to improve the use and access to the Internet in Kyiv as one of the conditions for the development of a
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