Santa Claus and the magic drum

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1. Etwinnig project 08 Kivikon koulu-Kemi(Finland)‏ Ist.Comprensivo Statale Palazzolo sull’Oglio-Bs (Italy)‏ Santa Claus and the magic drum 2. Santa Claus 3. The…
  • 1. Etwinnig project 08 Kivikon koulu-Kemi(Finland)‏ Ist.Comprensivo Statale Palazzolo sull’Oglio-Bs (Italy)‏ Santa Claus and the magic drum
  • 2. Santa Claus
  • 3. The evil Lappish Witch
  • 4. The Magic Drum
  • 6. In Christmas time in Lapland it's dark even during the day time. In the village of Santa there are many little wooden houses, like there are in Finland. In the windows you can see the traditional Finnish Christmas decoration, the candelier with seven candles. The little elves have made a snowman. They have a snow mobile with them. In front of the houses there is a lantern made of snowballs with a candle inside.
  • 7. The little heavily working elves are very busy reading all the letters Santa gets. They find an old strange looking letter they can't understand and can't read the name of the sender.
  • 8. <ul><li>Elves find this strange letter. They can't read it and they don't know who has sent it. </li></ul><ul><li>They only know this is an old letter. </li></ul>
  • 9. The elves go around in Santa's factories asking if some of those older elves could understand the mystic letter. They visit the candy factory, because the old elf there knows so much. But this letter he can't read!
  • 10. While they are trying to solve the problem with the letter they have heard strange drumming sound from somewhere. They go outside and they see the Lappish witch drumming on the roof and catching the Northern lights into a can.
  • 11. Santa and the little elves get angry with the Lappish witch, because they want to have the Northern ligths back! They take Santa´s sleigh with the reindeer and start to chase the witch over the snowy mountains.
  • 12. But Santa has bad luck! He falls off the sleigh straight into the partly frozen river. Yet, he gets the drum, but he is freezing...
  • 13. The elves take Santa back to his wife. She asks him to take a warm bath and gives him hot chocolate. In the backround you can see the eyes of the evil Lappish witch. He is angry with Santa, because he took the magic drum!
  • 14. The elves continue to chase the Lappish witch and at the end he flies in through an open window. Finally they have catched the evil witch!
  • 15. Inside the Santa´s house the witch sees the mystic letter. He tells Santa and the elves that as a little boy he sent this letter to Santa asking if he could become an elf and go around with Santa and the reindeers giving the Christmas gifts to all the people in the world. Santa never answered his letter and finally he got very angry with Santa.
  • 16. Santa is sad he hadn't seen the letter before, but this year he takes the witch with him to give the gifts. The witch is so happy he lets the Northern lights free again from the can!
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. 1. - 2. the god of the wind 3. - 4. the goddess of the fertility 5. - 6. the god of the thunder 7. the Lappish village 8. the Hades with a church and a cottage 9. the symbol of the witch 10. the witch 11. the god of the world 12. the ship of the devil 13. a skier 14. the tomb of the Lapp 15. the Hades 16. the aurora 17. the sun 18. - 19. the wife of the god of the world 20. An animal will be a catch. 21. a reindeer and a fawn
  • 20. 22. Tree store hut 23. The moon 24. Laplander's hut 25. Father, Son and the Holy ghost 26. The god of hunting 27. The holy place, a place for votive 28-29. Witches with their drums 30. Places to put the votives on 31. My own holy votive place 32. The god of thunder standing on an animal 33. The men of Friday, Saturday and Sunday 34. A witch snake 35. Two lines dividing the earth and the sky 36. The mother of devil 37. A devil killing people 38. The devil which rules the Hell 39. The fire of Hell 40. A pot of tar 41. The devil which was caught when God created the world 42. The mother of God, Virgin Mary
  • 21. Our drums made by class 5a.
  • 27. During some italian dark nights…..
  • 28. When the stars are hidden and only a frail lights are in the sky….
  • 29. Someone of us can feel few sounds … and using our drums….
  • 35. We are imaging fly over Lapland sky….
  • 36. And meet you watching together the wonderful Northern Lights.
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