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Brooklyn John addresses a few customer questions/comments he has received via email. Brooklyn John states, “ We serve you, you give us feedback, that feedback helps us then server you better.”
  • 1. Rope and Other Notty Problems With
  • 2. Brooklyn John addresses a few customer questions/comments he has received via email. Brooklyn John states, “ We serve you, you give us feedback, that feedback helps us then server you better.”
  • 3. Cordage and Rope Question Question: Would you do another video where you show the cords/ropes side by side, and tie the same knot in each to show the differences in compression? It would also be helpful to know which slides better for slip knots. It’s also important to me to know how well a rope winds up (coils up for storage) It is maddening to get one that you can’t coil back up easily. I love your store BTW. ~John via (
  • 4. Answer: There are a few different types of cords. Parachute cord, Prussic cord, Yellow Polypropylene rope, and the Kernmantle rope. • The Parachute cord moves nicely, and smoothly. The thickness of this cord is 0.12 or 1/8th inch. • The Yellow Polypropylene rope is the softest of all the rope. This rope coils the best. The thickness of this cord is 0.32 or 1/3rd inch. • The Prussic cord has a thickness of 0.27 or 1/4th inch. • The Kernmantle rope is has its name because it has the central cords which are the kern, and the outer sheeth which is the mantle. This is designed to bend, but form back into its original shape. This would not be the best coil rope. The thickness of this cord is 0.50 or ½ inch. Cordage and Rope Answer
  • 5. Comment: Just a quick comment to your website and the way you do business. I searched the web looking for a few yards of webbing, and checked out a number of sites. Yours by far was the easiest to navigate, the pictures were clear (I liked the patchwork samples to the left of the item) and the fact you sold webbing by the foot, and I didn’t have to buy a whole roll for my little project. The big bonus to shopping at your site was the checkout! I paid through PayPal, and all my shipping information carried over to your site. I liked that!!! Thanks for a pleasant shopping experience. ~ Dianne (Via E-mail) User Friendly Site Comment
  • 6. does everything they can to make their website user friendly as possible. Selling our webbing by the foot is helpful for those who want only enough for a strap or belt, and more. We are a no minimums company. User Friendly Site Comment
  • 7. Thread and HK Snaps Question Question: I can tell what sizes, and colors it comes in by looking on the site. It would be helpful if the video showed it up close, and open it to see how much resistance in the spring there is and just a demo of how it handles. Also what some typical corresponding connections to the HK Snaps would be very informative on my purchasing decision. ~ Kristen (Via E-mail)
  • 8. Thread and HK Snaps Answer Answer: HK Snaps are used a great deal in rifle slings. The spring is about 3-5 lbs of pressure. The can never open without purposely being opened. The HK snaps are very useful, and strong, and stylish as well.
  • 9. Just another happy customer with Just wanted to say THANKS for making possible the straps to hold the vox walkie talkies my daughter and I use when mountain biking on trails and on the streets in the city. (My wife insists ive made lederhosen and just need coconuts on the fronts…) The days of shouting back and forth to each other about hazards ahead are gone. She even picked the purple! Here’s a picture of the finished product. We will always come back to strapworks. ~Marc New York City (Via E-mail)
  • 10. Our new product has a new product called the three way side release buckle. This buckle has two separate side release buckles, and a connector. This is about ¾ inches, and is used great for things like a child safety restraint. You can find this on under the plastic hardware page. For more information on our products go to or call 541-471-0658
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