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BE. / B.Tech 1st & 2nd Sem - Page-1 MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 1st & 2nd Sem. Examinations January - 2011 Time of Exam. 2.00 to 05.00 P.M. / Date & Day Syll. Code MATH-101-D MATH-101-F MATH-101-E Center of Exam : As per Roll List P. Code 1402 24002 1982 1988 24003 1983 1001 24001 1981 24008 1984 24005 1985 24006 1986 24004 1407 24007 1987 1008 1408 1989 1990 1009 1409 1991 1010 1410 1992 Branches 1st Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) New Scheme 1st Sem.
  BE. / B.Tech 1st & 2nd Sem - Page-1 MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 1st & 2nd Sem. Examinations January - 2011 Time of Exam. 2.00 to 05.00 P.M. / Center of Exam : As per Roll ListDate & DaySyll. CodeSubject (Full Nomenclature)P. CodeBranches 03.01.2011 MATH-101-DMATHEMATICS-11402 1st Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) MATH-101-FMATHEMATICS-I24002 New Scheme MATH-101-EMATHEMATICS-11982 1st Sem. (E Scheme) 04.01.2011 ME-101-EElements of Mech. Engg. 1988 (E Scheme) 06.01.2011PHY-101-FPHYSICS-I24003 New Scheme PHY-101-EPHYSICS-11983 1st Sem. (E Scheme) 08.01.2011HUM-101-CELEMENTS OF ENGLISH1001 1st Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) HUM-101-FENGLISH24001 New Scheme HUM-101-EESSENTIAL OF COMMUNICATION1981 1st Sem. (E Scheme) 10.01.2011ME-101-FBASICS OF MECH. Engg.24008 New Scheme ME-103-EMANUFACTURING PROCESS1984 (E Scheme) 12.01.2011Ch-101 FEngineering Chemistry24005 New Scheme CH-101-ECHEMISTRY1985 (E Scheme) 14.01.2011CSE-101-FFund. of Computer & Programming in 24006 New Scheme CSE-101-EFOCP1986 (E Scheme) 15.01.2011ECE-101-FBASICS OF ELECTRONICS24004 New Scheme EE-121-DELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY 1407 REAPPEAR (Old Syllabus) EE-101-FElectrical Technology24007 New Scheme EE-101-EELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY1987 (E Scheme) 17.01.2011 HUM-102-CCOMM. SKILLS IN ENGLISH1008 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) HUM-102-DCOMM. SKILLS IN ENGLISH1408 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) HUM-102-ECOMM. SKILLS IN ENGLISH1989 (E Scheme) BT-120-EBASICS OF BIO TECH1990 BTT 19.01.2011 MATH-102-CMATHEMATICS-II1009 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) MATH-102-DMATHEMATICS-II1409 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) MATH-102-EMATHEMATICS-II1991 (E Scheme) 20.01.2011PHY-102-CPHYSICS-II1010 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) PHY-102-DPHYSICS-II1410 2nd Sem Re-Appear (Old Syllabus) PHY-102-EPHYSICS-II1992 (E Scheme)Note :1Before answering the question paper the candidates should ensure that they have been supplied thecorrect question paper. Complaints in this regard, if any, shall not be entertained after the examination.2Any electronic device / I-Pod / Pager / Mobile phone not allowed in the examination centre at any cost.3The use of only simple calculator is allowed. Exchanging of calculator is not allowed.4No Candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Hall without Admit card & College I-Card As amended in the Ordinance's of Engg. Courses vide Resolution No. 58 dated 5.11.2003 of Academic Council :-The Candidate will appear in the Examination in the Paper (s) of their choice in case of clash in the date-sheet andthey will not be entitled to claim any benefit consequently Controller of Examination  3rd Semester (Page-1) MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 3rd Sem. Examinations December - 2010 Time of Exam. 2.00 to 05.00 P.M. / Center of Exam : As per Roll ListDate & DaySyll. CodeSubject (Full Nomenclature)P. CodeBranches 15.12.2010 EE-219-CElectronic Engg. 1024 ME (Re-Appear, Old Syllabus) CSE-205-CData Structure 1016 CSE,IT,EL (Re-appear, Old Syll.) HUM-201 FEngg. Economics24021 Common for All Branch.(New Scheme) AE-203-EAuto Fuels & Lubricants 2046 AE CSE-201-EData Structure and Algorithm 2006 CSE,IT,EL,EI BT-209 FFundamentals of Life Science24060 BT (New Scheme) EE-207-EElectrical Machine - I2018 EE, EEE ME-208-EFLUID MECHANICS2047 ARE CHE-201-EChem.Engg. Process Calculation 2015 CHE BME-201-EBio-Chemistry 2020 BME BTT-205-EBio-Chemistry 2029 BTT CE-201-EStructural Analysis-I2040 Civil Engg. ME-207 EM/C Drawing 2039 ME (Re-appear only) ME-217-EApplied Mechanics 2010 IC PT-201Introduction to Printing Processes2032 PT 17.12.2010 HUM-201-CPrincipal & App.. Of Eco 1011 Comm. To all branches HUM--201-EEconomics 2001 EEE, CSE,EE,EL,ME,CHE,IC,IT,EI CSE-201 FData Structure using 'C'24032 CSE, ECE, IT, EI (New Scheme) BME-205 FIntroduction to Bio-Medical Engg.24051 BMA (New Scheme) ME-217 FApplied Mechanics 24036 IC (New Scheme) EE-207 FElectrical Machine - I24026 EE, EEE (New Scheme) ME-203 FComputer aided Design24047 ME (New Scheme) CE-201-FStructural Analysis-I24064 Civil Engg. ( New Scheme) BME-205-EInt. Bio Med Engg. 2021 BME CE-203-EBuilding Construction Material & Drawing2041 Civil Engg. CSE-215COMPUTER PROG. AND NETWORK2048 ARE TT-201-FTEXTILE RAW MATERIAL24071 TT BT-203 FMicro-Biology 24057 BT (New Scheme) BTT-203-EMicro-Biology 2028 BTT PT-203Technology of Typography &Type setting2033 PT 20.12.2010EE-201-CElect. Eng Mat Semi Con Dev 1013 El.CSE,EL,IC (Re-Appear) ME-201-CThermodynamics 1020 ME (Re-Appear) CHE-201CChem. Engg. Process Cal. 1025 CHE (Re-appear) EE-201-EElectrical Engg. Mat. & Semi. Conductor Device 2003 EEE, EE,EL,EI,IC HUM-203 FFundamental of Management24023 For All Branches (New Scheme) ME-203-EStrength of Materials 2008 ME, AE TT-203-FYARN MANFUCTURE -I24072 TT TC-201-FPHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEM.24076 TC FA-201-FTRADITIONAL INDIAN ENBRIODERIES & TEX24081 FA BME-209-EHuman Anatomy 2025 BME BT-207 FGenetics 24059 BT (New Scheme) BTT-207-EGenetics 2030 BTT CE-205-EFluid Mechanics-I2042 Civil Engg. CHE-203-EFluid flow 2016 CHE  PT-205Printer Science2034 PT  B.E. / B.Tech. 3rd Semester (Page-2) 22.12.2010CSE-201-CDiscrete Structure 1014 CSE,IT (Re-Appear) BME-215 FHuman Anatomy & Physiology24052 BME (New Scheme) EE-201 FElectronics Devices & Circuits24024 ECE, EI, EE, EEE, IC (New Scheme) ME-201 FThermodynamics 24046 ME (New Scheme) CE-203 FBuilding Construction Material & Drawing24065 Civil Engg. ( New Scheme) EE-203-CCircuit Theory 1017 EE,EL,IC,EI (Re-Appear) ME-207-CM/C Drawing 1023 ME (Re-Appear) CSE-203-EDiscrete Structure 2011 CSE,IT EE-213-EElectronics Engg. 2014 CHE,ME BME-211-EHuman Physiology 2026 BME ME-213WORKSHOP PRACTICE2049 ARE TT-205-FWEAVING PREPRATION24073 TT TC-203-FYARN FORMATION24077 TC CE-207-ESurveying-I2043 Civil Engg. BT-211 FOrganic Chemistry 24061 BT (New Scheme) BTT-209-EOrganic Chemistry 2031 BTT PT-207Computer Application in Printing 2035 PT 24.12.2010 MATH-201-CMath's-III 1012 (Reappear, all branches) MATH-201-EMath's-III 2002 All branches Excluding BT) NAE-201Math-III2038 MAE MATH-201 FMathematics-III 24022 Common for All Branch. New Scheme 28.12.2010 CSE-203-CProg. Language 1015CSE,IT (Re-Appear)EE-205-CElectro Tech. 1018EE (Re-Appear)CHE-203-CFluid Flow 1026CHE (Re-appear)EE-207-CE.M.E.C. 1027EL,EI (Re-Appear)EE-217 FDigital & Analog Communication24042CSE, IT (New scheme)EE-253 FElectronics - I24053BME (New Scheme)EE-203 FNetwork Theory24025ECE, EI, EE, EEE, IC (New SchemeME-205 FEngineering Mechanics24048ME (New Scheme)CE-205 FFluid Mechanics24066Civil Engg. ( New Scheme)ME-205-CEngg. Mechanics 1022ME (Re-Appear)EE-205-EElectro Mech. Energy Conv. 2005EL,EI,ICTT-207-FFABRIC MANU.-I24074TTTC-205-FPOLYMER & FIBRE CHEM.24078TCFA-207-FAPPAREL PRODUCTION-I24082FAEE-209-EElect. Meas. & Meas. Inst. 2019EE, EEECE-209-EEngineering Geology2044Civil Engg.ME-205-EEngg. Mechanics 2009ME , AECH-201-EOrganic Chemistry 2017CHEEE-251-ENetwork Analysis & Design 2024BMEPT-209Theory of Printing Machines2036PTBT-201-FCell Biology 24056BT (New Scheme)BT-201-ECell Biology 2027BT 30.12.2010 BME-215-EHUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 2022BMEEE-203-ENetwork Theory 2004EEE, EE,EL,IC,EI
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