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presentation at the Scrum Gathering in Cape Town, sept 2011, focusing on the concept of agile leadership as a team sport. this kind of sport relies on trustful, cross-functional as well as hierarchy-bridging collaboration as shown in a case study in the second part of the presentation.
  • 1. The Big 5<br />Agile Leadership as a Team Sport<br />By Sigi Kaltenecker<br /><br /><br />
  • 2. Stampede<br />4 corners with coloured post-its, indicating „rhinos“ etc.<br />5th place in the middle for leopards aka stakeholders<br />Build as much „cross-functional“ Big 5-groups as possible by picking one post-it of your group colour as a kind of business card<br />Once you´ve built your group, create yourself a „homebase“ by putting chairs together<br />Introduce yourself to your group – name, function, professional background, expectations of this workshop, and the like<br />
  • 3. Sigi Kaltenecker<br />Organizational Consultant<br />Managing Director LOOP<br />IT & Financial Services<br />Speaker<br />Author<br />Co-Editor PAM<br />
  • 4.
  • 5. Leadership as a team sport<br />Traditional Leadership<br />Agile Leadership<br />“In team sports the performance is directly correlated with the degree to which members help each other.“<br /> Ed Schein<br />
  • 6.
  • 7. Sponsors<br />Soccer Club<br />Fans<br />Media<br />Team<br />Staff<br />Staff<br />Coach<br />Management<br />
  • 8. Agile Team Sport – A Story<br />IT Department of a media company<br />55 IT experts<br />7 Scrum teams (partly distributed)<br />7 team leads, 3 Head of´s, 1 CTO <br />5 primary customers <br />Many symptoms of dysfunctionality <br />Urgent need for a fresh start <br />
  • 9. Contracting with CTO<br />„Constellation“ to clarify the goals & to identify the Most Valuable Players (MVP´s)<br />
  • 10. Building the Agile „Fresh Start“ Team<br />Formal and informal leaders, cross-functional, hierarchy-bridging, rotating membership<br />
  • 11. Agile „Fresh Start“ Team<br />
  • 12. Kicking-off the fresh start<br />++/+/-/--/?<br />Stakeholder map<br />Mission<br />
  • 13. .<br />“The true bottom line of every organization is whether and to what extent it is delighting clients and stakeholders.“<br />Stephen Denning, Radical Management<br />
  • 14. Interviewing stakeholders<br />Distilling their needs, pains & wishes<br />
  • 15. Large Group Kick-off<br />Missions, Report, How to improve<br />
  • 16. Implementation & Support<br />Training, Coaching, Peer Consulting<br />
  • 17. Fresh Start Management<br />Regular, team & hierarchy-bridging Retrospectives<br />
  • 18. Thank you!<br />@sigikaltenecker<br /><br /><br />
  • 19. Please discuss for the next 15 minutes the following question:<br />“How can we use these ideas in our own agile environment?“<br />Feedback loop<br />Define a delegate of your group who will be part of an open dialogue about your most important answers <br />
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