SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management for High-Volume Business

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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management for High-Volume Business.
  SAP Solution Brief SAP Business SuiteSAP Billing and Revenue InnovationManagement SAP® Billing and RevenueInnovation Management forHigh-Volume Business Benets SolutionObjectivesQuick Facts  2 Objectives Streamlining the billing process To prepare for the technology innovations of tomorrow, you must put in placethe right business processes today. With SAP® software, you canachieve best-of-breed functionalityfor your entire consume-to-cash business process – fromonline rating and charging to convergent billing, invoicing, and collections. In response to product commoditization,increased competition, shrinking margins,regulatory pressures, and more demandingcustomers, you want to redesign your busi-ness model and launch innovative new services.These trends are apparent in many industries,including telecommunications, media, hightech, transportation and logistics, utilities, and nancial services. And the global explo -sion of the Internet and mobile networks andthe widespread adoption of smart devicesand deployment of machine-to-machine com-munications has unleashed a new era in cre-ative services.However, to launch new services, you mustaddress very large numbers of direct custom-ers with huge transactional usage volumes inan increasingly competitive high-cost and low- margin environment. To maintain dierentia -tion and increase average revenue per customer,you must seek ways to identify your most prof- itable customers and oer them the services they demand at a price that will keep themcoming back. Streamlining the billing process Benets Quick FactsSolution  Managing high volumes of customersand transactions In most industries, back-end business soft-ware typically includes a customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) solution for centralizingcustomer information and enterprise resourceplanning (ERP) software for managing opera- tional service processing and nancial processes. What you need in addition to that is a solutionthat takes care of your consume-to-cash pro-cesses, also called service monetization.The SAP Convergent Charging application, theSAP Convergent Invoicing package, and theSAP Customer Financial Management packagecomprise the modular SAP software solutionfor the consume-to-cash business process. Thisbest-of-breed software can help you streamline complex rating and billing processes; ecientlymanage accounting, payments, and collections;and optimize nancial customer care for high volumes of customers and transactions. Youcan gain the reliability you need to manage billingand payments from customers as well as man-age sophisticated revenue sharing with upstreamand downstream partners. 3 Benets ObjectivesQuick Facts Solution Managing high volumes of customers andtransactions Converging service and paymentIncorporating third parties in your price plansStreamlining the invoicing processIntroducing customer-focused nancials SAP solutions are modular, so software canbe deployed rapidly within your existing ITsoftware landscape to add value where youneed it most.  Converging service and payment The SAP Convergent Charging application is designed to deliver complete pricing exibility with high performance and no compromises.An intuitive graphical user interface enables“visual programming,” which virtually eliminatesfunctional and technical limitations to devel- oping pricing oers and revenue-sharing plansfor dierent types of services. You use icon-based components to dene service bundles and charges – such as usage-based, recurring,or one-time fees. You can then assemble them into a congurable decision tree that calculates the price for a service, bundle, or promotion. Your marketing team can design oers, test forprotability, and launch new promotions and services in hours or days rather than weeks ormonths. With SAP Convergent Charging, you can combine dierent types of pricing within a single rate plan, regardless of service or payment type.SAP Convergent Charging delivers modularonline balance management, which supportsconvergent account management for any pay-ment type: prepaid accounts, postpaid accounts,or hybrid models. It includes credit-limit allow- ances and service-specic wallets. You canreduce the costs and ineciencies associated with managing separate systems for prepaidand postpaid accounts and allow your custom- ers to spend with condence. 4 Managing high volumes of customers andtransactions Converging service and payment Incorporating third parties in your price plansStreamlining the invoicing processIntroducing customer-focused nancials Benets ObjectivesQuick Facts Solution
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