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This is a science magazine published by Odisha science academy and is one of the most respected institution under CSIR
  Prof. (Dr.) Surjyonarayan Behera , an eminent Physicist of Odisha,Ex-Director of the Institute of Physics, Former Vice-Chancellor, BerhampurUniversityand ex-Director, Instituteof MaterialsScience, Bhubaneswar left forhisheavenly abode at Bhubaneswar on 14.12.2011. He was70. Hisdemise isagreat loss to our State and Country.Prof. Behera's research studies in Solid State Physics and especially hissignificant contributions to the understanding of the phenomenon of hightemperature superconductivity in the Cuprates made him famous bothinternationallyand nationally. RenownedJournalsof national and internationalrepute viz. Pramana , Indian Journal of Physics, Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Bulletin of Material Science, Solid State Communication, PhysicalReview, Physics Letters, Phase Transaction etc. have published his researchpapersbreakingnewgroundsfor further researchwork. Someof thepublicationsare either incorporated or referred to in treatises like the Developments inTheoretical Physics , Advances in Photon Physics etc. Also, he has edited abook captioned Electronic Correlation and Disorder Effectsin Metals . Hewasalso the Editor of Science Horizon published by Odisha Bigyan Academy. Hewas a Visiting Professor and Visiting Scientist at the Simon Fraser UniversityandMcMaster University, Canada, Universitat G.H. Duisburg, Germany, AustralianNational University, Canberraand International Centre for Theoretical Physics,Trieste, Italy.Prof. Behera wasthe recipient of 'Samanta Chandrasekhar Award' (1991). ODISHA BIGYAN ACADEMY, BHUBAESWAR  OBITUARY O PM N  President, Odisha Bigyan Academy Prof. (Dr.) Basudev Kar Vice President, Odisha Bigyan Academy Prof. (Dr.) Shashi Narayan Mohapatra Editor Prof. Sodananda Torasia Language Expert Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Ray Managing Editor Sri Sanatan RanaSecretary, Odisha Bigyan Academy 1STISSUE2NDYEAR JANUARY,2012 Science Horizon Editorial Board Dr Ramesh Chandra ParidaDr Nityananda SwainDr Pramod Kumar MahapatraDr Prahallad Chandra Nayak Dr Bhabendra Kumar Patnaik Prof. (Er) P.C. Patnaik  CONTENTS Subject Author Page 1. Species Diversity in Plant Kingdom:An Overview R. B. Mohanty 12. ClinicalTrials:HumanExperimentationin search of New Medicines Guru Prasad Mohanta 33. Lemon and Bittergourd Pramoth Ku. Pani 54. Radio FrequencyAblation Therapy Prem Chand Mohanty 95. Preventive, Protective and Curative Measuresfor Biodiversities of Odisha Nadiya Chand Kanungo 136. Fertigation Jagadish Chandra Paul and 16Jayanarayan Mishra7. Protect Land toAvoid Pollution S. M. Behera 198. Chemical Disaster and Human Future Prafulla Kumar Mohanty 219. The World of Microbes Basanta Kumar Choudhury 2510. Biofuel : ANeed of Tomorrow Adwesh Behera 2811. Somethingto know about Triglycerides Kalyanee Dash 3012. LevitationTrain :ATransport for theFuture NikunjaBihariSahu 3213. X-Factor : Is there life on Mars ? Gopal Krishna Das 3414. Future in our Hands : Human Clones SashibhusanRath 3515. AvianInfluenza (BirdFlu) :AThreateningEvolution G.C. Sahoo and Nidhi Mathew 3816. Quiz : Elements Smt. Archana Panigrahi 4311. 5W'S+H : Cryingaway Emotions Nityananda Swain 44 The Cover Page depicts the DNA Molecule, the Fullerene, the IVF Cell division and the Graphene.  EDITORIAL UNESCO KALINGA PRIZE - 2011 Withthedawnoftheyear2012,Bhubaneswarwitnesseda spurtofactivitiesinthefieldof Scientific Research and Popularization of Science. The 99th Indian Science Congress wasinauguratedonthe3rdJanuary,2012intheKIITUniversityCampusbytheHon'blePrimeMinisterof India, Dr. Manmohan Singh. More than 15000 scientists from different fields, including 7Nobel Laureates and winners of several awards, participated in the Congresswhich continuedtillthe 7thJanuary. Duringthis period,theChildren'sScienceCongresswasinauguratedbytheHon'ble Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on the 4th, in which 95 teamsparticipated.TheWomen'sScienceCongresswasheldonthe 5th,gracedbyhighdignitaries.Concurrently, the International Conference for Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of UNESCO Kalinga Prize for Popularisation of Science was organised at the KIIT ConventionCentre,onthe4th&5thJanuary.TheconferencewasjointlyorganisedbytheKalingaFoundationTrust (KFT),Odisha;UNESCO,France;Dept.ofScience&Technology(DST),Govt.of Indiaand DST,Govt.ofOdisha.Hon'bleChief MinisterofOdisha,ShriNaveenPatnaikinauguratedthe conference. Eleven, out of twenty seven livingKalinga Prize Laureates, five membersof theJuryandtwoseniorofficersof UNESCO participatedintheconference.TheKalinga ChairAward-2009waspresentedtoProf.TrinhXuanThuanfromVietnam.OnthisoccasionitwasdeclaredthattheprestigiousUNESCOKalingaPrizefor2011willbeawardedtoDr.ReneRaulDruckerColinofMexico.He willgetacashprizeofUS$20,000,the SilverUNESCO-Albert Einstein medal and a citation. He will also getthe KalingaChair-2011. A large number of scientists, faculty members and students from different academicinstitutions participated in the program. During the technical sessions, the Kalinga Laureatesaddressedtheparticipantsonimportantissuesofsciencepopularizationandfrontiersofscience.TheValedictoryceremonywasheldattheendofthesecondandconcludingdaywhichwasattended by academiciansand dignitaries.His Excellency, the Governorof Odisha, ShriM. C.Bhandare gracedthe occasion as the Chief Guest. He presented the KalingaSamman - 2011totheoctogenarianscientist,Prof.GokulanandaMohapatra,aneminentpopularsciencewriterandactivist.Prof.Mohapatra isa pioneer inpublishingseveralbookson popularscience includingscience fiction. In the field of popularisation of science, the promotional activities of Prof.Mohapatra,spanningovermorethanfivedecades,includeswritingarticlesforprintandelectronicmedia, organising all facets of Bigyan Prachar Samiti, publication of science magazine anddeliveringtalksin schools, collegesand public meetings.The Kalingalaureatesattendingthe conferenceinteractedwiththe scientistsand studentsofOdishaduringtheconferenceand beyondit.Alltheseprogrammeshad agreatimpacton theyouth and the scientific communityof Odisha in general and students in particular. It is hopedthat infuture the nameandfameof Odishain the fieldof Popularisation of Sciencewill spreadfarandwide. Sodananda Torasia
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