Should You Vote for Lou Barletta?

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1. (No, you shouldn’t. Find out why.) 2. ã Current Mayor of Hazleton, PA ã Running for Congress, seeking to represent PA’s 11th Congressional District in the…
  • 1. (No, you shouldn’t. Find out why.)
  • 2. • Current Mayor of Hazleton, PA • Running for Congress, seeking to represent PA’s 11th Congressional District in the House of Representatives • Wealthy former businessman • Hobbies include making children cry, raising taxes, and being stupid
  • 3. • Just raised Hazleton property taxes by 70%. Yes. SEVENTY PERCENT! • Has been using the Hazleton Pension Fund for stuff he shouldn’t be using it for. • Has been serving as Mayor of Hazleton for nearly a decade. • Has practically bankrupt the city of Hazleton
  • 4. • Lou Barletta likes to raise taxes • He REALLY likes to raise taxes • Property taxes in Hazleton just went up 70% • Lou Barletta isn’t good at many things. But he is GREAT at raising taxes • Lou Barletta Higher Taxes
  • 5. • Lou Barletta hates to see people working • Hazleton has the highest unemployment rate in the entire state of Pennsylvania • Since Lou became Mayor of Hazleton, employers have been fleeing Hazleton as fast as they can • I heard that one time, someone asked Lou Barletta what he hates most, and he said, “Jobs.”
  • 6. • Lou Barletta is bad with money • Seriously, look at how he runs Hazleton • He ran out of money and his brilliant idea to get more money was, “SELL THE WATER COMPANY!” • This is why he has to raise taxes by so much • To pay for his stupidity
  • 7. • Lou Barletta thinks destroying the environment is funny. • He had sludge shipped up to Hazleton and dumped into Hazleton. • In exchange for money. • Sludge is smelly, dirty, probably less than healthy, and there’s now a lot of it in Hazleton. • Thanks, Lou!
  • 8. • Lou Barletta is a loser. • He’s run for Congress twice before, in the same district, against the same opponent, and he lost both times. • Some people like to root for a loser. I get that. • Root for the Pittsburgh Pirates. • They won’t raise your taxes.
  • 9. • Lou Barletta wants to raise your taxes. • Lou Barletta is a job killer. • He’s bad with money. Especially your money. • SLUDGE! • Perennial loser.
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